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  1. thank you very much for the info nbohr1more. Perhaps in the future it can be set as an option in the menu since some of of prefer the crisp kind of old school feel. And it also helps a bit to the frame rate with the negative bias at least on my end.
  2. "seta image_lodbias" What's the other cvar? I usually change it to -3. Could you explain the whole autoexec.cfg file thing? Thank you for the quick response.
  3. Sorry if this question has been asked before but how do I permanently modify the lod bias in the game? I normally modify it in the cfg file but for some reason it always seem to reset back to default. I happen to prefer the crisp look rather than the blurry aliased effect. Any help here?
  4. I saw this beautiful texture made by a Sim Fan Called Ineliz from Luxembourg. For those who are into making textures.
  5. Really nice find Goldwell! That door and the stone walls...
  6. Idea for a Pickpocket Mission at night in the market or festival while keeping away from sight or guards:
  7. I think TDM is getting better and better with each passing year. The Missions are definitely getting much better, the mission creators are doing a damn good job and it's clearly reflected in quality. The attention to detail, the gameplay, the aesthetics. bar is getting high.
  8. I think it has to do with the fact that the Revision team decided to change the tunes in the game so they had to ask permission to the franchise holder and that's how Enix took control.
  9. CyberP is doing an awesome job with this mod. I'm ashamed to say I doubted him at first. He's really ambitious with this project. I think it will reach up to no 1 at Moddb when released.
  10. The arch thing was an example of refining the map without having to change it. My point was that you don't necessarily have to follow the DX Revision path to make a Revision for Thief.
  11. A Revision Project is not like changing a Picasso Piece, more like adding color to a black and white picture so is more digestible and more contemporary with what we see today. You don't have to Redefine the original map either, simply adding better lighting, fog effects more intricate architecture would make Thief Gold much more beautiful. Even something as simple as smoothing the blocky arches could make a big difference:
  12. So when does the Thief Revision Project starts? I already got some ideas piled up.
  13. It all started with the music tracks. I remember Bjorn saying they had to ask permission to SE and EM so they could modify the tunes without a risk of cease and desist. This is how SE grabbed the mod by the neck.
  14. 5 minutes is not enough time to really evaluate the mod Bikerdude. You should give it a try at least till you reach UNATCO.
  15. Ok Found it: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33786936/Revision.zip
  16. Someone posted download for an Revision.exe which Launched directly to Revision and didnt have the functions of Kenties executable. That's the one that worked for me, but I can't find it now.,
  17. Considering the glass effect, she's probably blind as a bat but still in denial. You should lower her LOS to -150. Can't wait to see it in a fm.
  18. Well, someone posted a direct exe which worked in the moddb page but it seems they deleted the message. I can't find it. Either way it seems GOG is in communication with the mod makes.
  19. There is a working exe for those who downloaded the mod.
  20. Now that the whole Steam Exclusive issue has been partially solved it's time to convince Bjorn to Merge Revision with GMDX when it gets the full release. That would be just perfect.
  21. The problem is that if fans allow this to happen, it will create a precedent for other game companies to monopolize on mods as well and even make players buy the game twice. No matter how cheap the game is.
  22. This is not ethical. As much as I like the mod and the mod makers I think they made a mistake by affiliating to SE/EIDOS. Asking people who already have the game to buy it on steam to play a mod is not a good thing for the modding community.
  23. They did the same thing with HR just they did it in secret with the mod based in HR. They are trying to attract and consolidate old fans with the new ones. Either way this will cause uproar for disc and GOG players if indeed the mod is Steam exclusive.
  24. As expected. Square Enix made a Press Release announcing Revision: http://press.na.square-enix.com/releases/545/announcing-revision-for-the-original-deus-ex
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