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  1. Holy guacamole! I'm at 7,000 brushes! I'm getting close

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    2. Epifire


      Afaik, the LWO combine/exporter in DR will not format smoothing values correctly when doing so. An easy fix if you've already got Lightwave but a bit more of a hassle if you don't.

    3. Obsttorte


      @Springheel: At least when reexporting a lwo model, for example after rotating or rescaling it, edges that were formerly smooth show up hard. This implies that the orientation of the vertex normals have changed. It appears that the exporter uses the facet normals as vertex normals.

    4. Epifire


      This also seems to be a common problem of non-Lightwave software. As Softimage doesn't support proper smoothing in LWO exports either.

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