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  1. Well, the picks are now properly visible in 2.06/64, all three difficulty settings. But another minor thing came to my attention, when you approach the table with the first readable crouched, the scroll will highlight, but isn't frobable... Was the same in the "old" version, but I only noticed that now, after the guard threw rocks at me and I crouched to avoid them (I threw some objects at him, for shit and giggles ).
  2. Looks like a 2.06 issue. The picks are invisible, but you'll get them if you "frob around".
  3. You do realise, that both are the basically the same machine, with different components? You could downgrade the first you've linked to 256GB SSD and it'll fall under the price of the second one. In terms of SSD size, I usually treat them only as system drives with some programs installed, but not as a data grave. My first SSD lasted for around three hours, that learned me the lesson, not to put important data onto an SSD pretty fast But to be honest, that was my only SSD crash ever (knockin' on wood). The Stealth series looks much like the younger sibling of my Ghost, so I like it
  4. If the weight is not weighting you down, the deal looks sweet indeed. When you are ready to spend this amount of money, treat yourself to the GTX 1060, it should make much more of a difference than the price increase. Caveat emptor, including the 1TB SSD will explode the price, no dual channel memory, colour rendering of 94% NTSC seems low and running Win7 will be still a bitch... Other than that, why don't we get this kind of deals over here
  5. Regarding the MSI you linked, 8GB RAM is the bare minimum for gaming, I can easily fill the 8GB on my gaming laptop to 90% when playing e. g. Doom 2016 with full eye-candy. So it is sufficient right now, but for the future you might want to at least have an upgrade path available. Even more a no go in my opinion, is a mechanical HDD. My laptop came with an SSHDD, but even that was a constant pain in the derriere. I upgraded to an SSD (like pretty much all my other systems run for years) and never looked back. The Acer looks more modern, has a much better video-card, enough RAM and an SSD. The weight would be a bit on the high side for me, too. My gamer is an Terra Mobil 1590 (a.k.a. MSI Ghost) that retailed for €1400, I picked it up used for around 900. It was a Christmas present gone wrong, it had only 6 operating hours and looked like new. That was probably one of the more unusual action gems At 2kg also a nice companion. Most of my systems are bought used, usually from professional refurbishers, including a one year warranty. That plus buyer protection should be almost as good as new, for much less money. There seem to be not much refurbished gaming laptops, though. Mostly you can get three year old leasing business laptops... [edit] The Asus ZenBook Pro series looks like solid lightweights. Prices are a bit stiff, though.
  6. If I find the time, I would like to play
  7. Had to try that out When I run the installer and default to a directory named "thedarkmod", steam will list tdm under "T". No issue, just a matter of taste, I reckon. One can prompt steam to list wherever, by choosing the folder name. What's also interesting, tdm was not listed, when I started steam on this machine. I thought that the different program folder was the issue - I installed tdm on the other machine to the installer default directory, on this machine it sits in a different path. This seems not to be the case. After adding the game, then closing down steam, I renamed the folder. Starting steam still showed tdm, but couldn't launch it. Looks like the Library info is stored locally, which is a bit odd, since otherwise I always see my complete library, regardless of what is installed locally. Anyways, installing VC++ was again skipped, but this machine has a previous installation, so that might be normal.
  8. Tried it on an TDM unaware Win10Pro 64bit machine. After the two Windows nag-screens, it installed itself into the correct 64bit program file directory. I've got three Desktop icons, The Dark Mod 32&64bit and the updater, all pointing to the right directory. Users have full access to the installation folder, creation and deletion of files and folders works. Other program folders seem unaffected. The later downloads also worked. The VC++ step got skipped. The steam integration shows the community page and with "add game", you could select TDM. Even though the entry is named The Dark Mod-64bit, it is alphabetically listed under the "D" section. You should probably change the default folder's name to the_dark_mod or something like that. Launching the game through the desktop icons worked. Launching via steam also works, steam overlay also seems to work. I would have liked to try it on a fresh Win7 system, but time was running out. I won't have access to a flat-rate machine until Sunday...
