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  1. I agree, also I missed the codes in the executive level because I had seen so many non important screens that I didn't stay around to see if anything else was displayed. As for the quest logs, I think the way TDM and Bloodlines do it is perfect! System Shock does it too little and modern games with hud elements pointing to the target location do it too much.
  2. For example while you have respawning enemies you also have respawning energy so you won't need to play half of the game using a wrench only because you are out of ammo or your weapons have broken. Also the maze layout fits much better to a space station than a space ship and it is kind of reasonable that you don't meet anybody alive, while SS2 teases and disappoints you again and again with the same trick. Of course it is a matter of taste, but for me coming from Half-Life at the time SS2 felt like a step back, while I can understand now why SS coming closely after Doom is considered a classic.
  3. Yes, but for somebody who is only playing each other day I think it's almost too little. A quest log would be great, even TDM has a list of what you are supposed to do while not explaining where and how to do it! This is often hidden in one of hundreds of audio logs and you might have forgotten a few day later what you were supposed to do coming back to the game. Having more icons on the map and actually correct infos wouldn't hurt either! Otherwise a very cool game, in my opinion much better than System Shock 2 and maybe even Prey aka System Shock 3 ;)...
  4. Indeed, I didn't bother to read through all the pages of this thread when I stumbled onto the end. The good news is that I just contacted Aosys and he will consider finishing "One for the Gang" himself :)!
  5. So what are the official criteria differentiating between an unfinished mission and an abandoned mission?
  6. ERH+ obviously noticed this thread, so one mission accomplished :)! What about Aosys? Anybody know if he is still around anywhere?
  7. Maybe somebody should contact them then? Seed of Lodestar has been abandoned for about five years, and Aosys hasn't been active here for about two years...
  8. I just noticed this thread for the first time. Shouldn't "One for the gang" and "Seed of lodestar" be added to this list? Both are available from the beta board and could easily be adopted.
  9. I just stumbled upon this thread (because I saw that snatcher is involved which is always exciting ) but I wonder why we would want a lamp that can not be used at the same time as a weapon? This brings back memories of the stupid Doom 3 flashlight which did the same thing just for jumpscares. So if you really want to show a visible lamp, can't the player hold it in his left hand while the right one is still free at least for blackjack, sword and to pick up items?
  10. Please no! We don't need crafting and survival in every game, just because it is a trend. What would be next, Battle Royale? Although I always play like this: knock out everybody on the map until I am the last one standing ;)!
  11. Sounds like this is exactly what the guy in the other the thread asked for! But why the skeleton in the screenshot? Do you have an x-ray spell now ;)?
  12. Maybe you can modify the AI def files and do some experiments. I just took a look and for example in tdm_ai_base.def there are a lot of alert state parameters: // alert_time: is the time it takes for the alert level to ramp down from the upper to the lower threshold (in seconds) // alert_time_fuzzyness: applies some randomness to the alert times (in seconds) // alert_gracetime: after being alerted, the AI will ignore additional alerts during this time, to avoid adding up the alert level too quickly // alert_gracefrac: an alert that is higher than the last increase * fraction will terminate the grace period // alert_gracecount: If the number of additional alerts during grace period exceeds the grace count, the grace period will be terminated
  13. I might be wrong, but GPT-kind AI could easily be just another hype like all the others you listed. Yes, they can talk now, but to simulated guard behaviour in TDM, the AI would need to learn this somewhere or look it up. So who would train them for hours?
  14. Because if you don't need it, it looks in your inventory like a scroll and not like an Excel sheet :)!
  15. It is still based on his early version as I think it fits better to the style of TDM and it works fine with 2.11!
  16. Honestly, I have an old computer with an Intel i5 2500 and a Geforce 1050Ti and TDM runs just fine. I have to lower antialiasing and such maybe, but TDM is all about the gameplay and not so much about the graphics in my opinion!
  17. The Unofficial Patch you can get from the ModDB link below. The stat is a paper size window, but it will only stay open a short time, so you might need to change that to be permanent for your setup... https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/addons/the-dark-mod-unofficial-patch
  18. I don't know which versions exactly you are talking about, but in my patch I use Dragofer's Statistics Scrolls, which does not replace anything in the inventory but is an additional item. I haven't tested it on 2.12 yet but I wouldn't know why it shouldn't work anymore...
  19. As far as I know KO immunity is connected to the alert level and when they have their sword out, most of them have it.
  20. I like the idea that AI should remember things longer and get alerted if e. g. other guards are disappearing. Still this would probably make the original game much more difficult if the KO-immunity is turned on by this which means once alertness is high, you are forced to ghosting because nobody can be knocked out anymore! As for the CPT AI idea, this would make TDM be online always which I don't think is a good idea for a single player game...
  21. "TDM cannot use the Deadly Shadows resource pack." There is a Deadly Shadows resource pack for TDM?
  22. Which is why I tried to pair stats together with enough space inbetween ;). As for the mainmenu_loadsave.gui, it is possible to reduze the font there, but it looks weird! I found the name in the executable though and changed it :)! Does anybody know what the "Mission_1" is about? You can only play one mission in the current iteration of TDM. If this is not needed anymore I suggest to remove it in the next core release, so I won't have to blow up my patch size only for this detail ;). P.S.: I just filed a bugtracker for this as the fix is quite easy and should be in the core game!
  23. P.S.: While looking at the Mission Statistics, I noticed that the Mission_1_Final_Save name is too long for the UI and gets cut off. Does anybody know where this is stored, so that I could rename it to "final_save" or something similar instead?
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