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  1. Lesson to be learned: never underestimate player cleverness...
  2. Maybe this is the culprit: http://modetwo.net/d...ng_optimization Does the AI in that mission have custom interleave settings?
  3. @Baddcog: The outside is one giant room. I left the outside deliberately bare. I could easily have added zillions of detail elements there, but I wanted the mission to run smoothly instead. If it is a balance of detail and playability, I choose playability. @Grayman: You're the only one who gave only tolerable on gameplay, a field which is probably the most important for me personally. High playability is something I'm always aiming at, so naturally I'm curious why I missed the mark. Your post breaks down to main issues of computer slownessavoiding the undead (getting past them, fighting them)collapsing platforms.Your computer slowness is not a map problem. Avoiding <insert-guard-type-here> is basically what the TDM game genre is about. What bugged you in the few collapsing platforms? Could you please elaborate your grounds for tolerable grade, as I want to learn from my mistakes. Thanks!
  4. Here's a nice tutorial to get you started. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=A_-_Z_Beginner_Full_Guide_Start_Here! It really is easy and works like a charm.
  5. Thank you. Well, it is just a FM, so I was planning to give a shot at the acting myself, because I've never done something like that, and I enjoy trying/learning new things. I don't think I want to put big money on this test of mine, so cheap record suggestions would be nice. Also I'm not exactly sure I'm able to get something done due to my finnish accent and general lack of acting skills. Need to practise a bit and retry. However, if you have access to good actors who are willing to help: there aren't many vocal sets in TDM, and a few well made more would increase the variety nicely, if you're interested, of course. Springheel knows more on this topic.
  6. Imagine if we had people, who are capable of creating such detailed and beautiful scenes with such an old engine, mapping for TDM. Imagine the scenes they could create with modern technology. The mere thought is exhilarating!
  7. -Yep. The fighting system is good. It really seems that some great minds have been thinking about these features. I've trained myself with combat so it is getting too easy for me. Good thing I can soon move on and turn auto-parry off. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get my ass handed to me in a kebab plate when I do this transition. But that's what is bound to happen if you fight a longsword wielding guard with a shortsword..
  8. I set porter 1 mission estimated release to "after v1.03." This mission will be much better with the female AI's, so I'll be delaying it until the new version comes out..
  9. Nice nice nice! Will there be the steel one and the ornamental loot one?
  10. Good god! This kind of shit is something which truly makes my blood boil. Why is the world so full of idiots, who don't bother to do their homework properly, or who are simply assholes for it's own sake by sabotaging other software. What were they thinking! Lesson to be learned: never risk your system integrity by installing trial-shitware. When I become the Emperor, I'll outlaw deliberate or unintentional commercial sabotage on the penalty of public flogging.
  11. -Oh. Thanks for pointing this out. I entirely missed the skin fireplace_wooden_dirty. Saves a lot of boring decallin' trouble..
  12. Tried to do some vocals, but the mic I found in my drawer wasn't exactly the best possible. Vocals recorded with this would be excellent if the AI was trapped underground. Postponing this into the uncertain future.
  13. Yep. Working on basic geometry at present. No decals yet..
  14. Sounds very thorough and excellent to me. Why not write the tutorial in the TDM wiki? There are many TDM tutorials already there. http://modetwo.net/d...title=Main_Page
  15. Almost done with basic geometry, unless I get additional brilliant ideas. Here's a random screenie: Saturday night, reading my favourite book by the fire in my library, sipping expensive wine from a golden cup. Life's good. Good thing I hired the guards. No one sane is going to break in here..
  16. Most excellent! Thank you in advance, Grayman! I tried to reverse engineer your movie from the somewhere.map earlier today, but encountered entities so exotic to me it was really difficult to decipher what was going on. Baddcogs suggestion is basically perfect: A-Z instructions how to create a simple scene where the camera moves around a bit and a few actors. I'm pretty sure that would get people started on the right track. Some things which deserve special clarity: What entities are needed? What do they do? What is their purpose?How the movie is started (a trigger to something)?How the camera is panned, zoomed, moved, teleported around?Briefly how the conversation is set? (+link to the conversation article)How the movies get ended so the control returns to the player?
