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  1. Your biggest hurdle will be the amount of work involved in what you proposed - that is a lot of variety of characters, they alone will be a massive amount of work. Start experimenting and see how quickly you can churn out a model and an animation, to get a feel for what kind of time you'll need to devote to it. A lot of good ideas for personal projects never get finished because we don't impose the same deadlines on ourselves as we would have if we were actually doing it for a job - and then subsequently we don't cull out what's unessecary and get lost in the details instead of getting it finished. Be prepared! Try and make it manageable.
  2. was referring to the new Forum features and hope no one took the last statement the wrong way :)

  3. Ah I can do that Who do I see about getting access to the developer forums again?
  4. Hey fellas... Would love to help out again soon, just want to get up to speed with any major changes in the animation department since I left in September 2009? Who's the main animator nowadays? I seem to not have access to the developer forums any longer, so I decided to start out here Congratulations on the releases, the DarkMod has proved itself to be real! I wonder, if anyone who said they would "refuse to use TDM" has gone back on their word??
  5. Domarius


    Well a curve is stored as a few numbers - the start, and end, and some parameters that describes how it bends. With those numbers you can find any point along the curve. So you can make 3 points along the curve, connect the dots, and get a very sharp crooked line, or make 100 points, and get a much smoother line. Tesselating a curve into polygons works like that - you just decide how many polys you want for one curve, then create them. Naturally all this real-time tesselation won't be free, so I'd say they'd only make certain objects use this feature - I'd say human faces, domes on buildings, etc. Things that you'd care to see looking very round up close. Architecture with straight edges, scenery that you never get close to - those things would just be normal polys.
  6. Yes well - what you were suggesting is simple - but what's needed for it, is more complicated, and doesn't exist. When the game creates a guard, it creates a weapon to go with it. But nothing exists that allows animations to request objects (quills and apples) to be created and destroyed during the game. I was suggesting a system that, rather than have things magically appear in their hands - you put an actual thing in the level where that animation is to be played, and they basically walk up to it and use it. Is simple and makes real-world sense I think.
  7. Domarius


    Tessellation means creating more polys The advantage here I guess is it's all being done on the GPU, so maybe it's faster, or adaptive, or something.
  8. Wow. It's good to know this thing is extensible to keep the prettys coming for a while Just think of what the equivelant of Thief 2 1680x1050 widescreen rez mod would be
  9. Hey, don't be dissn' "Broken Glass Studios" bro. It's an awesome name.
  10. It would be a future feature thing. One way to do it would be for the "action node" (eg. reading, writing, eating) to be a complete package, that includes the object to be used ready and waiting.
  11. Oh - in theme with "Picking up the peices left from Looking Glass Studios", you should just have the "Broken Glass Studios" logo shatter - but play it in reverse. So there's a pile of broken glass - and it plays in reverse (with the sound effect in reverse too) and forms the Broken Glass Studios logo
  12. Upload to youtube if you can take the time - you will get a lot more feedback cause it's way easier to watch, just click the link Most people can't be bothered going right click, save as, wait for the entire thing to download (at which point you get side tracked doing something else and forget) find where you saved the file, wait for your media player to load, and drag it onto it. Nicely done anims, but a bit slow moving for a logo screen - too much dead time between the shatter and the logo returning. Also the logo shows up twice, at the start, and at the end, which is weird. I like NH's idea. Definitly want to be minimalistic about it. Glass shattering everywhere spectacularly doesn't give a feeling of stealth, but we probably can't NOT do glass shattering
  13. Like this The clips I got of Oblivion doing just that. In this video they never actually reach for the table, but as you can see they are quite close enough to do anything, like turn pages, eat, etc. In Oblivion no one uses cutlery, so that saves a lot of animation trouble, not to mention washing up
  14. I donno, that still falls under the wall running athletic ninja category for me. I never saw Garrett as being particularly good at any sort of martial arts, definitely lighter and more athletic than his opponents, but his main focus was planning and stealth.
  15. Yep, loved the demo, am buying it soon. The joker is awesome Like halfway between the Heath Ledger version and the cartoon version, and also a slightly unique character in his own right. Tried xbox 360 controller, vs the mouse. (PC version of course) Mouse is definitely better in this game!! Xbox mode causes the camera to float high up on a 3/4 view, where everyone looks kinda small, and you see everyone running at you from all directions, since moving the view around with the joystick is too slow. Mouse mode however lets you put the camera right down behind batman at his level, and when you swing it around, it just pans the view around batman (as quickly as you want to move it) without him actually turning around. And then when you click attack, he just twists and turns into an attack in that direction, like something out of the matrix, it looks very natural and different every time. It's almost like you're cameraman for your own fight scene, you get the sweetest views of all the attacks.
  16. There will have to be at some point. I guess it will be chosen by the animator who makes these animations.
  17. Actually they're going to get cut off anyway if you're playing them one after the other, so may as well make long continuous ones that look natural, rather than standing up straight into the idle pose every few seconds... which will definitely look wierd. Having them cut off due to being alerted or whatever is a much less frequent occourance, and aleviated somewhat by Doom 3's animation blending as well.
  18. Yes I feel embarassed when I explain Dark Mod to people and have to mention the term "maps" or "missions", this really creates a poor mental image of what they really are, and I always immediately follow this up with an elaboration that they actually would be better referred to as "stories" because of how much work goes into the architecture, the dialogue, the plot itself, the atmosphere, and even recorded voice.
  19. I think the latest patch is 1.3.1, and yes it removes the cd check. That could be part of the problem. And Doom 3 just doesn't like spaces in the path name. An archaic and completely avoidable problem, but not ours to fix, unfortunately.
  20. Wow that's not just a credits scroll, that's a well choreographed entertaining movie sequence, NICE! I like how its the duration of the song. I like my places in the credits, "Animating" and "Additional scripting" as well.
  21. Noisycricket, just beware that animations have to be more exaggerated than reality because there aren't enough subtleties to make it "feel right", unless you're doing motion capture.
  22. Yes definitely Sparhawk should be credited with the infrastructure, SVN is the best! But if we were to re-vote on who should get the Project Lead title, I would definitely choose Springheel.
  23. I shall be known as: Clint "Domarius" Hobson I'm at work too, so I can't check, but I've been animating, and back when we started, I programmed the blackjack and the bow.
  24. Yeah steam would be a good idea, it's pretty convenient.
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