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  1. 1) Yes, 1.02. 2) Windows XP service pack 3 3) I always use lower case...less wind resistance. -DS:12
  2. I downloaded a .zip file which contained all three .pk4 files. I extracted the .pk4 files and saw that part 1/3 showed up. Not knowing how Dark Mod handled campaigns, I figured once I completed 1/3, 2/3 would show up, but apparently that is not correct. Perhaps I should rename the original .zip archive to .pk4? -DS:12
  3. Just finished part one. That was an amazing mission that was very Thiefy and shows off the Dark Mod very well. I only see NHAT 1/3 in my mission list. Can someone tell me what I need to do to install forest and anoott? I'm running XP service pack 3. Thanks, -DS:12
  4. Very well done. Nice story, creepy, nice loot placement. Excellent mission. -DS:12
  5. Just finished this beauty up. Thanks, Sotha, this was a very nice and fun mission. I loved the story and thought that the AI patrols were very well done, and you gave lots of niches for hiding. Thought I'd share a funny... Very very nice... -DS:12
  6. Yeah...well, as host of numerous small FM contests, you know the value of keeping them small. I completely understand the advantages of the restrictions; I'm just concerned that I may not be able to pull it off. I'm more concerned about the time frame, actually. Then again, from what I've learned in a month or so with Dark Radiant, it seems that building a mission can be accomplished with significantly less pain than DromEd. Bah! The worst that happens is I miss the deadline and release it later... If those familiar with Dark Mod feel that 1280 x 1280 x infinity is good, then I'm confident it should be enough for me too. -DS:12
  7. This contest is very appealing to me for a couple of reasons: 1. I intended to enter the DromEd vertical contest from earlier this year (last year??), but the size restrictions were too small to pull it off. I'd like to give it a shot in Dark Mod. 2. I keep getting pulled back into DromEd and I really want to leave that beast behind. However, I am really growing tired of the fight over size restrictions. Having participated in three size-restricted contests over the years, I can tell you that it is an absolute headache to try to achieve your goals in what is inevitably too tight a space. I would suggest no size restrictions whatsoever. A Thief mission like Life of the Party was the quintessential vertical mission, yet had a sprawling horizontal aspect to it as well. I don't want to play 10 tower missions, but that's what we may very well end up with. Rather than force the author to create a mission within a pre-defined area, let the voters decide what is a good vertical mission and what is not. The bottom line is that every size-restricted mission I have created ended up falling short of my expectations simply because of the restrictions and I don't want my first Dark Mod effort to be filled with anxiety about whether I can pull it off or not. Since most of us are in the learning curve, why not lift all restrictions? Also, two months is nowhere near long enough for me to create my first Dark Mod mission. The first month alone will involve me fumbling about Dark Radiant and figuring out what can be done and what can't be done. I would need at least four months to feel comfortable entering. Whatever the community decides on, I'll begin work on the mission soon, but it's unlikely that it will be completely in time and space for the contest if the current restrictions apply. Good luck to all and thanks Fidcal, for getting this started! -DS:12
  8. Time for the Garlic Bomb??? Personally, I'd take a Benny Bomb under any such circumstances, but a Garlic Bomb might come in handy if you stumble upon a kitchen and want to spice up a deer leg. -DS:12
  9. One aspect of Dark Radiant that I find is more time consuming that it probably needs to be is copying a shader from one surface and pasting it to another. I just finished up a set of stairs and I was thinking how sweet it would be if DR could do something like this: When multiple surfaces are selected, their selection order is stored, then a "Paste Multiple Shader" command would take the shader from the first surface selected and paste it to the second; then the shader of the second is applied to the third, etc. Of course, it's quite probable that this feature already exists and I'm not aware of it. If so, do tell! -DS:12
  10. Good point, Crispy. I will try that tonight. -DS:12
  11. I should have been more specific in my post about the footfall sounds. The quality of the sounds is outstanding - very professional. Also, most of the footfalls sound very good to me. I only didn't care for the stone material sound. It reminded me too much of the Doom combat boots. If, as you say, the AI are not hearing them as loud, then it will only be a matter of adjusting my perception. -DS:12
  12. This was a very nice starter map. I'm glad I chose this one to play first. I'm still cringing from the footfall sounds, though. Are there any plans to replace them? I feel like I'm stomping around with steel-tipped boots, and it seems that they are too loud in general. It's the one aspect of the Mod that seems very unrealistic. -DS:12
  13. When I select a new mission to play, the launcher restarts DM. After that restart is complete, my mouse pointer is frozen and the splash screen will stare at me endlessly. I have to ctrl-alt-delete to get Task Manager to kill Doom. After restarting again from tdmlauncher it is fine. It's fairly minor, but thought I'd point it out. What does the launcher do before restarting? Is there a way I can do the task(s) manually to avoid this for now? I'm running on XP service pack 3 with nvidea GeForce 6800. All else is well, just that oddity. The Mod is looking mighty fine! -DS:12
  14. I'm also interested to see how many builders are currently working on missions. I can recall the chaotic early days of Thief FMs where mission hosting was uncertain and you were never sure if something was just around the corner. Now there are several searchable databases and threads for upcoming / in progress missions. Here's my sales pitch: I am currently working on a tomb raiding mission tentatively titled "Tomb of Horrors" (R.I.P. Gary Gygax) that I hope to have completed by January. If I'm really motivated, possibly earlier. Dark Radiant is a beautiful thing...so much easier than DromEd. -DS:12
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