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  1. Hmmm... Didn't I answer here yesterday? Well yes its working! Hehe I did not really expect this, that's why I have posted it here. Thanks for the answers
  2. In DR preferences or the in W8 "Personalization" menu, and yes nvidia edit: gtx470 latest driver and 64 bit
  3. Well I have tried the Win8 Dev Preview. Doom 3 is working fine and Dark mod too . I only have problems with Dark Radiant (windows not updating, brushes not shown...), on Windows 7 disabling Aero did the trick but it seems you can't deactivate Aero in Windows 8. Too bad because W8 is working quite nice for an alpha version.
  4. Ah thanks! I wanted to try the heven benchmark but I always forgot about it. Looks quite nice if you don't move around yourself (like moving too close to the textures)
  5. Assuming I want to update my map, should I do this now or after the release of 1.7?
  6. Gibt ja richtig viele hier die Deutsch sprechen :-) Does that mean that I will have to change my map-folders as soon as 1.7 is out?
  7. If you like japano RPGs take a look at Lost Osyssey!!! I liked all the Tomb Raider parts on X360 but I am a fan so... If you like Simulation Racinggames, wait for Forza Motorsport 4. If you have Kinekt try Child of Eden. I liked Burnout Paradise too. (over 220 hours of playing time for me) Xbox Live Arcade: Geometry Wars (if you start now, you should takt part 2) Limbo
  8. http://www.vg247.com/2011/08/04/quakecon-2011-carmacks-legendary-keynote-live-from-8pm-bst/ This is a good sign right?
  9. Hat es geklappt?

  10. Hello MK, sorry for the late answer. If you need more help just ask!
  11. lol thats awesome, here's some more:
  12. I hope Jeremy Soule is still on board and makes the music for the game.
  13. Sonosuke

    Bugs in forum

    Works just fine with Firefox 4 and IE 9
  14. same here... well there is only one
  15. Yeah ok, a half year is too much but... if I would be completely new to DR, I think I would be to afraid to enter a contest like this and compare my noob skills with advanced mappers. Well just a thought.
  16. I think you should do another "new to dark radiant" contest in the future. Maybe one every half year? What do you think?
  17. But still awesome! Alienware is so expensive ... and good looking. Care to post a picture? btw, I wonder where I can get:
  18. Hello Lady Jo, its nice to see you again! We have met on ttlg before.
  19. Hallo, lange nicht gesehen! Alles klar bei dir?

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