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  1. The first thing that went through my head when I went in there during beta was “Aziz! LIGHT!!” Haha
  2. @JackFarmer, thanks! I have devised a way my thief acquires the hand drawn map you saw, I think you’ll like the subtle nod and shout-out I’ve worked into the story. The exteriors are pretty much done, next I’m finishing the interior rooms, then decorate, then place AI and everything else. So maybe by year’s end it’ll be ready, no rush.
  3. I wanted to fit one more in, redesigned the courtyard containing my pool, reduced sightlines and again, fixed those blasted VPs,
  4. A little mansion interior, after finally fixing all my VP issues. Those stained glass windows look a whole lot better in game when you can see the dust particles floating around and the ambient light sets a cool mood. Might change the brick on the bottom floor to marble.
  5. That would be cool. Would it just be too easy and cheap to copy/paste the first post in new FM threads for his blog or give him a link to the forum post for said FM? While the original idea seems like a long shot and pain in the arse to implement I admire the passion behind it. The mod could always use more exposure, so instead that is perhaps where the focus ought to be.
  6. Ha having a duh moment, the answered lied right after the place I stopped reading the article last. All I’ve really messed with so far is beveled edges and uneven ground. Common sense ain’t common in my case so thanks for the reminder haha.
  7. Really want to hear more about the werebeast. Here's some grape smashing vats to go with my Tuscan villa/winery. I'm not impressed with their lack of roundness, are there better ways to achieve this? I took a sphere, chopped off the caps so it was a cylinder then hollowed it out and gave it wood texture, but there must be a better way. Overall tho, I like the proportions, and its climbability. I'll add spickets to the front of the vats once I'm happy with them.
  8. Holy moly this is exciting, the imagination is running wild with the possibilities.
  9. I know it sounds like an archaic work-around, but if all else fails maybe a small partition solely for TDM running Mac OS, and leave the rest of your space for Windows to do everything else you are used to on your machine?
  10. I can see how tying in C'thulu lore would make for some great horror. I'll check out those mods too, thanks! I remember playing Colonial Marines when it first came out and it was DISMAL, the AI was on par with a goomba from Mario Bros on NES, but I had fun with the setting and how it tied into the movies, think I only paid $5 so it was worth it for a few nights of couch co-op.
  11. Ran beautifully on my P.O.S. computer. Lowest frames I got inside the cathedral were 28-31fps; no noticeable slowdown. Those doors at the bottom and tops of the stairwells helped tremendously too. And that's with everything cranked to high. Bravo! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
  12. I agree that does sound cool. Might come down to a lack of assets tho, I’ve not fully explored everything within DR so idk. We’ve got palm trees and sand so we’re half there. But how would one make those onion shaped domes like the Taj Mahal has? Always seems to me like mappers start with creating their dream mission, one they always wished to play back in the day. Why don’t you take a crack at learning the software and fleshing out those ideas in your head? A wise man around here once said the best way to say thank you to the community is to learn DarkRadiant and give back. I understand if it seems daunting and intimidating, I am pretty unsavvy when it comes to technology. But it really is fun to create and there’s no shortage of resources or helpful folks around here. Time is another factor, I get that it’s never on our side. With two kids, soon to be three I am constantly faced with the predicament of what to do with my little free time: do I work on my own map, do I play somebody else’s, or do I catch up on sleep? On the topic of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., I loved Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat, but haven’t played them in about 3 or 4 years. What good mods would you recommend? I was super impressed with an HD graphics overhaul mod. Has anybody figured out how to add multiplayer? I was following Survarium a long time ago but forgot about it due to lack of progress. And then there was Fear the Wolves but haven’t checked on either in a while.
  13. Ah snap congrats on the release! Got the day off and was about to go for beta5 and saw this. It was fun to test just wish I had more time to contribute. The mission definitely captures the essence of taffing at its finest. The story, voice work, architectural lay out, and especially that intro, all golden!
  14. That’s all, just wanted to know what you were most proud of and wasn’t sure where my eye should be drawn to. It all looks great but for some reason I really like grates on the right that resemble a chain-link fence.
  15. Wow, that’s pretty but can you give us any details without spoiling anything in your mission?
  16. Ok so what if the one VP in question is rotated offset 45 degrees from all other VPs in the map save for one? The other one works but isnt exactly 45 degrees offset, just kinda eyeballed it as I stretched it to fit the area and these two are NOT part of a door btw. It makes sense to me why it'd be weird when you throw in a door and more dimensions, but ALL my other outdoor VPs have been working OK except for these two. The result in game is quite funky, its like the world is sliced in half and you're just viewing outer space. They have been working on and off and I can never nail down what exactly is happening. I'll adjust them and they work fine for a few versions, then after editing some other stuff I notice the VPs in question mysteriously break or stop working and I have to go back to guessing on adjustments. Been cyclic like that for a week or so, so I imagine that info about the doors will help a TON for my indoor and transitional VPs, I've since decided to simply redesign one doorway to eliminate one of them being an issue. But the offest ones outdoors...? Could it also be an issue with copy pasta? Rather than copying one and moving and adjusting, ought I build them from scratch and rightclick to make VP?
  17. Thank you so much, both of you. It's been a frustration that I couldn't solve for a few weeks. What's the issue if i have one that displays the same symptoms but isn't part of a door?
  18. Wow, I’ve had similar VP behavior with three doors on the same wall, two in one room one a floor above. They seemed ok but showed the void through even though they were red. Didn’t know how I fixed it, I just slightly adjusted all their dimensions .5 units at a time until they worked, all trial and error til by happy accident I stumbled upon the fix you described and even then I wasn’t sure how I came to it. Knowing what you just described helps a TON, thanks! So to be redundant and extra clear, sometimes VPs behave odd if they are on the EXACT same X or Y plane??
  19. Truth be told it’s a small area, made to look big with illusions and visual trickery. The forest area has a border of rocks and boulders. Inside of this the player will stay, outside this border are more trees crammed in at a higher elevation so it appears the forest is bigger than just the playable space and seems to stretch on further than you can reach or get to. The trick really is using enough trees so the horizon is blocked out and you don’t feel like you’re in a petri dish. Only a couple large VPs and it runs fine. For my “forest trails” sections, it’s the same principles as above, just more of a tunnel fashion as far as sealing geometry. Plenty of bends and VPs do the trick to keep it running good on my jalopy PC. But more on topic, forests can work! And BD’s Alberic’s Curse was of course the inspiration and benchmark I’m shooting for.
  20. And when you look up, that view can still give me chills. Forests are a thing now.
  21. I'm critical on my own work but I think yeah believable forests are possible. It's way better when you are walking through it and can hear all the ambient noises, but I think its okay. I'll throw some grass down before release but for now it's workable. All you can really see is leaves, but in my map that's the point, disguises the small area and adds to the illusion of size if you get turned around.
  22. I found it to be cool but slowed down my big area too much. The player reflection was annoying when submerged past the waist, it just got on the way and looked wrong, like bad misaligned body awareness. If there’s a way to do what you hope for, I’d like to know too, and how much it affects frames, etc. Reflecting everything else in the area looks beautiful but I settled with the fake reflection of just the sky and stars for now.
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