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  1. Agreed. Rename nearly blind to forgiving.
  2. I'm confused. Wouldn't you want nearly blind to be higher than it currently is? I was thinking. Nearly Blind: 3.5s Forgiving: 3s Challenging: 2.5s Hardcore: 1.5s
  3. I think they should remain separate, as I do set levels differently. Depends on playstyle
  4. Interesting although not surprised to see crashes while noclipping.
  5. The reaction time in those videos feels a bit off to me honestly. The player barely has time to react to the vocal cue. I should at least give two beats after the vocal cue so the player can try to hide. "Huh, what's that?"...1....2...."have at theeee", or if the player manages to slip out of the light..."eh, twas nothing". I'm trying to remember the exact system that ended up being put in place, but I vaguely recall it was like a curve of sorts. The further away you were from the AI the longer the delay in full light....up to a point where the AI wouldn't even respond if it were far enough. I don't think we had the AI vision settings back then either, so I would expect the lowest vision settings to be far more forgiving than what I saw in the video. I recall during testing that the AI would mutter a few different things at great distances, before becoming agitated enough to charge.
  6. Well the issue will have to be investigated in order to find out if something has become broken...because reaction time was definitely worked on. I remember testing it myself.
  7. Hmmm. That sounds odd because I remember a couple of years ago that the AI were given reaction times that increased based on distance from the player. I can't remember exactly how it worked, but it might have been something like the further away you were, the impact of a bright lightgem would be decreased over distance. Sounds like that is broken.
  8. Seriously? Holy crap. I recently had an experience where I approached a family member and shared a traumatic experience that happened to me back in 2015. I wasn't looking for any type of sympathy, just hoping to open a dialogue and begin sharing this thing I had kept secret the last 4 years. I received an emailing 'schooling' me on how to share and that my experience was triggering and that I had sent it to her without a warning. It's something I would never say to anyone who shared what I shared. It took an event that had nearly caused me to end my life and turned it into an issue about her 'discomfort' in reading it. To be fair, I had written it on a private blog and the title of the blog gave a pretty clear hint as to the content. I'm kind of fed up with the attitudes going around these days. I have never scolded anyone for making me feel uncomfortable. Life is uncomfortable. If you don't learn to cope with it then existence is going to be pretty much unbearable.
  9. Exactly! You can learn a lot about your own fears, prejudices and weaknesses from those whose views might be contrary to your own.
  10. I've been seeing this more and more. It's quite concerning and not at all the environment I grew up in. Differing opinions were welcomed. You learned to see from perspectives other than your own.
  11. OK! Enough with the post deleting. It's completely destroying the context of the conversation.
  12. Are you referring to Outlooker though? Outlooker is not a core developer. I would like to know where this is all coming from. The majority of that thread is rather measured and mature discussion. People of differing opinions, backgrounds and experience sharing ideas. I wish our world leaders would be as mature and considerate. If you wish to grow as a human being, learn to understand your adversary. People arrive at positions we may consider extreme due to circumstances we may have never faced. If we continuously slam the door in each others faces, we are limiting our own potential to expand our understanding of all the angles.
  13. Yeah, I have idea what this is even about and even if there was a so-called Alt-Right person in the team, that has absolutely no bearing on TDM. We expect our political representatives to work through their differences and find common ground...yet take rather extreme views when someone differs from our perspective of the world. Nobody knows how to have a conversation anymore. It's totally bat shit insane. Talk, listen, disagree and learn something about yourself in doing so.
  14. As long as it looks nothing like the Deadly Shadows from. A mix of the classic Thief look with more attention brought to detail, rather than washing it out would be cool. Bringing attention to the edges of the item so it pops out of the background more.
  15. My personal feeling is that it could be confusing to have two versions floating around. That and there being so much left to do on the latest version.
  16. Yeah, I spoke to him a few years back and he had absolutely zero interest in doing anything in cooperation with TDM, and yes he did a straight port of the TDS assets into Doom 3.
  17. I force installed AMD drivers on a laptop years ago when Quake Wars came out. Prior to the forced install, the game played with mostly black textures and stuttered. After, all textures displayed properly and the fps increased substantially.
  18. The AI don't wake up after being knocked out, because it would encourage the player to kill rather than knockout. Now, the player can still kill if they so choose but that is then reflected in their stealth score. Knockouts are a non-lethal way to remove an obstacle from the players path. More hardcore players may choose to ghost a mission and never touch a single AI. The game is balanced a certain way for a reason.
  19. It's a game. It's meant to be fun, not a perfect simulation of reality.
  20. Nice to see this finally happening. I had requested a feature like this years ago. It could have so many uses.
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