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  1. My Uber rating (as a passenger) is 4.71. Is there still hope or should I just kill myself? What's yours?

    1. Epifire


      That's outta 5 (highest possible) right? That doesn't sound terrible tbh. I've never ridden in any kind of taxi in my life but just from a quick search 4.6 is a sorta passenger average. So if that's true, you're .11 above average! :P

    2. AluminumHaste


      I strive for closest to 0 as possible. I leave shits in the backseat, smoke, and drink and vomit all over the car.

      Make sexual passes at the driver whether they're male or female.

      Haven't been banned yet.

    3. Nort


      I've always wondered if I'm expected to talk during taxi rides. The driver always attempts to make smalltalk with me, about some sporting event, and so I have to awkwardly tell him that I don't talk to strangers, and that I'm honestly just paying for professional transportation. I'm sorry, taxi drivers out there.

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