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  1. This was solved on Reddit. An unfinished and unnamed game by a joe wintergreen. https://joewintergreendev.tumblr.com/post/172265678592/five-minute-first-pass-at-lightning-and-thunder/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Yeah, pretty crazy stuff. This will only make crypto more popular because of it's decentralized nature, even though the elites have a lot of power there as well to control price fluctuations.
  3. Hoping they make there own story then and not a tie-in with the new movie.
  4. It certainly is, but still a demo is more than going in completely blind and of course there will be examples as yours. I do think though that you'll be able to find such things in reviews nowadays. Unless you buy day one or pre-order, but I think it's your own mistake then. I usually wait till all the DLC's have been released and most of the bugs have been removed and buy during a sale. The prices you pay then are very good and in my country even more at the moment. For new games I would pay about $ 55. Most of the games I buy though are $ 10 or less, and I find it hard to complain too much then.
  5. I doubt it. I don't think a few euros more expensive will encourage more people to choose a pirate's life, just like a few euros drop in price won't make more people give it up. Quite a few people also pirate games just to test if they like them and then buy them or uninstall them if they don't like them, as refund policies (if any) are quite shady sometimes and there are few games that actually have demos (although this thankfully seems to be increasing again).
  6. This is usually a big problem with gaming laptops, because they have very aggressive boost modes that cause throttling issues in no time. If anyone reading this has a gaming laptop, there's a way to disable the boost mode. Yes, this will mean that your peak FPS is slightly lower (around 5 FPS but sometimes less), but it will result in a much more stable FPS and therefore more stable gaming experience as the FPS won't take a dive anymore because of throttling issues. You will also increase the life of your battery and laptop in general, because it will never run as hot as before. Open a command prompt with admin rights. Enter the following: powercfg.exe -attributes sub_processor perfboostmode -attrib_hide Go to the advanced power options and under "Processor power management" an option called "Processor performance boost mode" will have been unlocked. Change the options "on battery" and "plugged in" to disabled and that's all. Some people change the options to efficient aggressive, but temperatures won't drop as much then and throttling issues might still occur. It's also a good idea to take a look at the fan settings of your laptop, because quite a lot of time manufacturers will set this to silent. There's usually a program for your processor available to change this.
  7. Certainly not mandatory for bounty hunters, but he's a Mandalorian (Boba Fett also was) and it's the signature armor of their people. The TV show is good and so is the acting, but it does suffer from lazy writing sometimes. Like a character does something and you're like that doesn't make sense at all, but then something happens a little bit later which explains why the character did that totally unlogical thing. There are also some moments where a few people take down a whole army but then at a later moment they can't fight a handful of the same soldiers. If you don't really mind those things, then it's certainly an enjoyable show.
  8. I know that in my country and more countries here in South America all deaths (even the ones that didn't have covid) were counted as corona deaths for quite some time, because autopsies weren't allowed. So I think it's difficult to get any precise numbers on the fatality rate.
  9. These people probably have PTSDs from dumping their load and afterwards finding out that there isn't any toilet paper. Toilet paper would be on the top of my apocalypse preparation list as well, I mean food and water don't mean anything if you can't dump it peacefully afterwards... Imagine Hollywood making a post-apocalyptic movie where all people are fighting over toilet paper and it's the most valuable trading good, that would be hilarious.
  10. The thing with corona is that the PCR test isn't done the same in every country and sometimes not even by different authorities in the same country. Anything more than 30 amplification cycles just leads to a higher rate of false positives. In The Netherlands they use about 40 in some places and 25 in others and some scientists have said that the rate of false positives is as high as 30%. People getting infected again is most of the time a false positive as well, because the PCR test sees remains of the virus as positive as well even though those people aren't infected any more. Not saying corona is a hoax, it's just not as bad as they want us to believe.
  11. I don't really think it needed to be called out because just like we have to see that islam extremists don't represent the islam, they have to see that the opinions of a few don't represent the whole community. I personally think religions in general are one of the biggest problems in the world. I remember this one time when a christian lady next to me on the bus got very angry when I said other religions, for her there was just the one religion. There are so many pointers that religions are man-made, such as the if you don't do this list this awful thing will happen to you. Doesn't mean I don't believe in some sort of higher power (even the big bang had to start from something), just not like in the religions. I respect though that some people need religions and believe in them.
