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  1. Didn't know that. I'll definitely try that, thanks.
  2. I hate uploaders. I always redownload the full mod file in order to keep it clean and handy in my archive. I was furious that it took me 10 damn minutes to scan through the whole Dark Mod site and the forums just to realize that there is no full 1.06 archive at all. There might be problems with bandwidth, that's for sure, but not being able to give people to download the full latest version of a mod is, well... extremely weird at best.
  3. Pardon me, but I haven't uttered a single word in this thread. What exactly you agree with me on?
  4. Hey kid, before you go out and try to talk to English-speaking people you'd better learn that they say 'women', not 'womans'.
  5. I guess you're underestimating the problem. While there are some invaluable and very productive people at Darkfate, namely Zontik, MoroseTroll and Clearing, the rest such as Shadowhide or our new old friend Alex-xxx are just some insane kids, completely ignorant and uneducated, having trouble writing in their native language (let alone English), masturbating, and doing absolutely nothing apart from talking shit about everything. This kind of dorks is not exclusive to Darkfate, of course, but what amazes me is that there are just way too much of them over there. A forum about such an intelligen
  6. Wow, is there a way to use it somehow? I dig random generation.
  7. Who the hell are you? I don't know you. Get lost. Lots of new insane kids on Darkfate these days, it seems.
  8. Now would you look at this, hard-thinking people from Darkfate (who have problems writing in Russian, let alone English) playing The Dark Mod on GeForce 2 have come here to criticize.
  9. Thief (and The Dark Mod obviously) are the exceptions. These games are all about exploration and checking out details in dark. Bikerdude, whay aren't you working on some big company yet?
  10. Oh, there are only 25 TDS FMs in my archive. Where did you take that 29 number from?
  11. dSpair


    Nothing is better than ttlg. Exactly because one can have fun at ttlg. It's never a good thing to take forums too seriously, let alone game forums.
  12. dSpair


    Hey look what I've started... Well, I don't think that what I'd said at the other thread really that much deserved to be emphasized as an opening post for a whole new thread, but if moderators thought like it, I wouldn't object.
  13. dSpair


    It would be hard for me to magically turn everybody here to assholes, but to keep assholes from coming - yes, this is possible.
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