  9. I did run the normal update from 2.05 with tdm_update.exe and got an TheDarkModx64.exe...
  10. The mission isn't broken, sending a savegame from another person would defeat the purpose, I reckon. The bug only seems to happen, if you already have completed a mission with 100% loot and play it again. I did a couple more runs, changing the difficulty doesn't help, it doesn't matter if you get full loot on the replay, get hurt or whatnot. The workaround for Dave would be saving the game early in the replay, quitting the mission, pulling up the savegame again. At least that's what I did gather from my runs, I'm not going to touch closemouthed shadows for quite a while now
  11. "i get the problem first time with the version 2.05 but only if I have completed a FM with max loot then if i play it again i get the bug." I did a couple of quick runs through closemouthed shadows and I could reproduce the bug! After finishing with 100% loot, I uninstalled the mission, installed it again, run it again and all statistics were zero... TDM 2.05 Win7 [edit] Did a couple more runs, uninstalling is not necessary, I'll get the bug when just running it again. If I pull up a savegame and finish it, the statistics are OK.
  12. Never did something like this, maybe this a good time to go for it What can I do to help?
  13. That part worked fine for me, but I couldn't alter difficulty or by items. Mission crashed on me, after that present was placed. Sad.
  14. You're late Here it is in effect since Friday night. According to the forecast, it'll leave this afternoon again
  15. I've migrated some Windows user to Xubuntu and Linux Mint without much issues. Out of the box, Linux Mint feels pretty similar, but there are rumours, that the maker of this distro sometimes takes short-cuts in terms of security. I run Xubuntu on my internet machines, both desktop and laptops, with only minor tweaks. But I never used multiple monitors, I reckon it should work. In terms of customising menu-bars, I have not much experience either, but in Xubuntu moving the menus around and adding stuff seems easy enough for me. Both have a try before install mode.
  16. When consoles and computers became somewhat mainstream in the '70/'80, I didn't care much. Occasional Pong game with a buddy, but nothing serious. My first machine was an Schneider (Amstrad) CPC 128, but I don't recall playing games on it. This changed somewhat with the Atari ST and went downhill from there
  17. I was pointed into this direction by Anderson and I would like to report, that the 0.66 updater worked well with my 2.03 installation under Win10x64. It is a plain vanilla Win10, so no 3rd party apps are present, but I still looped at the0.64 updater update.
  18. Thanks, worked like a charm! I'll drop this info into the other thread, too, as it looks like a 0.64/0.65 updater issue with win 10.
  19. I reactivated an old system, it has an activated Win10Pro with the most recent patches installed and an old installation of TDM, release 2.03. I tried to run tdm_update.exe both as user and admin, but it seems to cycle through updating the same file over and over. I always get to the point depicted in the attachment. This is not so much a call for support, I have a working 2.05 installation I could copy over, it is more meant as a bug report.
  20. That seems to make the biggest difference, thanks! I can't tell, how much of an FPS rise it really is, since regardless of my vsync or r_displayRefresh settings, I can only see 60 max. Which is fine, since it seems to be a solid 60 at the moment, with 8x AIF and 8x FSAA set in the driver. And also thanks to Bikerdude, I contemplated zipping the file, but never thought about the spoiler feature
  21. Thank you for your assistance. The autoexec.cfg didn't do anything, though I checked that it did load. Changing the interleave from 1 to 2 did improve from 20 to 25 FPS. What kind of FPS should I expect? I found a nice low FPS spot, when you exit the building and go the stairs all the way up, you can climb an pipe to the right and then peek into a building: BTW, video RAM usage shoots up to 3GB with those settings.
  22. Do you think, i have a general Problem? Right when non-Garret leaves the building and heads up the stairs, FPS will drop down to ~19. If I go from 16x AA/AIF to 8x, this will give ~40 and at 4x all is peachy - solid 60, which is my monitor max. But here you go:
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