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  1. Cool, cheers Sneaks. Speaking of which, that grandfather clock could use a reskin. The strong white on the wood looks a tad cartoony. Also the wood texture is so-so.
  2. The red eyes don't do it for me. IMO white, with yelowish tinge and bits of evident rotting should do the trick. Getting there though
  3. The zombie one is so-so to tell the truth. IMO he could do with a little more decay (green-ish etc) and definitely more pale - he looks like he has just taken a nibbling from rats but is still going. The teeth are way too white, could do with a little dirt, as well as the face. Also, I know you tried to get a "falling apart" look on his face using alpha cutting, but it really does not look right. It looks too low res beneath the falling off flesh, plus it is red, which it should not be. Remember blood goes brownish after a while. His facial expression is dopey, almost cartoony. IMO a little less vague of an expression would make him all the more scarier. Even an evil grin or an emotionless straight face could work. ATM he looks like he just woke up from a bad dream and is going "Huh? What happened?". If you bend the eyebrows down more into a frown it would work better. Lastly, his armor looks quite clean - cover it with dirt, grime, muck etc. Just look on the net for pictures of moss, grime, muck etc and just clone brush it onto the armor in joints, holes etc, everywhere it could get after sitting in a grave for some time. Don't take this too harshly, just being brutally honest, as it were. Otherwise the other two look splendid!
  4. Dram

    Doom 3 DOF

    Or a drunk effect - that would be awesome, you have to navigate your way home from the local tavern without your wife's friends seeing you...
  5. Oh yeah, another step up in quality
  6. In that last pic the second from the left looks the best imo. Looks like a guard I would expect patrolling castle interiors.
  7. Actually, he could be a City Legionary. He does have Romanesque armor, so he does fit the role of an infantry soldier. Definitely worth keeping though, imo.
  8. Oh yeah, that's the ticket. He looks less armored then the normal builder though, so it might seem a bit strange for him to be of higher rank, though the armor is more ornate, so not sure. Either way looks MUCH better then the original first.
  9. From experience it is almost always better to start off with the indoors sections first. Outdoor sections with moon light etc will run worse then indoor sections, understandably. Therefore, it is better to make the indoor sections first, and then you can mediate how performance intensive the exterior is, and how much is accessible to the player etc.
  10. Dram

    Doom 3 DOF

    Yeah, that depth of field effect is nice. I have to say that the effect would be very useful in cutscenes, but maybe not so much in normal sneaking, apart from maybe when the player focuses on loot on the table etc. It'd be interesting to give it a try.
  11. Pretty much sums it up. I'm not sure if we have a second hand, but it is possible to have that too. Might be a little pointless though.
  12. Presuming that is for the texture hands version, then you only need to add the + (parm7 * 0.008333) to the end of the rotate function. That will mean that adding +1 to parm7 would add one hour (or 5 minutes etc).
  13. To clarify what I said above, basically when I put 0.008333 for rotate degrees it did something more like 1, so it seems to only take integers. I'll mess around with this and see what I can come up with.
  14. To explain, the example I gave above was for the hour hand, where if you put a value of 3 into shaderparm7 then it would start at 3 o'clock. 0.0083333 is: 360 degrees over 12 hours || 30 degrees per hour || 0.5 degrees per minute || 0.00833333333333333 degrees per second Since the rotate function is done per second, then you use 0.00833333, but for some reason it doesn't work right when put there like that, so I did 8.3 * (time * 0.0001) to compensate.
  15. Yes, so you can have one clock set to show 8 while the other 10 etc, as long as that shaderParm (be it whichever number you choose to use in the material file) is set on the entity which uses the material. The shaderParm you set on the entity itself. You could also set up a third shaderParm which controls the scale of time passing (for weird missions), so you could have it show time passing at faster then life rates etc etc etc.
  16. It is a shader parameter that can be set in scripts, on entities etc, and thus used to affect the materials of that particular entity. On the other hand you have global shader parameters, which are adjusted globally and affect all materials using the globalparms. For example the texture ambient method uses this. Our colored lamps use shaderParm 0, 1 and 2 for color. ShaderParm7 is nothing special, I just chose 7 because I use it for the particle leaves. ShaderParm7 defaults to 0.
  17. Looking into the TDM folders I see the clock animation is done via model, rather then material. If it were done via material, then you could add the following to make it turn over the set period of time: textures/darkmod/tessssting { noSelfShadow noShadows twosided // Hour hand { blend diffusemap map models/md5/props/gfclock/gfclock_d clamp rotate (8.333 * (time * 0.0001)) + (Parm7 * 0.00833) } } Set shaderParm7 on the entity that uses the texture equal to the hours that it should start at. Of course this would require tweaking, but it is possible.
  18. If the texture is round, then you can do the time via shaderparms. The back layer would be a simple background (white with numbers), then on that would be a minute hand layer, and then an hour hand layer. These could be adjusted to automatically spin over a set period of time constantly (so for the hour hand it would rotate 0.00833 degrees per second, equaling 360 degrees over twelve hours. The default rotation offset would be tweaked via shaderparm, which would specify the hour and minute. Just needs for the minute hand and hour hand to be separate images, as well as the background. I don't think a second hand would be necessary (afaik most grandfather clocks don't have minute hands?). Would be awesome to return to a room and find the time really does change.
  19. Cheers for the heads-up M2. I hope it goes smoothly.
  20. Nice I accidentally opened the bottom image first and thought "I don't know what NH and Spring are talking about", but now I can see a big difference between your original image and the bottom one. It looks MUCH better. I assume it is not normal-mapped yet so that goes without saying, but the rest of the model looks really good. The head looks really good, shape and features-wise, again a normal would make it perfect. I can't really fault the face in anatomy so that's good. The body. Looks MUCH better then the prior one. The chest plate could be slightly scaled down imo though that may be an illusion due to the red cloth covering half of it, increasing apparent size. The legs look really good, only comment is the small dark square on the right hand side of the image (below the left knee), is that a shading stuff up or is it a sharp Doom 3 shadow? The bottom part of the chest plate (covering the quadriceps) looks really good. In all a huge improvement. What does the back look like btw?
  21. Gah... Stressed lately. After I set up my website I sent job applications, received a reply and must now create an example map in their editor. In an ideal situation I will be hired and will finally have a foothold in the games industry, therefore I must really make an impression. This means I have no time for anything else until I finish the example map. Should take a week or so. After that I will gladly jump back into TDM again. I've really been feeling all over lately, and quite de-motivated, until now after the reply. I hope you understand. As for the thug model, I've got him somewhere on my laptop, but haven't made all that much progress unfortunately I know I've disappointed a few times now, but I truly don't intend to, it is just that I'm at the turning point in my life where I must find a proper job and find it hard to concentrate properly gah...
  22. Hot damn that's a lot of trees. I swear we really need a way of quickly covering an area with trees. The in-game shots look damn sweet Only comment would be the patches - the breaks in between them are a little strange, though I suppose from ground-level you wouldn't notice them, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  23. @Rebb: That frob effect is amazing! It should really reveal the details on loot etc, which is handy, rather then a bland additive pass.
  24. To clarify, you do not need the CD to play TDM, however you do need a valid CD key, and those are compared online when you start TDM or Doom 3, so you need an original CD key.
  25. Thanks for the kind comments It makes the forum a much more friendlier place when there aren't flame wars in every thread. Spring's comment seconded, though I'm one of the exceptions - 21 here.
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