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  1. Thanks, I think Halloween may have influenced the image, but the FM is not spooky.
  2. I'm happy to present my first FM, The Spider and the Finch. There may be a spider, but no ghosts or undead. It should run a couple hours. It's now available on the Missions page or the in-game downloader. Many thanks to the beta testers Acolytesix, Cambridge Spy, datiswous, madtaffer, Shadow, and wesp5 for helping me improve and making the mission to the best of my abilities. This would not be have been possible without Fidcal's excellent DarkRadiant tutorial. Thanks also to the many people who answered my questions in the TDM forums. Cheers! 2023-12-13 Mission updated to version 3. Fixed a bug where the optional loot option objective was not actually optional. Updated the animations for Astrid Added a hallway door so the guards are less likely to be aggroed en masse.
  3. Nice Halloween mission! I ran into a small bug where the headless guy got stuck at the top of the stairs going in tiny circles, so there was no way to get past him. I had to retry from a previous save. I'm not sure what triggered it; possibly collided with a spider?
  4. The water might put out the fire, but it's Worth a try. I did that for the balcony toss. (edit) it does put out the fire:
  5. It didn't work. I tried a couple of different trigger brushes pointed to atdm:target_callscriptfunction, but the AI body just won't won't trigger them so the script is never called. I noticed in the description for trigger_entityname, it says "... Only works on entities that can enter trigger under their own power...if player drops them, there is no effect." This seems to be the case for the other triggers as well. I think I'm out of luck on this one, but it was just a nice-to-have, not important.
  6. Adding one last tidbit to my fm: it might be nice to be able to kill an ai by sticking their head in the fireplace or throwing them off a balcony (where fall damage is insufficient). Unfortunately "trigger_hurt" does not affect an AI that is unconscious. Is there any way around that? (edit) also tried it with stim/response with the same result: no-effect. only drowning seems to work on unconscious AI
  7. textures/water_source/watersplode_m1 is pretty much full white as far as I can tell.
  8. Is there any way to change the light radius on the 2 candle wall sconce (atdm:sconce_2candles_rigid)? I've tried all these spawn args. Nothing has an effect. flame1 and flame2 are the pos_attach names in the inherited properties. I thought that would have done it for sure, but no.
  9. And I just did. Short , but sweet. Nicely done. 10/10 on that intro and I like how you snuck in the Skyrim reference;)
  10. Thank you, I was surprised I came up with that name actually!
  11. Terrific! The beta test thread is up: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/22238-beta-testing-the-spider-and-the-finch/
  12. I just finished it. That was a really fun mission! Interesting mapping, I really liked the layout. Cheers!
  13. Glad you're feeling better. Yes, I was surprised to see three new ones out. I'll have to start one tonight.
  14. I can speed run it in 42 minutes on expert, so probably a couple hours for the uninitiated.
  15. It took a while, but I'm very excited to finally make it to this stage! I'm hoping for maybe three volunteers to beta test. Best regards, Groden.
  16. Nice! Congrats on your first FM. Looks like a busy season for TDM.
  17. Congratulations on your first release, I look forward to playing it.
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