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  1. Heyo, I was asked if I would do a familiariisation of Dark Radiant for new mappers, so they can quickly learn what's what in DR and how to use it. It's not a mapping tutorial, but more just a get familiar with DR. It'd be good if this is useful, if it would be stickied so it's always available for new mappers. Springheels,Sothas, and Fidcals tutorials are all in the description of the video.
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  2. Mother Rose is grayman’s Halloween contribution, and a worthy one. Our hero is laying low in another city when he overhears a conversation at the bar. A local doctor had been complaining of his house being haunted, presumably by the ghost of a woman whose child’s coffin was stolen. Said doctor had hired people to exorcise the spirit, which went about as well as you’d expect. Now the doctor himself is missing, and our hero decides to take his chances with the angry ghost for some money, placing himself firmly in horror movie protagonist territory. Mother Rose is a short, but well-construct
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  3. Thanks for making this Neon, now I'll have something to watch while I eat my breakfast this morning
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