  17. Sotha


    Okay. Good to know. The proposal looks really good. Luckily, I can emulate this by simply giving some stationary guards new targets upon alarm to have them rush to the alarm site.
  18. Attention TDM mappers skilled in the art of: ConversationsCamera movementsMovies I hereby file an official request for a wiki tutorial on the topics of ConversationsCamera movementsMovies Benefits of such a tutorial for the community would be significant, since mappers' options for plot elements would be vastly increased. The expected overall result would be higher quality FM's for everyone to play. Thank you for considering my request.
  19. Sotha


    I'm implementing a basic alarm klaxon on my mission and am currently thinking how to set things up. I've one question: is it possible to create a loud noise from a speaker, which the AI would hear and lure them to its location from a certain radius. Essentially I'm thinking about a speaker, which would function as a noise arrow, with custom sound and larger radius. It would feel logical if the guards drew their swords if they hear the alarm. Is this kind of thing implemented yet?
  20. Yeah, it would be cool to have prefabs or model tables with table cloth. Or even a tutorial how to do tablecloths. Fids, when I looked first the thumbnail image for the first tablecloth image, I thought it was a photo of a real table with tablecloth as a mapping aid. Well done!
  21. Okay, I just looked at the values DR says in the model selector. I've no idea what is a shadow texture. What's that? Why? How? I made the rod moveable and threw it around for my own pleasure. It seemed to behave as expected. The collision mesh is a 6 sided cylinder with a pinched other end. It covers the whole rod. If there is a problem will the map crash upon loading, or can it simply crash when the object collides unfavourably thus making it more difficult to spot problems?
  22. Hehe. Too late.. I with obsessive persistency and utter stubbornness I remodeled the entire thing again from scratch, this time into separate objects. I think it's good practice since I'm getting better and faster every time. I feel I could even write a wiki article on modeling for mappers now. This time I added some silver parts and made the handle look more pretty. I even figured out how to put collision mesh and texture on the rod. It can be made into a moveable just by making it into the appropriate entity. Here's a few more pics of the new version of my rod. It is 533 vertices and 453 polys. Almost half the polys in the trophy-loot. Those who are nice, get to touch my rod in my upcoming FM once it's done and released. If I get really excited in this modeling business, there might be other custom loot as well. Thanks for everyone's help with this. It isn't much difficult create something simple like this once the basics are known. For those people, who say Blender is confusing, I have to comment that using DR after Blender is also very confusing. It's like suddenly writing with your off hand. Luckily readjusting back to DR is quick. I suppose the logical step forward for me would be to try and learn next to create those beautiful textures, which create the details on top of the model. Any pointers to good tutorials or videos?
  23. But of course. That's what we finns do in sauna. Oh, good point. Okay. But the rod consists of several meshes. But the meshes are a single object in blender. So I should break the components into different objects? EDIT: looked at purse_p.lwo. Indeed. Separate objects. EDIT2: Does anyone know how to fish out a mesh inside an object and make that mesh into another object?
  24. Thank you very much for advice! Tonight I decided to restart from scratch again. After quick modeling and texturing I took the older ase export script and it worked. I could continue. I edited the .ase file by hand and changed the *bitmap* entries. I got the model to DR! Here is my rod in all its glory: But then when I put it in a map and started TDM it looked like this: No textures after all? I'm pretty sure I did everything as mentioned in the tutorial. What's wrong?
  25. Thank you. I want to verify one more thing: Is it possible to make a light vocal set so that not all things have sounds? I'm thinking of only to make the most critical vocals: basic humming, noise hearing, player spotting and light combat barks. I would not make any others. Or *must* I have vocals for everything for this to work? If(first_scenario) then I'll try stuttering something in a mic this weekend and after that I probably know if I want to proceed with this.
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