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  1. I'm on Debian, not Windows. Setting the primary display doesn't accomplish anything. TDM captures the mouse in windowed mode, so I cannot move the window. Starting TDM already windowed on the right display and then switching to fullscreen doesn't work either – the larger display is switched off as soon as TDM starts in fullscreen mode.
  2. I have two screens, one bigger and one smaller. Unfortunately my hardware selects the smaller one as the primary one, which seems to translate over into some full screen applications, which then always run on the smaller screen (which uses DVI, as opposed to the larger screnn which uses HDMI). This is the case for TDM. I have taken a look through the Darkmod.cfg, but there seems to be no way to set a preferred screen or something like that. Is there any way to specify which monitor I want to play TDM on? I've got an NVidia GeForce GTS 250 and am playing on Debian testing. Selecting a primary
  3. After that last post I almost feel bad for posting. Almost, not quite. The Dark Mod is a game, but just barely. The same goes for any other stealth game. Why? As Springheel says, a game consists of rules, an end condition and a measure for how well you did. Most modern games do have these things, but in most instances the rules are (thanks to physics engines, real time and the likes) very ill-defined. I feel this goes to the point where calling the physics "rules" is a bit far-fetched. Of course this also goes for other programs that are called games, like Counter Strike, TES [insert roman n
  4. I found the tavern immediately and spent quite a while looking for the key before I was able to find it. Took me a while to get that key. Isn't that what bug reports are for?
  5. After I failed shooting down the vase in "Tears of St. Lucia" I seem to have just forgotten that I can use arrows in that way. Well, good to be remembered.
  6. I voted "blackjack" but I noticed that I lately try to avoid any kind of confrontation. Blackjacking often is just too stressful - sneak up, knock down without getting to close or being just a bit too far away, then pack the body, run for some shadow with enough space to hide a body... Most times it is easier to wait for a moment when I can just run into the next shadow without raising an alarm. If possible I drop my short sword and broad head arrows before starting a mission. I am unable (and unwilling to learn) to use the sword and killing off at a distance makes me feel like a cheater first
  7. No, this has been done on a Roland MC505 (named "Suse"). No sampling possible there, it's all done with its synthesizer, arpeggiator, quantizer and sequencer. I think I recorded some of the melodies with the keyboard (and quantizer switched on). When I was done with preparing all my patterns I connected the sound output of Suse to the microphone input of my computer, fired up Audacity and recorded with that while only switching on and off the prepared patterns. To my credit I didn't only switch them on and off at the end of a measure and sometimes more than once per measure. *cough* That's pro
  8. I put together an album once. Didn't know about Soundcloud, so I put it up on Last.FM instead. http://www.lastfm.de/music/Antsan/All+Hail+Armok! It's not professionally made. I just sat down with a groovebox and put something together that sounded interesting. Played a lot of Dwarf Fortress back then.
  9. That's strange, I thought I saw the lightgem lighting up with every flash. After seeing it the first time I was looking out for it. On the other hand I am not sure that it has any consequences either. If discovery isn't instant the time it lights up probably is too short.
  10. So I started playing this today and I am a bit overwhelmed. Not that this is a bad thing. It forces me to think about how to proceed. It also means I cannot play this for longer than maybe fifteen minutes continuously. This also is not necessarily a bad thing.
  11. Started playing TDM this week and I've got to say it is damn awesome. Although there is one problem: For me to see anything at all outside of direct torch light in TDM itself I need to set the Gamma and Brightness values relatively high. When I end the game those values are not reset and my desktop is blindingly bright, so every time after closing the game I need to open my settings and readjust the values. I am playing TDM on debian testing and a NVidia GeForce GTS 250. I normally run the game from a terminal and the last line is always a memory access error. If I should be reporting bugs
  12. It would be really nice to have a standalone-version wich can just be downloaded and compiled instead of first having to install doom3. I am using linux and I tried 3 times now to install doom3. Never had any success (bad thing I did not remember the problems I had). I somehow hoped the final release might be independent from installing doom3.
  13. Ah, and because western civilisation is bad you have to be miserable? By the way: It's not a fact by itself. Funny, I argue to widen my horizon. And more funny: I can enjoy it while being serious with what I say.
  14. Most miserable people I know always complain about punks, hippies and the youth and not about actual problems. Most happy people talk about problems and actually try to solve them instead of complaining.
  15. So... How is "realistic" defined in this study? Doesn't "realistic" mean "being close to reality"? So how are optimistic people more unrealistic than the pessimistic ones? You know, it somehow seems like a self-fullfilling prophecy in this context.
  16. Why do you yell at them? Don't you have to do anything better with your time? Maybe they did it for leanrning purposes. They took an old game so thy wouldn't have to worry about storyline and gameplay, but about the whole technical work. And, by the way: I don't think TDM is so much different from this. Of course, it gives whole new possibilities, but a Wolfenstein-Mod may just be the same.
  17. @sparhwak: I think you misunderstood. You make them disappear. First theres great trouble for you (because of alarms and so on), but at the end the guards just might flip out - as long as noone knows, you are there. But like I said, it would kill the gameplay. Would be great for another game, but not for this one.
  18. Where am I programmed? Most people would look down on me, because I am so "egocentric". My poin is, that you don't really let us have a look into your superior logic.
  19. Uhm, if everything is pointless in the beginning (I belief this to) then there is no point in what you think would be best, because it's subjective. o the only measure is subjectivity. I don't understand how in a subjective view something, you declare as "best" could be worse than something else. If my point in life is enjoying myself and playing games then that's it. You could (subjectively) say, that it's a pity, but that's only your opinion and therefore completely unimportant for me. Of course there are some really neat things about not spending your whole life playing games, because the
  20. Oh, that's interesting. Because ignorant people mostly waste their time complaining abot things that don't touch them. Happyness is the only thing to judge if something is good or not. If it is not satisfying in any way it isn't worth thinking about. What "satisfaction" actually is is another question. Why should I not be amused about something I can laugh about? "That's a serious matter, what's there to laugh about!"
  21. Evolution createt one-celled lifeforms first. Then there where something with multiple of them. It was something different, but it was still part of nature. Why should human society stop being part of nature only because it bends its surroundings around itself? From multiple cells to extelligence. I know, that's not my thought, but I think it's logical. When you judge you take position and thereby you are not neutral. And he neutral person would be best to judge, but, you know, to find a neutral person would be really hard, because there always would be the question about who judges, w
  22. I know, way to go on a (maybe) dead topic, but I alwas liked the idea of staying hidden and bring horror upon someone. Guard after guard vanishing without a sound, the rest of them first sounding the alarm, chasing around and when only two are left... Something like that. The idea of hints not only giving something like alarm and "furiosity" but also fear. When it suddenly becomes unnaturally silent, where a guard should be. Of course, such things shurely could be scripted, but it would add a new way of handling the game. On the other side it would brake the old gameplay. Maybe it would b
  23. "Being neutral" would require to stop judging. You are judging all the time, as far as I can see. But one thing I'd like to point out: Being different by all means, means being controllable. I would just have to act to be like you and be good a it and you would change your behavior. That's why punk went down. Yo know, the first people being misused by strange doctrines where people stating, they wanted to be different by all means. They didn't think about their needs, about their desires or themselfes, they always defined themselfes in comparison to others. Like you do. You define your
  24. I've never seen Names being translated. Okay, the Shalbridge Cradle was "Die Shalbebridge-Wiege", but thats not so bad I think. It's only about content that isn't defined by game. Names are seperated from language by being defined by some special object and not a general idea.
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