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  1. This is what I see: (Also, your light gem looks weirdly dark compared to mine.) Edit: hmm, it's not a worldspawn-versus-everything-else thing. Attached is the original version of my test map: here it's a worldspawn patch and still works for me only under 2.07. Edit2: and in this version of the map, if I remove the idAFEntity_SteamPipe entity it starts to work under the new TDM version, but only from certain viewing angles: Edit3: in the new TDM version, neither patch in rimtest.map has rimlights if I disable anti-aliasing in TDM's settings menu. In 2.07 I can see them with or without AA. powderkeg.map.txt
  2. This is getting odd. My test map has some unrelated junk in it, so I removed that and saved a new version, dmapped... ...and now it works! And yes, I can enter expressions in the material def. Then I wanted to test using shaderparms, and I realised the surface I'd been testing with was a worldspawn patch, so I converted to a func_static entity, dmapped again... ...and now rimlights turn out not to work on that. I'm attaching a version of the map wth worldspawn and func_static patches side by side. Here's the test material: rimtest { ambientRimColor 1,0,1 //translucent diffusemap _black bumpmap textures/darkmod/metal/detailed/brass_plaque_electric_433_local } Edit: it does work on the func_static if I make the material translucent. rimtest.map.txt
  3. No console errors. I don't know that map (some download links in the thread seem to have expired).
  4. Edit: sorry, false alarm. For some reason I had GLSL turned off; I must have forgotten to turn it back on after checking something yesterday. this seems to be a consequence of trying the regular .exe without having purged the new glprogs. Anyway--after confirming GLSL is on, I'm afraid rimlights still appear broken in the new version. That is, I can't see them at all.
  5. In fact, we have LGS's discussion of that:
  6. Try this: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/page-262?hl=%2Bsmoke+%2Bbomb&do=findComment&comment=376465
  7. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Voice_actors#Voice_actors_in_the_official_vocal_sets but info about who did the Pro set is missing.
  8. Good to hear! If we had support for the same kind of expressions as in per-stage rgb, we'd be able to make the colour fade or pulsate as desired.
  9. I've just been playing around with this, exploring its potential for ghostly effects. I'll try this on an AI next: (For anyone wanting to replicate the effect: it seems you need a light-interactive stage, so use translucent and diffusemap _black (translucency with no explicit diffuse stage also works if you have a bumpmap).) Am I right in thinking it currently only accepts numeric literals as parameters? That is, I shouldn't expect anything like this to work? ambientRimColor 0,1,parm3 ambientRimColor 0,1,pulseTable[time]
  10. Possibly http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4986
  11. Cubemaps have always been supported in the material system, but perhaps you're talking about this? It's been talked about before but I don't know of any progress towards implementing one in TDM so far.
  12. I wouldn't even say it's necessary to be 'casual' to like a T1/T2 approach to difficulty: rather, I can pull off stunts in Thief that are usually ill advised or designedly impossible in TDM. The Thief OMs actually ramped up the AI threat over the course of the campaign - you start off against https://thief.fandom.com/wiki/Bafford_Guard - so TDM's AI difficulty settings are a sort of substitute.
  13. Apparently AI (and players) had a similar-sounding problem at one point: http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=3370 I don't know whether this still holds: I wonder whether any of the stress/torque stuff in http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Breakable_objects reached a working state.
  14. A couple of thoughts about AI: Should human AI react on noticing the burning phase? (Alarm, fleeing out of proximity...) That would require them to be able to see it.What happens if a powder keg blocks an AI's path? We presumably don't want them kicking kegs out of the way if the kegs are going to explode from being kicked.
  15. func_animate is the class for the horse. (Internally, the animated prop classes use the same code as func_animate; they're just already set up to be a flag or banner or whatever.) You make a func_animate, assign a horse model (e.g. "model" "horse_tame5") and set "start_anim" "idle" to play an idle loop after spawning. (N.B. The animated horse will be nonsolid.)
  16. Basically I checked the inherited spawnargs. You can make an entity in DR and use the checkboxes at the top of the Entity tab to see what it inherited. There's also Entity -> Entity Class Tree, which sometimes lets you find out about spawnargs that don't have a value preset in the defs but have an editor_* arg containing the description. Actually I don't recall seeing "On" before offhand; "start_on" or "start_off" seems more common.
  17. A quick check in DR suggests "on" "0". (I haven't tested it.)
  18. Could this be an instance of the same problem? I'm finding quite a few models that have the odd surface showing up bright, especially in foglights or blendlights. Shall I make a tracker entry?
  19. I don't think I did any of those things; the second time around I made a point of standing still to listen. But it's probably related to or another manifestation of that behaviour, you're right.
  20. Yes, nice one: I especially loved the aesthetics of the mage areas. Unfortunately, I encountered a glitch: the interrogation audiolog stopped playing its sound midway through. I reloaded and tried again, and it got a bit further but still nowhere near the end. The tube continued rotation and eventually it stopped and became frobable again, I just wasn't hearing anything more from it. The other, shorter audiolog worked fine, so I don't know what the cause might be and there's no obvious reason to think it's a map bug: maybe something about TDM on my system creates problems for longer audio files? Though you'd think I'd have music cutting out if that were the case.
  21. Ah, cheers. I was thinking of how time behaves in something like { map whatever scroll 0, time * 0.1 } and had forgotten about any differences in tables.
  22. You can use a func_animate to have it play an idle loop.
  23. See https://www.iddevnet.com/doom3/materials.php under 'Math and Logic' -- notice how time is multiplied by 0.5 in the example. So if normally time counts up 1 per second, time * 0.5 counts upwards at 0.5 per second, meaning it's half as fast.
  24. Is the intention to define colours for it (since heraldic devices normally would have tinctures), or stick with monochrome as standard?
  25. How about the blackjack? I think what's probably going on is that if the barrel receives any damage at all, repeating that over time will whittle its health down. Maybe it should lose health only when dealt damage above a threshold amount in a single blow...?
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