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  1. That bug is triggered when the game can't find the contents of your readable files. Check the path set in your readables' xdata_contents.
  2. Agent Jones

    TDM app

    Nice work. There are some issues, such as the clock looking stretched out on my phone. I think you should use a separate image on top of the background for that. The map view is a neat idea but I can't change the pivot point when scaling that widget. My first Android project did not look any better, so I won't complain about that. Instead, i'll post here my apk with the source. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ysb5c2nhgz0i43w/tdmApp.zip?dl=0 I included a local network scanner to list all devices on your subnet, but then I realised that connecting to a pc might be tricky if it is on another subnet, so maybe we should use Bluetooth for pairing devices on the local network.
  3. Agent Jones

    TDM app

    Nice idea, maybe I could lend a hand.
  4. It works for me after deleting "mapparse_general." from line 144
  5. Very nice. Maybe you could add an additional check to idActor::CrashLand to play the "failed knockout" animation for short falls.
  6. The error can be reproduced by running TDM 2.03 in windowed mode and minimizing the game before the map is fully loaded and the player's view set up. When the game is minimized a WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED message is sent and glConfig.vidWidth and vidHeight are set to 0, which seems to be the cause of the error.
  7. Hi. I've always found it annoying not to be able to alt-tab out of TDM or use Task Manager while in full screen. So I added this line to win_wndproc.cpp, line 293 (after win32.movingWindow = false) ShowWindow(hWnd, SW_MINIMIZE); It should do the same thing as @eqagunn 's Simple Minimizer script. There's a problem when minimizing the game during map loading: sometimes the game will crash back to menu with ERROR: CropRenderSize: bad sizes. The minimizer script has the very same issue.
  8. What about changing the player's team to neutral for a while?
  9. Edit: nevermind, see grayman's answer below
  10. Nice game, but since I get less than 15fps on infinite planet scenarios I usually stick to space maps or spawn small planets dynamically.
  11. I already posted a solution on the bugtracker here , but I don't know whether I should mark it as resolved or not since it hasn't been added to the SVN yet. What's the bugtracker etiquette in this case?
  12. What do you think about adding a "Reload Latest Save" button to the death screen, or replacing "Restart Mission"? edit: I tested it and it works. Should it skip those "Mission x Final Save" files?
  13. Thanks, but first I need to get the current missions in a working state. At this pace, you might see something playable the next decade. Is there a charitable soul who could update the old thief's animations to match the new skeleton? The new thief model lacks essential animations like strafing.
  14. I recall the article on RPS mentioning this... here you go
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