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    Free games

    Damn, I missed Alien Isolation and Tropico 5. Grabbed Metro Redux tho
  2. Ray Tracing. Hope to see something like this in TDM.
  3. I already uninstalled TDM to make space for the steam version.
  4. The Official Trailer is a Hit! Now onto a more deserving spot for TDM. Number One on Steam Greenlight.
  5. What's more important than Localization is to make sure that those who visit the page also endorse it and make sure they vote in their short attention span which probably last less than a minute. TDM goal should be top 25 or even less and it's possible since it has been running in Prestige alone and reached 50. So now's the time to push for the top! How many unique visits translated into votes? some suggestions: -Add those flashy testimonials to the description text with logo pics (If the system allows it) To Showcase the Prestige levels. ex. That PC gamer quote, I'm sure TDM have more quotes from other known online magazines or something. -Respect the clients. Even the trolls. Be objective about the questions and answer the topic at hand without derailing unless you want to cause controversy for exposure and visits at the cost of loosing a bit of high prestige. The trolls want fight and drama. -Add a pic of the Ship in one of the mission. For variety reasons. -Don't underestimate markets. Latinos alone could add thousands of visits and fans. Colonize more markets. And don't underestimate Artists or possible mission creators. Offer help and motivation. I work in advertising and I learned my lesson well not to underestimate a creative or artist because or their appearance or crazy antics unorganized methods etc. -Be ambitious! TDM already made the first step into the scrutiny of Steam Highway. You might as well reclaim victory and show the clients the High Prestige of TDM. What's the worst that could happen? End up behind a Truck Driving Game (MODDBMOTY incident) or a Poker Game? -Fire Bikerdude. He ruined Hillary's campaign and now he's doing the same here. Joking! Thanks for the initiative Bikerdude.
  6. I can do the Spanish translation if needed.
  7. In terms of sales? Perhaps. But for the purpose that is in TDM, making Spanish translation to reach millions of people as millions of Spanish speaking people play games either paid or free. Or Pirated. TDM needs to be at least Top 25. Anything less would be a blow to the Prestige of the game. Behind a Pokemon Clone, that's not the look! TDM needs to be in Victory at all cost.
  8. How many votes are needed to win the election?
  9. I think Workshop is a MUST for TDM. Giving Mod/Mission Creators a chance to advertise, interact, get feedback, troubleshooting, likes and feel proud of their work.
  10. You have to start getting prepared psychologically for the vast amounts of stupid questions and complaints you'll be receiving once Green-lit. The price of fame! But when people complaint or criticize is because they care. Is a measurement of success. Patience will be needed.
  11. Voted. And noticed a few inconsequential haters on amber alert. TDM is in victory!
  12. Perhaps Puerto Rico could be an option for you. I had a Polish friend who worked in UPR Cayey for a year as a Chemist Teacher with no previous experience. Unfortunately he died a year after.
  13. I really like the system used in This War of Mine. There could be an indicator of sound like the gem.
  14. Got the SSD in the computer already but still need a sata cable. It was a task placing it in there with so many cables in the way.
  15. I finally know what using full AA feels like.
  16. Can I run TDM with Reshade now? I tried applying Opengl and all I get is a black screen.
  17. I'll be installing the SSD as a secondary drive?
  18. Where do I start? What should I do first?
  19. The fps increase is incredible. I'm increased the quality to full of most of my games to max and still no lag whatsoever. I still got to install the SSD tho.
  20. Fixed it. I had to configure the input.
  21. Yep I noticed that. Everything seems to be runner smoothly, except everything seems a bit blurry. Not as clear and clear as before. I checked the resolution and it seems that is ok. I have no idea what it is.
  22. Update: I found a dvi d hdmi adapter and plugged it to my TV. The PSU and GPU install seems to work. I'm installing the drivers now.
  23. There's is no DVI-D to VGA adapter. Went to Best Buy, Radio Shack and Office Depo.
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