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  1. My experiments still indicate a problem with mixed double and single quotes specifically, i.e. with mixing " (\" in xdata) and '. Replace the title line in my example above with \"I am a bug test case\"or ''I am a bug test case''and it works as expected. But presumably this is a topic for the tracker. In the meantime, `` and '' might work as substitutes for ", though I can't remember whether all the fonts support `.
  2. Does your book's text by any chance mix single with double quotes, like this? bugdemo { precache "num_pages" : "1" "page1_left_title" : { "\"I'm a bug test case\"" } "page1_left_body" : { "" "" "It seems mixing escaped double quotes with single quotes can cause problems." "" } "page1_right_title" : { "" } "page1_right_body" : { "" } "gui_page1" : "guis/readables/books/book_calig_mac_humaine.gui" "snd_page_turn" : "readable_page_turn" } (At some point I need to add this to the tracker.)
  3. r_showTris 1 can be useful for finding out what dmap has actually done with your geometry. Sometimes selectively making only parts of your geometry func_static can stop it subdividing surfaces excessively.
  4. That's a pointy signpost, i.e. 'This way to St. Roderic's', not 'You are about to enter the precincts of St. Roderic's'.
  5. VanishedOne


    I just tried it in a test map. Result: it works, but the console gives me "WARNING: 'player1' telefragged 'testwoman'", and although testwoman actually seems to be alive, I'm now stuck inside her and can't move. So it needs to be either combined with noclip or used with nonsolid entities.
  6. My w.i.p. doesn't outright tell you that it isn't set in the Bridgeportverse, or indeed that it isn't set somewhere in the Thiefverse, if that's what it pleases you to imagine of your own spontaneous accord. It also doesn't tell you quite what the
  7. ASE is a text format, LWO a binary one, so that's not surprising.
  8. I've just made an oblong block with a "vine_friendly" material, copied it, and made the copy a func_static. Vine arrows create vine patches on the side of the func_static but bounce off worldspawn. Edit: ah, traced the problem. I'd accidentally set "name" on worldspawn, which stops the vine arrows working on it, presumably because their script checks for $world.
  9. The symptoms sound the same as http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4098
  10. Is http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15683-light-bleed/?p=331288of any use?
  11. Are you using particles anywhere nearby? I've sometimes found them interacting with light volumes in curious ways.
  12. From what I can find that should exist as of http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=2409(Although someone on the Newbie DR thread said the Slick material wasn't working for him/her.) Dragofer's 'One Step Too Far' has ice, and I think I remember sliding on it.
  13. Another thread of possible interest: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/13049-weird-maps/
  14. This brought http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15738-when-is-someone-gonna-make-an-egyptian-based-mission/to mind.
  15. See http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14066-needed-for-standalone-animated-werebeast/?p=358871and subsequent posts.
  16. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Conversion_of_Game_Units http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Limits,_Max,_Min,_Stats,_etc
  17. Maybe you could attach something invisible to the front that creates a different kind of impact: firing invisible projectiles, say?
  18. The combination of the two, though, means that it's sometimes possible to get stuck in TDM missions: shoulder a body; drop down into a confined space; find that you can't release the body or climb out of the pit. (A variant can occur in Phrase Book's water trap, because you can't use items while holding a body either.) A matter for another thread, perhaps.
  19. Even if you're looking for a sneaky way in, checking the map may give the impression you're expected to use the 'garbage chute' or 'upper door'. Regarding the guard, it's not just that he's in shadow; he isn't clearly inside the church precincts, and he's the first hostile AI you'll encounter by following the street. Someone who met the non-hostile AIs previously might be expecting something like the warning you get if you try to enter Bafford's Manor through the front gate.
  20. The boringness of a search isn't really constant, I find. It gets dull and reload-worthy if I can tell I'm safe from being discovered, but can't escape and complete my objectives elsewhere in the map.
  21. It's not the model that'll be the problem, if Petike thinks tdm_ai_mage01_female.md5mesh is wrapped up warm enough. The occult symbols on the mage01_bottom texture are just very un-wench-like, so turning the mage into a warmly dressed servant would require changing the texture.
  22. How about the new female townsfolk or even female mage models? Unlike the wench, they don't have bare arms or cleavage. (The mage would need reskinning to look lower class, though.)
  23. If the leaks aren't in geometry, it might be that your material isn't sealing the void. (You could check that by dmapping with the same geometry but one of TDM's built-in materials.) You seem to be marking your material as 'stone' twice, so try removing this bit: surftype15 description "stone This is a stone texture."
  24. I thought `testmap` = `dmap`; `map` (without showing dmap's console output until you reopen the console). What's the console output if you try `dmap`?
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