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  1. This awesome to see thanks for putting this together @Goldwell! This was our biggest year since 2014 with lots of incredible releases and newcomer authors!
  2. Ah right, yeah I see so maybe an additional layer of smaller ground cover grasses. I want to be careful adding too many alpha cards but maybe we can afford a few more up close. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the notes! Yeah that might be a bug actually. So you are standing in the middle of a patch and cards are disappearing? That shouldnt happen. Would you be able to show an example of this?
  4. I should also mention that I do love that old demo, not trying to knock it. But its pretty tough to make animated grass conform to the terrain like that without using a 3D tool like blender, max, maya, ect. Im also curious if these will work with our SEED system? SEED might only work with static meshes
  5. The old grass demo is irrelevant here. I've completey remade these from the ground up so they are usable by authors. The old demo is one giant custom mesh specific to that demo. Anyways- ill post a video this weekend but as Dragofer mentioned we're really looking for authors to try them out and collect feedback about how usable they are.
  6. Hmm not sure whats up with that. Will have a look, thanks!
  7. Restricting saves in Hazard was a way to test a new tool in the authors toolbox. That's kinda it honestly. Save rooms seemed to line up well with the theme, so I decided to try it. I didn't love the idea of eating up my EXPERT difficulty to test save restrictions, but it was the only solution that worked at the time. Looking back I might have done it this way: - Normal - Expert - Master (exactly like Expert but with save restrictions) Balancing and testing three difficulties is a huge pain to be honest. So having only 2 difficulties + a save restricted one might work well with maybe more save gears Anyways- I would be down to see more experimenting with save restrictions, but authors might want to plan for a good deal of testing. Any bugs or unintended deaths are brutal for the player in that situation
  8. I haven't had a chance to update the mission. I will do as soon as I can.
  9. Sorry just clarify, I agree with this statement: Imo, we should leave the rules as they are and just focus on the known issues with the blackjack.
  10. @Obsttorte Right on. I know the KO cones can be altered by mappers so we'll have to leave those settings in tact. I agree , introducing new rules to KO isn't necessary to get this to idea to work. Im totally on board for separating the hit detection from the animations though, as that system is probably the cause of the blackjack being unreliable.
  11. Awesome! Will try it out when I have a chance. I might be misunderstanding something , but I think any unaltered guard should be KO able from the front/ side (accept full helmeted guards). There are cases where this makes sense and actually feels pretty sneaky even if its an exploit. Also changing this might be too much of a departure from the current set up. I also agree with the helmet problem. Ive never been able to keep track of what helmet does what. The only distinction I am able to make is a full helmeted guard (with faceplate) cannot be KOd. All the rest should behave the same in my opinion. The standard helmeted guard’s only advantage is they can’t be killed with a single headshot. All these helmet rules are pretty granular and very hard to read imo.
  12. ready10.md5anim @ObsttorteHere is the anim with all 10 frames (still WIP )
  13. @ObsttorteThis was intentional since I just quickly copied the idle and raised it. I can do a raise and lower animation though. Will send something over soon. Edit: they will still be temporary quick anims but they might help visualize the concept.
  14. @ObsttorteOkay! My custom blackjack has a fully rigged hand so it's not compatible with the core, but that's okay. Once you get the prototype working we can go back and do nice animations and model updates. I've attached a duplicate of the idle animation with a higher pose. If you need more frames to work with just let me know. I imagine the final ready animation will be about 10 frames; so roughly half a second but it just depends on what looks and feels right . EDIT: Added a 10 frame version if you need it. ready.md5anim ready10.md5anim
  15. This is a much needed improvement! I can probably get you what you need. I started making new animations for the black a while ago so I'll dig them up and see if my set up will work with the core content. At the very least, I can get you something simple to start with.
  16. Thank you! Im looking forward to shaping them up for everyone to use (probably in 2.11 or as an asset pack) . With regards to models on the internet, if you can find a group of authors who want to split the price to buy assets and put them in their missions, that's totally fine. However, license issues are tricky so unless they are CC0 OR we can confirm they were made by someone here- we cannot put them in the core mod, at least not without a bunch of scrutiny
  17. The animated grass demo is not actually using SEED. Its using a giant bespoke animated model so its only useful for that demo. Grass is actually fairly complicated to get it to look right and perform well. I started building some animated grass models that are more friendly for authors to use; different sizes, skins, lods, ect. although I won't be done with them for a while: Still WIP but here's a little video https://www.dropbox.com/s/f6cwq5ahy8jg7ud/The Dark Mod 2.10_64 2022-05-14 17-04-15.mp4?dl=0
  18. Thanks! Yeah I originally planned to make more use of the rail system but I didn't have enough time to develop it. I've been playing around with the idea of a sequel someday, utilizing a full on rail system similar to half-life.
  19. Good to know! The addons is left over from my TDM development space . Ill look into it.
  20. @chakkman @Shadow Glad you liked the mission! Hiding the items in this mission was definitely tricky, we obviously want players to find them but not feel like we just gave them away. Tough balance there.
  21. I am little late to the party but congrats @greebo , thanks for the dedication and keeping DR rockin!
  22. Oh interesting, I assumed nosound was an actual shader because it shows up as one in DR- I guess that's just a placeholder for the script. I know that using silence.ogg instead of silence_stereo.ogg for stereo ambient tracks used to mess up the bit rates. I haven't tried removing the silence line all together to see if the popping effect still persists in 2.10. Good to know!
  23. Haha, I would say that's definitely not the intended experience, but its a valid one no doubt. I for sure fumble my way through building these missions, so its not always crystal clear what my *exact* intentions are despite all the effort. Maybe ill do a kind of post mortem write up on this mission. The deadline forced me to streamline my process a bit and have slightly more concrete goals up front. With regards to how I intend a mission to play out- I definitely have some idea of a loose fantasy I'm trying to sell (in this case some mix of Indiana Jones, Resident Evil and DnD dungeon crawling). However, I try not to be overly controlling in how players experience that fantasy. Its a weird dance; it feels like being a hopeful shepherd sometimes; "Please find this key, please use a rope arrow here, please sneak around this guard " There are definitely tools in the author's toolbox for wrangling a player, but in the spirit of Thief, I think a lot of TDM missions try to obscure the author's hand. They strive to showcase the player's actions, creativity, or skills while funneling the player towards a goal. This is a good reason for why I wouldn't spawn more monsters in this particular mission. I want to keep the player focused and feeling like they're making progress. Not saying spawning monsters is bad by itself. I actually think it would support parts of the fantasy in Hazard, but I suspect it would require reworking huge parts of the mission to make it work. Like changing the main objective to kill all the zombies vs collect all the loot. You know what I mean? All that being said, I actually love watching people play missions in crazy ways I never expected. The mission still needs to *work* on some level which is a whole other topic, but I love that a mission can be approached in so many different and even whacky ways. Once again, thanks for playing and making suggestions. I'm taking away a lot of thoughts and ideas from this.
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