  12. The problem is though that we all make decisions in our lives that can kind of force us to do something that we don't like. Another thing is to be happy with less if it makes you happier, but that possibility kind of depends on the decisions you make again. When I finished university I saw so many people that weren't happy with the work they had, but they had a mortgage, kids, were married, etc. (examples in no particular order) which made them afraid or made it even impossible for them to give up their job and try something else. The people around me expected me to follow the herd (find a full-time job, buy a home, get married, make some kids). I found my FT job but wasn't happy with it and wasn't looking forward to follow the same layed out path for 40+ years. I also wasn't happy living in my bunched up country, I was missing the extensive nature and peace that I experienced in other countries. I decided to work and travel in various countries to find the country that was perfect for me and where I was able to do what I wanted to do. In the end I have found that country (which obviously isn't perfect, but during my travels I have found out that no country is, it just has to be perfect for you) and although I'm not working in something that I really like now yet, I know that what I'm doing now will make it possible for me to do so in a few years time and I can also quit whenever I like. Long story short, those people maybe have debts or other obligations that might prevent them from giving up their job and after being sacked all that anger just comes out. I know I would never let it come to that point, but many of us are just like animals living in a herd and make decisions without really thinking them through, because we're expected to follow the layed out path.
  13. I'm also using Ublock origin but never had to click through multiple layers. Guess it depends on what sites you visit. Adblock is the next best thing and never had any real problems with it. Used it before Ublock but is a bit more resource heavy and was looking for ways to speed up my potato.
  14. The Mass Effect novels are pretty good imo. They tell the story of the young Anderson and give a lot more information about things he touches on lightly in the games.
  15. Great game, really liked the story and the various elements it used. The new Cthulhu never really was able to capture me in the same way. Would be interesting to see some Cthulhu mods with this engine as it really fits the atmosphere.
  16. I have it on my wish list as it seemed stealthy from what I read and it's great to read that this is the case. Not sure how it did saleswise but it seems that it has gone quite under the radar. I have to upgrade my potato first before I can play this. I already had to wait about 5-10 minutes before a level in Prey was loaded and afterwards the occassional stuttering and freezing, which I only endured because I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  17. Looking forward to this one. They are going to release an editor shortly after release as well, so it will be interesting to see what the community comes up with. Just read an interesting interview with Thomas Grip on Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/games/amnesia-the-dark-descent/news/interview-feature-thomas-grip-co-founder-creative-director-of-frictional-games
  18. I was going to take a look at this one, thanks for reminding me. I'm a big fan of Carcassonne (I can recommend https://jcloisterzone.com/en/ for that one as well), Machiavelli and the likes. What about the most popular boardgames, are they free as well or do they come with an extra price tag and if so, are these prices acceptable?
  19. Although it doesn't change much for me, I like diversity. An open market is needed to make it a competitive one, which in this regard is already missing competition. Then again, Sony has quite a bit of exclusive titles as well, so it's not like they are any better in that regard. In the end it's the customers that suffer as with less competition it's very likely that prices are going to rise as well. So I hope you're wrong that Sony is already limping.
  20. Just read the news that Microsoft has bought Bethesda and Zenimax (and the subsidiaries like Arkane). I'm not really sure what to think about it. Very likely not much will change, but I just hope that there won't be too much focus on the Xbox now. It would also be nice if the quality of the games will improve as some of the last few games weren't incredible.
  21. Saw an interesting documentary the other day which is a bit about this topic, Paradogma. Not about Islam, but about different view points, freedom of speech, etc. It's the second part of a series of three. The Uncertainty Has Settled (focussing more on various views of climate change) and Return To Eden (focussing on controlling nature and people) are the other parts that are also really worth a look.
  22. This is what happens when someone puts Amnesia 50+ times through Google Translate....
  23. Awesome game Prey and it actually took me quite a while before I started playing it. I never bothered to take a look at the game because they used the name Prey and I didn't like the first one, so I thought it was just a reboot with more of the same. Never really understood why they used the name Prey, because as far as I know it doesn't have much to do with the original game and I think it actually hurt sales. When I saw one day that Arkane Studios (from the awesome Dark Messiah and Dishonored) made the game, I gave it a try and I'm glad I did. Difficulty is just right and I like that you sometimes have to decide to come back to an area because you don't have strong enough skills and weapons. There's also enough replay value for the new game plus mode.
  24. Ever tried the Sniper Elite games? I remember playing the third in which I always tried to play as stealthy as possible, which was very satisfying if you managed to pull it off. Never played the fourth (PC can't handle it) but supposedly it's better stealthwise than the third. Only third person though. I do remember watching one YT video though and one thing that annoyed me then was your weapon sticking out of the tall grass and the AI not seeing it. Little Nightmares I enjoyed quite a bit and if I can remember correctly there are only a few or just that one time that you're caught and put in a cage. Other times being caught means dying, which can be hectic/frustrating sometimes. Limbo and Inside I enjoyed a lot as well, not sure if they can really be classified as stealth platformers, but same goes for Little Nightmares I guess.
  25. It hasn't been in development for 10 years. It was cancelled in 2012 I think and in 2018 they announced that they were working on it again. Still, I do think it could mean RIP for the company if Stalker 2 doesn't sell good.
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