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    Metro 2033

    From the Humble bundle site: "Please note: the Humble THQ Bundle is Windows-only and requires Steam to play." :-( :-( :-( It's a pity: i'd like to try this Metro (it looks very interesting), but if it's Windows only...
  2. I'm really sorry, Tels :-( I made a new post to correct the right attribution to you for the text. Sorry another time.
  3. Done :-D (i just created a fake account and done a copy-paste of your message :-))
  4. TDM was mentioned on Phoronix http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTIzNTA ...So Open-Source Doom 3 It's NOT "Moving Slowly"

    1. MoroseTroll


      I'd prefere "Moving not so slowly as it seems." :)

    2. SeriousToni


      What are those people all about that they need to get info on what they must research to post about properly..?

  5. I totally agree with you, Tels. However I think that this post on phoronix it's important, also if it's not well written. I think that this will improve visitors and gamers of TDM, especially Linux gamers :-D
  6. I recently discovered this band: http://beardfishband.com/ Let's hear when they recorded an album, it's all live: Really talented (and very young) guys from Sweden, i like a lot! :-D http://youtu.be/6-euq4DsMIA If you like classic Hammond sound... :-O
  7. I agree :-( But I sent a message to Phoronix. Maybe he can use TDM in his Test suite, what do you think? Someone on the crew can make some official TDM request to him, maybe he accept (there is not a lot of 3D game like TDM on the *nix universe)
  8. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTIzMjU I don't think so, TDM it's there!
    1. demagogue


      We should pipe up. Actually I think I'll do that right now.

    2. Ladro


      I sent a message to Phoronix.


      Maybe he can use TDM in his Test suite, what do you think?


      (it's a great way to have some advertising for free)

  9. Try with https://duckduckgo.c...ress+test+linux I used sever times for overlocking this: "cpuburn". It's really powerful, you can force several mode to burn your cpu (also force multi cpu mode). You can install from (I presume) every main repository of any debian-like distro by: sudo apt-get install cpuburn
  10. On my machine it's a bug, it' appears every time, it's reproducible, I don't know if others with this problem. Here is the problem: i go to "download mission" from the menu, and its works. When i try to see the screenshot by clicking "next" it crash. Tried with the "Old Habits" mission, this is the log when I have the crash: ********************************** [...] terminal support enabled ( use +set in_tty 0 to disabled ) pid: 11815 2016 MB System Memory guessing video ram ( use +set sys_videoRam to force ) .. found XNVCtrl extension 1.16 512 MB Video Memory Async thread started couldn't exec autocommands.cfg Widescreenmode was set to: 7 (1920x1080) Found 0 new mission packages. Found 3 mods in the FM folder. WARNING:Couldn't load image: fms/_missionshots/previewshot_preview21700 WARNING:Couldn't load image: fms/_missionshots/previewshot_preview31111 Bogus input colorspace ModelGenerator memory: No LOD entries. pure virtual method called terminate called without an active exception signal caught: Aborted si_code -6 Trying to exit gracefully.. pure virtual method called terminate called recursively double fault Aborted, bailing out shutdown terminal support ************************************ Before opening a bug ticket, i'd like to know if others are with this problem.
  11. I prefere this debate: [/media] Or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ti2S7Py25w&feature=share&list=UUNYrK4tc5i1-eL8TXesH2pg You can find all the songify here: https://www.youtube.com/user/schmoyoho I recently discovered GregoryBorthers, they are really good on make these instant (and funny) viral :-D
  12. 1) Glenham Tower * 2) The North * 3) Return to City 4) The Heart of the Lone Salvation 5) Tears of St.Lucia It's very difficult to decide 1th or 2th place of this ranking. I think The North it's the best mission so far, pure classic Thief, a joy to play and re-play, but the idea and the creativity in Sotha's mission, it's a pure gem too.
  13. Same problem here! (my specs are on the sign)
  14. Your tip worked! The magic was to launch all from /.doom3, instead of /darkmod directory as on the past. Now it works perfectly! (no more glicthes, or graphic error!) Maybe someone have to change/update the installation instructions on the wiki e and on site. I have only a wood texture on some bed that don't work/appeare, maybe i'll take a screenshot, but for me the problem (on the beginning of this thread) it's solved: now i can play the 1.08, and i'm very happy :-D
  15. Just finished! As Biker said, this is candidate to be one of the best FM for TDM so far. As appareance and architecture , IMHO is the best. The stealth classic thief gameplay it's a their best, the lightning technique and the AI it's superior . IMHO only the story it's not so magic as the rest of this masterpiece. I really enjoyed and i will re-play this FM for sure. Congratulation to Grayman, BRAVO! :-D PS, and also the 1.08 it's so cool, a super step forward on this mod!
  16. WOW! I can't wait to play! (pity i still cannot play right the new TDM 1.08 on my linux box, but I'll solve this, and this mission will be an incentive!)
  17. Ok, so the graphical gliches are for that. Um, so I have to re-install doom3. Idea: it's possibile to manually insert only the Pk4s needed by TDM in the /base doom3 directory? (without the total re-installation...I said that because i've lost the doom3 package with serial, i have only the iso cds) Or TDM needs other things from the Doom3 rather then Pk4s?
  18. I confirm graphical bugs on torches and trasparency. The only resolution that i can use it's my native resolution of the screen 1920x1080 all other res it's a mess. I have a lot of black/not present textures in some areas (maybe it's because i don't have doom3 base directory installed?)
  19. I canceled the incremental package (136 MB), and re-downloaded all. And nothing, when applying the update i have always the error from the beginning. Now i try to manually edit the script. Edit: nothing, i cannot solve the problem :-( I also tried to remove all .doom3 directory, re-install all doom3 there from scratch, updated, and there run tdm_update.linux, but always with the same error when apply the incremental update downloaded. I think there is some problem on the script (the default path that the script try to use) Nobody has this problem with Linux? Edit2: I solved today: I deleted *all* doom3 stuff, created a new directory /.doom3/darkmod, copied the TDM_updater4linux there, and launched. It crashed/stopped 2-3 times on download. Re-Launched every time, it ended ok the installation, without any error! So now it works the main menu, and i'm completely without doom3 installation :-D I launched training mission and it works! (but with a lot of graphical bug, no trasparency on flames, gliches, black textures, etc etc) Anyway, i'm happy that at least now i can launch the main menu, first step done ;-)
  20. I Launched linux update, he downloaded the new updater, and relaunched automatically, nice :-D The new script downloaded the incremental part needed (138 MB about), but when finioshed, and try to update the differential package downloaded, then i have this error: ************************************* Applying differential update package... [======= ] 32.0% Checking: tdtdm_update.linux: /home/rand/Desktop/Doom3/TDMSource/darkmod_src_branch_108/darkmod_src/include/boost/smart_ptr/shared_ptr.hpp:418: T* boost::shared_ptr<T>::operator->() const [with T = tdm::ZipFileWrite]: Assertion `px != 0' failed. [======== ] 35.0% Preparing PK4: tdm_prefabs01.pk4 Abort signal received, trying to exit gracefully ********************************* I see that path on the script it's not right (/home/rand/Desktop..., my home directory it's not /rand), maybe the problem it's there. I see also that on the error log say: "Checking: tdtdm_update.linux" the updater file name it's bad. Any suggestion?
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