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  1. s.urfer


    Thankfully, technology makes it possible, to stay in "touch" at least audio-visually - even if your friends are scattered around Europe for the holidays... Marry holidays for you all!
  2. Weekend pending, I'd like to help, too.
  3. Nope. After running tdm_installer, version #9652 is reported.
  4. #9108, and currently, it says no new missions available. And running tdm_update tells me, my TDM installation is up to date. Looks like the problem is gone, for whatever reason...
  5. Recently tried to download all the new or updated missions, but the last remaining one gives the attached errormessage. Starts and seemingly runs fine, though.
  6. Since I can't get the voting going in Chrome or Firefox, I'll answer an unanonymous 54
  7. I'd like to give it a spin. As per usual on easy settings
  8. I use uBlock Origin plus Ghostery as an additional layer of protection. I'll get the occasional blank page, but I don't care. If I really, really want to visit an blocked URL, I'll rip out all drives, boot Ubuntu live CD and fire up an unprotected browser...
  9. Roughly 1 in 5 missions updated doesn't seem right...
  10. Very nice mission! But I'm stuck at two points. Hammer guy is up and pacing in his room, making it next to impossible to use the holy water. Aren't they supposed, to calm down after being alerted? In the water station, I can't pick up the welder and I also see no sheets. Am I looking in the wrong place (the table, where the manual was)?
  11. Fairly new to the concept, but would like to participate, please!
  12. Had a short look at the walktrough. You do realise, that knocking out everybody and their little sister will fail the mission on medium and hard difficulty?
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