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  1. Thank you for this gorgeous mission with introduction and ending clips.
  2. Woohoo! Finally a Baddcog mission. THX. BTW: What happened to Baddcog's 1st map ?
  3. A simple mission at first sight. A tower with three floors looking identical but then the fun starts... KEWL
  4. Must be a mistake. I've hit the MultiQuote button to see how you add the pic to the spoiler.
  5. Hey, I´m the first!! Playing... Thanks for this great scary mission.
  6. Thanks for this mission ! Very good idea and design but not for players who are scared of heights.
  7. Great mission, Sotha ! It seems I'm too stupid for this objective:
  8. Hmm... Mapper's Startpack v3 isn't easy to play with rooms full of guards.
  9. I've finished the mission by noclipping the keypad door in 1 hour 31 minutes. A reason for the crash of saved games could be too many AI's because I had a crash when I tried to reload a save from the city watch with lots of guards.
  10. Ok, I've tried the other patch but after pulling the lever there's only a small clearance and I can't enter the room.
  11. Open doors on unlock is set to YES. Thanks for the patch. It works but you have to pull the lever twice. You can't use old savegames with the patch. By the way:
  12. Thanks for another great mission ! That's not nice. The archer started shooting from the roof assisted by another other guard making dog food of Mr. Farrell. Me too but the guards took care of the surprise.
  13. Magical traps like in T 1 / T Gold - The Sword would be nice. Some guards killed themselves when they started to search for you.
  14. A huge thanks to Gold-Choco and Mortem Desino ! 1 hour 19 minutes for Mission 1. 55 minutes for Mission 2. 1 hour 14 minutes for Mission 3. The music of the start menu has changed.
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