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  1. What is the best, simplest way for triggering audio that plays once? Lets say I want to play a sudden spooky door shutting sound when the player crosses a certain point. How do I do this? The wiki doesn't really have anything on triggers, so I'm pretty lost with them.
  2. I posted impressions after my playthrough here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14880-thief-4-is-trash/page__st__1750__p__337461#entry337461
  3. That is absolutely fantastic. It's only been a week, but any new developments since?
  4. I actually think its a syringe of some sort. The liquid is red, but it could be a tranquilizer.
  5. Irrational Games are doing a pretty cool reference to Thief with Bioshock: Burial at Sea and "1998-mode". http://irrationalgames.com/insider/announcing-1998-mode/

  6. Relentless stuttering and visual glitches seem to be a pretty common complaint. I also had poor performance until I switched to the 32-bit executable. Not sure why it helped, but it steadied my framerate a lot. If you have an AMD GPU, they just released new beta drivers specifically for Thief. I haven't had the chance to try them out, but a lot of users have said they drastically improve performance.
  7. Everyone has been posting such amazing content lately that I feel bad posting this... I finally got over my slump and I'm back on track with my map so to celebrate that a screenshot. A curio shop, perhaps?
  8. While I had my doubts about the shroud, it would actually be just fine if it weren't animated. Now every time you turn your head, the shroud sort of rotates counter-clockwise. It's really distracting.
  9. Funny there should be a thread about this right now. I actually just got back to mapping after getting a new computer, and I had to come search the forums for Simple Minimizer. It's a simple stand-alone AutoHotKey script made by forum use eqagunn. I love it for other programs as well, not TDM. You can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?3yob4vt91y8ehdb All you need to do is to have that running, and Alt + M will minimize anything, period.
  10. Let's just say I won't be eating out for a while...
  11. Well, I just finished the game a bit ago. Here are some of my impressions, mainly negatives. It's really just easier to blurb out the bad stuff. While I can't deny I've had a lot of fun with the game, in the end the it was a big let down for me. I'm expecting that a lot of the technical issues and those related to lack of testing will be quickly patched after release, which will make the experience much more enjoyable. It's understandable that when they give you so many customization options, something is going to break.
  12. Fantastic work. I assume the lighting has been added manually?
  13. I seem to recall that frob_button is shootable by default?
  14. Glad to hear you guys liked it! I'm still at work on my second map. It's going to be a sequel of sorts, so keep tuned. I was hoping to release in January, but having to do my thesis and working for two gaming publications at the same time has but a bit of cramp on my mapping. It's coming however, hopefully soon! :-) If you don't mind slight spoilers, there are some early screenshots here and here.
  15. I think its really obnoxious how remakes like to pick the name of the original and not differentiate from it somehow. I mean would you be OK with me writing a re-imagination of Lord of the Rings, called Lord of the Rings, which would soon be available in bookstores everywhere while the original would be slowly taken out of circulation? The problem is, if younger generations go looking for information about Thief these days, they might actually think there are no more games than the one coming out now. Don't believe it? I've talked to lot of kids who think Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the only game in its series.
  16. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck... ;-) But yeah, release is so close that I wouldn't worry myself with speculation. In roughly two weeks we will all know exactly how this new Thief turned out.
  17. To be fair he did mention a lot of good things as well, just not enough to outweigh the bad. Nevertheless, I'm still going to give NuThief a chance. Wouldn't be first time marketing has made an okayish game seem worse than it really was, although I'm not all that optimistic.
  18. I talked to someone who has played the game, and he said his breaking point was when he realized he couldn't jump down from a ceiling beam if there was no enemy below him. Context sensitive! Also, this annoyed me to no end. It's like they are ripping on over the top summer blockbusters, except they do it with a straight face: But of course all this material is made by the marketing division, and even the devs must be cringing when watching this.
  19. Here it is Thief 101 Trailer / Launch Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A0bYLJlGbo This thing plays like a parody of itself. I couldn't help but burst out laughing at 2:46 onwards
  20. This seems to be the trend in every stealth game these days. Look at Hitman, Splinter Cell etc. In Blackilist a single gun could cost up to a million dollars! It's ridiculous and terribly immersion breaking, but I think it again boils down to catering to the masses. Money is most often a measure of score, and people want to feel amazing so you have to hand out thousands and millions even for the average player. On the other hand stealth games have to be balanced so that you can't have unlimited resources, so what to do? Hike up the item prices.
  21. Tons of previews today, apparently Square Enix had some closed event for selected members of press. http://au.ign.com/ar...of-infiltration http://www.eurogamer...r-and-for-worse http://www.polygon.c...ast-improvement http://www.destructo...ef-269451.phtml http://www.videogame...eview-3562.html http://www.computera...steal-the-show/ http://www.usgamer.n...ts-name-implies http://blog.us.plays...-thief-for-ps4/ http://www.digitalsp...ing-reboot.html http://www.pcgamesn....f/hands-thief-0 Didn't find much new info though, mainly marketing hype. Apparently there are three categories players are scored on upon completing a chapter, just like Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Ghost, Opportunist, Predator vs. Blacklist's Ghost, Panther, Assault). Also, this quote from Polygon: So the soundtrack might at least be informed by Brosius' stuff - or could they even have decided to use some of his tracks after all? At least it won't be full-on Hans Zimmerman like the trailers have had us think. Oh, and this jewel from IGN:
  22. Tell me about it, working with rain in my current level has turned out to be terribly frustrating. Performance drops, particles coming through roofs, particles simply disappering, particles showing through walls, rain flying upwards... I wonder if the rain effects are a thing that should possibly be given a revamp at some point? I haven't yet tried Sotha's custom particle, which apparently solved a bunch of those problems. Maybe that could be integrated into TDM.
  23. Well, I'm really glad you have come this far. A remake of the original System Shock is something the fans have been talking about for ages, and the very dedicated modding community around SS2 would probably rally to work with you if you were to go serious with it. I'm actually a bit suprised by how little comments your thread has garnered on Strange Bedfellows. The reason is most likely that people just couldn't bear another disappointment, as there have been numerous attempts before that have left a very sour taste for the community. Most often people get terribly hyped up, then the dev loses interest and cuts all communication, and in the end all the progress he has made is forever lost. It's a really frustrating cycle. Anyway, you've done a great job from the beginning by documenting your progress and also I gather your plan from the start was to make (at least) a modders resource. On the TDM side of things, I'm personally interested in carving out a part of the first UW floor and reshaping it into a mission that pays homage to the roots of Looking Glass. Once I'm finished with my current map, hopefully.
  24. I'm having a bit of trouble setting up rain with emitters in my map. I changed from rain patches to emitters like suggested, and got a major improvement in FPS. Now I have emitters spaced about 64 units from each other or so, covering the whole street area. My problem is that the raindrops vanish if looked at from a certain angle. If I stand directly under an emitter, and look straight forward (level to the ground) I can see the rain falling from it. If I look a bit down however, the particles vanish. This has got me stumped.
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