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  1. Noisy - yeah I just updated the sheet now. Ish and I have been going back and forth with the combat anims so far, so I should probably continue on by doing the bow anims too. My old anims that I intend to re-create on the new skeleton include rotating 90 degrees on the spot while idling, and some other idle anims, and threaten, etc. I'll be able to get a complete list when I get home. If I get around to doing them before anyone else, that means that some of the work might double up, so we'll have to update the sheet cause currently squill is assigned to some turn 90 degrees anims, and others.
  2. It's great isn't it? It's not well known either, I keep spreading it around.
  3. Hey yeah he does look oriental. Check this out, it's awesome... (prepare to scroll rightwards a long way) http://www.cedarseed.com/fire/tutorials.html http://www.cedarseed.com/fire/humantypes1.html http://www.cedarseed.com/fire/humantypes2.html http://www.cedarseed.com/fire/humantypes3.html Oh btw good luck getting a fur effect... that's a pretty involved thing to look convincing without being lots of polys... personally I think we should go for a different material.
  4. No the main problem here is the code has to detect that situation in order to even make use of such an anim.
  5. Doom 3 does blend anims. But jumping from standing to running without a proper inbetween animation will always look bad no matter how much blending you put.
  6. Woah, you could be a life saver. Best modeller since oDDity...
  7. Domarius

    Thief 4

    and will have huge dragon ball z type spiky hair, show a lot of 'tude on the front cover by raising one eyebrow and lowering the other and smirking, have a huge arse sword, and one of the girls will definitely have baggy white pants.
  8. Distingushing a long run from a quick dart by a few feet, is something all games can benefit from and most rarely never address, and I'd love to be involved in a game that did it, but for the first release we can do without it.
  9. Ahh, I made that foot tap one, it was one of the more recent ones, I'm proud of it. It's been my plan to port all my old ones over to the new skeleton after the combat anims are tweaked sufficiently.
  10. Yes, this is the problems that making your own def file brings That's why I always say to use the actual .def file of the entity itself. I think squill already mentioned that in this thread too. The safest way to do this is, if you're exporting a proguard anim, you open the tdm_ai_guard_proguard.def file, comment out all the anims that you're not exporting, and just leave the ones you're exporting uncommented. You can see someone has been doing this since the current version on SVN has most of the anims commented out and only the few they were exporting. then you run Doom 3 and type exportModels tdm_ai_guard_proguard.def
  11. That is so wierd... so basically you can install it somewhere, and then copy the folder over to somewhere else and run it and it still works? Essentially that's what's going on if you install it in XP then run it under Windows 7, since it can't possibly have access to any of the special "install information" it puts in the XP registry etc.
  12. Yeah, Ish you can probably relate, if you've ever worked with some code that was poorly written, and you've had to come in and add features to it and you can't because wierd bugs are happening and are going to take forever due to fundamental problems that shouldn't have been there in the first place, which are so bad it warrants a complete re-write - it's demoralising, that's what it was like working with the old rig.
  13. Is that the same as pressing the "p" key? If not, what's the difference? I noticed that when I pressed the p key, the bone connector re-routed to the new child, as if I'd modified the skeleton...
  14. Sounds good to me! It's not important enough to re-apply to every existing animation if it doesn't need it.
  15. If you see that skirt stuff, you know it's the newer rig - RightFrontUpSkirt RightBackUpSkirt LeftFrontUpSkirt LeftBackUpSkirt RightFrontLowSkirt RightBackLowSkirt LeftFrontLowSkirt LeftBackLowSkirt
  16. Stick with Norton Ghost 2003 if you can find it. It's the last version that still uses the original "DOS" file, with the windows portion simply being an interface which basically sets up a batch file that runs the DOS file after it re-boots the system. Very safe and very clean. After that they bought some other software of another company called DiskSomethingOrOther - all I've heard is bad news and wheN I tried it, it took AGES to boot up, and in the end, just "copied files" no differently than a zip archive process, so when I supposedly "re-imaged" with this "image" the errors (extra spyware files) still existed!
  17. Ah okay I didn't understand there was a difference. Can you show me how to "parent constrain"? Is this something that only applies on a per-animation basis?
  18. That will move it with the shoulder, which is good, but won't let us pose it seperately without moving the arm (that bone moves the upper arm), so you may as well be weighting it to the shoulder control directly. I'd like to see what squill says about re-parenting the pad bone to the shoulder bone, that would be the best solution if it doesn't mean too much re-working.
  19. Yeah as good as it is, the idle anims need to be very banal and short. The more expressive it is, the more it'll stand out and get on your nerves the 20th time you've seen it. I feel like it should end after the very first wipe of the nose. It goes on for way too long after that for an idle anim.
  20. To me it just looks like a good start - no detail has been added so he's all rounded off. Proportions look fine otherwise.
  21. Domarius

    Art Dispute

    Sound advice, the kind that can only come after years of marriage and a long term way of thinking. Missed the updates to this thread cause the "view new posts" link doesn't always work...
  22. I still say it does a good job at simulating radiosity. Those "after" screenshots look SWEET.
  23. Well it's a bare bones release... it's not like they'd never come. I am really getting a kick out of animating, and I have prepared a whole lot of female reference footage I got my female actor friend to act out. I intend to get right into this when it comes up in the list of priorities.
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