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  1. I am enjoying this mission immensely, it would be in the top 5 among my personal favorites. And I have gotten most of the good stuff EXCEPT
  2. Installing the latest (1.4) patch increased my avg fps for the in-game benchmark from 63 to 67. Maybe EM actually did something right. I also installed the AMD 14.3 beta drivers (I was using 13.12 before) and it raised my fps from 67 to 71. Maybe AMD actually did something right.
  3. First, a little something for your amusement. Now the serious part. I have played most of the top-tier missions (still got a couple to go), but I will be surprised if anything can surpass this one. This mission does just about everything completely right, but there are two aspects of it which REALLY make it stand out for me: (1) great story, which just keeps getting better and better, and which is greatly helped by strategically-placed and particularly well-written readables; the writer's touch is very evident here. (2) a generous helping of thiefy goodness, in the form of many little places to investigate and so many little rewards for doing so. Finding them has been an absolute joy -- and I probably still missed a few, too. So congrats, Moonbo, for a true masterpiece.
  4. This has certainly been a challenging mission. There are still some of the newer good ones that I have not played yet, but of the ones I have played so far this has been by far the best. I am having a little trouble with
  5. My system: i5-2500, 8 G RAM Radeon HD7870 Win 7, 64-bit My settings: Exclusive fullscreen Resolution 1360 x 768 (my 50" TV) Texture filtering 16x AF Vsync off FXAA off SSAA off My results with the in-game benchmark: 64-bit (min/avg/max): 38/62/98 force 32-bit: 28/60/104 64-bit + SSAA = low: 38/60/82 Comments: I was surprised that 32-bit did not seem any better than 64. As for the SSAA, I sort of expected it to be an FPS-killer. But for my money I do not think I need either the in-game SSAA or even the FXAA, I figure my video card has better antialiasing algorithms. I used the following settings in Cat Control Center: Enhance application settings Edge-detect filter Adaptive multisampling Morphological filtering
  6. I voted for Egg Salad because I agree with Lux. I try to look everywhere and get as much as possible but I ALWAYS seem to miss a couple of items, and I will NOT backtrack through a whole mission for a purse or two. My personal goal is 90% and I can usually hit that.
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