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  1. So I get major flickering. What can I do to remedy this?
  2. JUST want to say OMG! It is awesome! I can't see the light gem or my equipment but not that much of an issue. Have a bit of flickering with head movements and shadows are in one side of the lens if that helps. Overall it's so awesome to see TDM in VR that I am besides myself with happiness and joy!! THANKS!
  3. AH! Thanks for your patience. You Dark Mod people have brought such joy and happiness into the world!
  4. Everytime I try and start the Dark Mod, the Steam VR turns on. What is the going on with that?
  5. ​So I am aslo to make an autoexec.cfg text file as well? IN that file do I put seta vr_enable 1 or seta vr_enable "1" ?
  6. None of the instructions worked. I get it in the headset but not a VR image.
  7. This is not awesome. Give a dummy a direct link to VR. None of these links are intuitive or obvious.
  8. Pretned I know nothing. What do I click on to enable VR Dark Mod. It's all confusing.
  9. With the recent pricedrop of the Rift VR, will there be a VR option? PLEASE SAY YES!
  10. Okay found the way out and killed the spider queen. The way out ends on a cave, so how does one get into the town? The vines are not good for climbing.
  11. Major HUZZAH! You guys have done an incredible job just for the pure love of the game! Keep it up and I can't wait to see DM2!
  12. Well even the tafferpatcher as it was corrupted. Oh well I give up.
  13. I am trying that now as the last three downloads when extracted were not reconised. WHY? Because my computer is a ((*&^^^%##$ sometimes.
  14. Wait it seems to be working!
  15. Sad to say the 119 patch appears to be corrupted and won't extract.
  16. A very fun mission. The code did not work on the door so I had to clip it to finish it. The sneaking between the buildings was very "thief" in feeling.
  17. I can't get the mission to run. It starts and then it just dies and the entire program ends. Redownloading it now. BTW what is a localization Pack? Do I need that?
  18. The Spoiler "Show" button does not work. my email is solomanwolf777@yahoo.com
  19. How do I destroy the Necronomicon? Hope you make more FMs it was fun.
  20. Never mind! a restart cured the problem. Having a temporary freeze but it goes away after time. Looks incredible so far.
  21. The mission is asking for the Doom3 CD key? It does not give me room to type it in. There is a STR # with a string of numbers that when I click on it the whole game crashes. Darkmod has never asked for a CD key ever. What is up? Mission looks cool if I could play it. First problem ever with any DMFM.
  22. Imagine a city setting, an ancient settlement built on the walls of a cliff. Small walkways would crisscross all the way down.
  23. Inspiration for a Fan Mission Setting http://en.wikipedia....oon_Walled_City Images http://www.google.co...iw=1440&bih=736 Video Documentary Part 1 of 4
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