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  1. Can't say I'll be switching any time soon. I've been addicted to the "vimperator" plugin for firefox (makes the browser behave like vim). Never have to touch the mouse again. I ditched Opera for firefox after hearing about it. Also, there are only windows binaries for chrome as far as I know.
  2. This is the primary reason I refuse to install Windows on my desktop PC; I'm dead afraid of something happening to the archlinux64 partition, which I've spent god knows how long tweaking/configuring, and the fat32 partition. Of course, this practically renders the 8800GTS512MB I bought useless, but it's not like I have the time to play games anymore anyhow.
  3. It was "stolen" from digg
  4. Check out this awesome Doom modification Awesome Doom modification
  5. I have no problem with football itself, but the level of commercialization and irrelevant nationalism (these two often come hand in hand) that follow make me sick to my stomach. I really can't sit through it all without becoming utterly depressed.
  6. Hey, I just bought Doom 3 from Steam and played the mod. I'm very impressed. Initially, I found it too bright, so I turned down the gamma and now it looks perfect (this is probably already in the works, but an adjustment screen similar to what Call of Cthulhu has would be a nice addition. example: This text in this box should be somewhat visible, and the text in this other box should not be visible at all. I imagine you could also form a sort of startup interface that "tricks" the user into adjusting their brightness settings). As all have said, the manteling, lightgem, and rope arrows are magnificent. Most important, though, is that the game assets bring back the look, sound, and atmosphere of Thief so very perfectly (You've also done quite well in removing "the 'Doom 3' from Doom 3," which is a thing many modifications have trouble with. It was a short teaser, but I can see great things coming out of this once the AI, animations, and various other things are improved or added in. One "bug" I seem to have noticed (which you are all probably already aware of) is that the sound triggered by a physics-object colliding with a particular surface seems to be delayed by a noticeable amount. I will be back for more comments or suggestions later on.
  7. Well it seems my Doom 3 cd has disappeared. I may have to take a trip to Walmart to pick up one for like $10 (if they even have it there). I really want to play this.
  8. I can by no means run the game on good settings (I run it on medium settings, 800x600, directx9 mode, and it's definitely playable even if it crawls to 15fps sometimes. It still looks amazing), but I like the idea of leaving the max graphical settings several years ahead of the current hardware existing at the time of release. I imagine it's hard to swallow for those who spend several hundred a year on their PC and expect the best of results with their "best of the best" hardware, though. But still, considering the fact that most of the levels take place on a gigantic island (or several mile large stretch of one) with hundreds of destructable, physics objects; numerous AI (I can remember several small villages in the game having at least 35 AI, not including all of those patrolling in the rest of the level); and the best graphics ever realized in a game on both an aggregate and discrete level, I think it runs pretty well even on today's hardware. (By the way, with a simple config-file alteration, you can get most of the directx10 effects running on directx9) My only disappointment with the game has to be the fact that with such an amazing engine, they could have done a lot more creative things. In this respect, it had a "techdemo-ish" feel. With that aside, though, it felt like I was in a movie experience. I cannot wait to see what mods come out of this. Here are a few that have really caught my eye (one is Lost World Returns, the other is Obsidian Edge 2)
  9. The "sense of discovery" thing is one of the most important aspects to me. If you can strike my curiousity and leave me eager to move forward in anticipation of what's ahead, I think you've succeeded. Of course, this does not suit all types of missions.
  10. Apparently this is going to be a trilogy.
  11. You know, I have to admit that I thought this game would be "all graphics" and offer nothing in terms of gameplay (even after the demo I thought this), but there are seriously a lot of parts in this game that are so (and I hate to use this word) "epic" and satisfying that it's hard to believe such an experience could be produced by a game. Maybe I'll come back when I have more time to post and be more clear, but I just have to say that there is this inner debate occuring inside me concerning whether or not--in all of the 10 years I've been gaming--I've ever been this drawn in to a game's atmosphere. Some parts even made me lightheaded; I felt like I was truly in a scifi movie at times.
  12. If you don't ever plan on downloading the ~400mB Get Quaked 3 file, then watch the streamed video, but you'll really appreciate it more if you have the high quality version.
  13. I've never had the pleasure of playing any of the quake games, but after watching this video, I have regrets. How was Quake 3 in its heyday? I always thought a lot of Counter-Strike 1.6 videos (such as the Underground 3--recommended) were quite amazing, but they're nothing in comparison to this. http://www.own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=6212 Direct DL Link: ( http://files.filefront.com/GetQuaked3+HQx2...;/fileinfo.html ) Even if you don't play video games, this video is just down right amazing, and--on top of that--it is composed flawlessly. I never thought I would experience such a high from a computer game skill video (However rediculous this may sound).
  14. Craymen scared the shit out of me.
  15. woah


    I'm surprised to say this game runs fine on a A64 3000+, 1024mB DDR400, 7600GT, at 800x600, all medium details and settings (Crysis that is).
