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  1. I've been on an FM binging spree - think I've gone through 40+ in the past month and a half or so - and this one is probably in my top 5. Due to a couple of issues I had to restart the mission twice: One pretty far in where my cat hit the restart mission button without me having saved (aka: my fault) and one where I got stuck in geometry, and I didn't even mind! At some point I plan on going more in detail and giving reviews to several of the missions I've played - so I'll keep it brief for now. This was a very pleasant surprise - as I had not gotten to playing any of y
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  2. The first Fan Mission of 2.08 that I'll cover on my channel is The Factory Heist, but I need to update the logo. grayman, do you have it prepared for me? If so, can you send it to me as soon as possible please? Thanks.
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  3. For a couple square blocks this was very dense with activities and loot (I only managed 4 secrets). Great job joebarnin!
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  4. I agree, Wesp5 What if each fan mission author could specify their own class-ranking values for their mission? A table that lets them manually specify the stealth score-to-career ranking relationships for their map? As well, over time, as more people play their mission, they could fine-tune that table based on player feedback; if there's a trend of people being outraged by carefully playing the hard or long map and getting "Clumsy Safe-cracker" for their ranking instead of, say, a "Nimble Boxman" PS: I propose any art that accompanies the class characterizations should hav
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  5. I agree, that the graphical representation might require too much work, but why not add this just in text form? I like the idea and it shouldn't be too difficult to find class names...
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