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  1. Congrats Bikerdude. I wasn't looking in the TDM Editors Guild.
  2. Is there a result for the winning mission of the Community Seasons Contest 2011 ?
  3. Ditto! Finally managed to play this mission without Fiasco at graphics card. There are too many lanterns.
  4. A nice mission with a lot of new stuff. Mental note to myself: They said it's a problem of the graphics card and not TDM. Sorry... couldn't resist. By the way: Looks like there's a new wood texture with a face.
  5. I'm using these settings, Anti Aliasing is off and Post Processing is disabled. The game works fluently when dynamic lights like candles or torches are dark. The graphics card has 128 MB VRAM.
  6. Lovely red houses... this must be from Scandinavia. A great mission with lots of nice details (even in the toilet) Glad I'm not the only one. Doom crashes when I try to save the game.
  7. Another very nice and cool mission from the author of Pandora's Box aka Starship Enterprise for TDM. Easter eggs in winter is a great idea and the puzzles were fun. Thank you !
  8. OK... I was just wondering when I met him on the way out.
  9. Found it but the ghost is still fooling around in the garden after all objectives are solved. LOL ... I knew there will be a comment from Thiefette.
  10. I was hoping this problem will be fixed in 1.06 but the performance is still slow.
  11. Hi, Fan Mission: Fiasco at Fauchard Street doesn't work at all and Doom crashes without any comment. I don't think these cards can handle 1.05.
  12. I've added seta r_useScissor "1" to DoomConfig.cfg but the result is still the same frame lag.
  13. Hello, can someone post the system requirements for The Dark Mod releases in the future ? The Wiki says: A GeForce 8x00 card should work because it performs faster than a single ATI Radeon HD 2900. The ATI Radeon HD 3200 I'm using was fine until TDM 1.04 was released.
  14. I think the problem are light sources because the game is running smoothly but the frame rate slows down when candles or torches appear until they are doused.
  15. I finished the mission with TDM 1.03 and it still looked better than T1.
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