  16. Really? I thought the arrow pickup-sound sounded almost identical to the original, just higher quality. If it was my decision, I would without doubt keep it. In addition, other things like the footsteps reminded me a lot of the original. With the exception of the footsteps bug and the placeholder voices, I felt the sound, music and ambience in that demo was impeccable.
  17. Wow! That's some really awesome stuff! It makes me feel so nostalgic; you've all done a great job at capturing the old feel (especially with that great ambience and music). I'll definitely be checking back to watch the higher resolution version. I really wish I could help in some way (truly, to be involved in such a project would be a privilege), but programming a game is a whole different animal to me, and I'd probably be more of a bother to the other programmers than anything else.
  18. I have to agree 100%, and I believe you won't be disappointed with this in Fortress Forever. Conc grenades are just as effective, and if you're one of those who enjoy pulling off some nifty movement maneuvers, there's plenty of that. In addition to preserving a reasonable level of bunny hopping, and the well-known rocket jumping, pipe-bomb and sniper rifle propulsion, and all those other goods from TFC, the game also has an extremely neat thrust system, where if you jump from a declining-surface, you are propelled forward a bit, depending on the steepness of that surface. On the other hand, if you jump into an incline with enough force, you'll "launch" yourself a bit higher into the air, almost like a double jump. Mastering these techniques can be quite a challenge, but if you get them down, you can literally fly across the map as scout. Once skilled at this, it can be such a rewarding feeling to bound past several enemies in pursuit of you, evading their attacks, then briskly sweep the flag out from under the enemies' noses, and then disappear again by means of sheer speed.
  19. Perhaps many of you may or may not know, but Team Fortress 2 and Fortress Forever were released some time in the past few weeks. If you were a fan of Team Fortress Classic (or any of the previous Team Fortress games), this news may be significant to you. http://www.fortress-forever.com (Team Fortress 2 obviously on Steam) First off, I can't say I'm a fan of Team Fortress 2. Yes, the taunts and such are entertaining, and so is the overall presentation (with the exception of the fact that the "old-western" style can be very awkward), but I find that the gameplay is just a dumbed down, "designed-for-the-masses" version of TFC. Much of the crowd that are drawn to it seem to consist of the same people who didn't give TFC the time of day, given its steep learning curve and competition. Anyone can pick up TF2 and do comparably well to someone who has been playing for much, much longer. In consequence, the gameplay becomes a boring "kill for kill" drag. Even though everyone is raving about it, I don't see it staying too popular for very long, as the community's initial reaction reminds me of the initial response to Counter-Strike: Source's release. The graphics in TF2 are quite stunning, and I can look over the fact that there are no grenades, but the gameplay just isn't doing it for me one bit. I'm under the impression that Team Fortress 2 is just a glossed over, mediocre game, and I think just about everyone is falling for this. On the other hand, I find that Fortress Forever is extremely good. The many new additions are revitalizing, yet the overall gameplay stays true to the classic Team Fortress gameplay. There are some class design problems (such as the heavy being too fast and powerful, and the sniper's machine gun also being too powerful), but those are easy to look over (especially given the fact that the pyro is now an excellent class). The map design is near flawless too--without doubt much better than TF2's tiny, crowded levels. Well, CZ2, Crossover, Hunted, and several others are all currently there (with many other classics coming soon). Although the overall graphics quality (with attention to models, skins, and particle effects) is definitely not as good as TF2's, they're still very good, and I assume that with time they will become comparable to TF2's--especially given the fact that the tech now used in TF2 will be available to mod developers. I was quite surprised to find that a first release of a mod could be so polished and excellent. So these are my impressions. My preference should be obvious. I'd be happy to hear others.
  20. I played several hours of it and it's good. It's by no means amazing, though. I don't see the argument behind it "redefining the first person shooter standard" or whatever, as all of these reviewers on the mainstream websites are claiming. While it's entertaining, it's also just another FPS with some different weapons, an expected progression in graphics, AI that has a few more quirks in some situations, and a few supplementary game mechanics (ie "hacking"). But like all of the FPS's I've played in what must be 4 years, it tires me. There's nothing truly new here. Slightly different ways to kill hoards of enemies with basic AI does not entertain me. The beginning was actually very interesting and does a good job of absorbing you into the atmosphere of the game. But after the whole lowdown of the plot is revealed much too generously, it's obvious when the "room clearing" is about to begin. If you've got a substantial anthology of first person shooters under your belt, right about then is when you say to yourself "here comes the rollercoaster ride". In addition to the obvious problems most in this forum point out about games of the recent years, I think a substantial problem many games have is that they don't know how to tell a good story. Even if you've got gameplay that drones onward, a good storyline will keep people playing. So it's good, but not good enough for me to continue playing (even though I spent $50 on it).
  21. I think it's interesting to note that this game has attained the highest average score out of any PC game according to www.metacritic.com ( http://www.metacritic.com/games/pc/ ). Of course, all of the reviews aren't in yet. Still not sure if I'll buy it, though. I don't really feel like playing (or buying) any games at the moment.
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