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  1. The Doom community has never not impressed me in some way.
  2. This is for one level, Hokkaido, not the main game.
  3. Odd question, I can't seem to find a use for them and I've otherwise explored and finished the level perfectly, so go nuts with spoilers, causes and effects. Aside from that, narrative question
  4. I feel a great sense of pointlessness as I announce that I did not actually expect this submission to meet standards. https://www.speedrun.com/tom_clancys_splinter_cell_chaos_theory/Hokkaido#Any Seriously, I have a greater sense of pride for the guides I've made. I now understand speedrunner statements on degeneracy a great deal more.
  5. Other on all of the votes. I think whatever fits the context of your story and world best while allowing me to accomplish all loot blind, at least in theory, is the best option, but this is coming from someone who does stealth score 0 runs. I think your best bet is to always include a fairly easy lower difficulty mode that doesn't limit the player too hard, but that's just my solution.
  6. Conviction isn't terrible, but it's not a Splinter Cell game. Like Absolution to Hitman, it may be okay on it's own merits, but it's a spit in any fan's face and it misses the point of why people like the other games. When your game is essentially lethal only, with minimal ghosting support no less, it isn't really a Splinter Cell game. It can, however, be a good or fun game.
  7. I have an issue. In the butcher's shop, I can't seem to loot the coinage on the window sill. Restarted, reloaded from save, doesn't seem to change or become frobbable. Edit: I believe I have the same issue as Thiefette did.
  8. SC 1 felt like it had too much trial and error involved. SC 2 felt like the first game, but made by a b-team who didn't necessarily understand that things were meant to be more stealth based, so they introduced laser sights and swat rolls. Chaos Theory felt like the Thief sequel we never got.
  9. I think the saddest thing is I have to point out to TDM levels as a strange case where largely, a year after release (still waiting on Smiling Catpurse to get a patch) it's largely flawless but the engine itself has some issues in terms of AI getting hung on things and the like (physics in particular). And then I point out to my friends that shit somehow gets through multi-million dollar budget games too, anyway. Honestly, though, comparing anything from Assassin's Creed to your guy's work is insulting to you.... But then again so is anything on Gamebryo... Really, for something free, you guys do not get enough credit.
  10. Melan, I think it's time to bite the bullet and make a mission titled "Acrobat in the Dark". You clearly want to.
  11. Sorry if this has been brought up but I figure it's worth mention. Black sky as opposed to a proper one in this courtyard.
  12. "URL signature expired" Video doesn't seem to play.
  13. Wow. Just as I'm halfway through routing PD 1 and 2, no less. Noted.
  14. "Sometimes the dead can be more useful than the living." - The Man With No Name (Fistful of Dollars, 1964) Yes, another concept I have but won't implement anytime soon. Not sure if that has been done before, but I'd love to see a level not about rescuing someone already knocked out and hauling him, but about moving a body into the right position for the right narrative to fit the player character's needs. A level from Death to Spies that comes to mind when I discuss the idea is Shefferd. Half the puzzle is getting the body to the position it needs to be in without being spotted. A great deal is made out of finding a back route and making a logistics puzzle out of handling the body at the proper time, to say the least. Sadly, outside of levels where I've rescued people from prisons I can't recall handling someone out of a level, and I'd love to see something other than Shefferd where I pull a body in. Apologies as usual if this has been implemented or isn't too bright of a concept, but this is something I'd love to see done in a solid level.
  15. Fallout 4 just generally felt less like an RPG and more like a sandbox FPS, if that makes sense. It wouldn't surprise me to find out they tucked XP somewhere in some menu you'd normally never think to find it, Bethesda is notorious for bad UI.
  16. Oh I know, but I always love variety in what I see, and I feel as though campaigns really, really open up room for exploring this if given a focus. I do know what you mean though, what little time is devoted to the player character's words is usually not even a percent of a potential play time, and it often has to play a backseat to player freedom.
  17. Not sure how radical of an idea this is, but I keep seeing Dark Mod player characters that I've played as before. Have we thought about someone more truly detached, like a keeper? What about someone with a slightly upper-scale accent who thinks of himself as more professional and necessary than Garrett? I could easily see a character like this starting as an assassin for hire who gradually realizes he should be working with some sense of grander picture in mind as he realizes his actions effect his world, leading to a more philosophic and curious angle than a snarky one. Ex-soldier of some sort, humorless and goal oriented, ultimately rigid and dedicated to whatever he's doing to survive the world he's in. Foreign thief, pushed into the life by a lack of jobs and an unforgiving world he was lead to believe was more filled with opportunity than it was. Perhaps turns back to a life of crime after leaving one behind, sorrowful about realizing his ways are rooted this deep in him. These are all cliches, I know, but they all strike me as just as valid and far less explored, at least as far as the Dark Mod is concerned. Please feel free to take these or reject them, just figured I'd toss some input out there.
  18. To be fair this is not a blind run, this is around the third or fourth run through the level. I don't do blind, I do rehearsed perfectionist runs.
  19. Lovely, frightful level oozing with atmosphere. If I missed any notes that weren't the standard note-on-a-door listing that the occupant is infected, let me know.
  20. The fix works. It, along with VPN services to bypass the lack of servers, finally let me get to the second mission of my COOP Ghost series.
  21. I meant in a stealth game, though, where focus on the sight and sound of enemies isn't just noticeable, but integral.
  22. V-Man339

    Blind AI

    Mentioned it in the zombie thread, but I can't be the only one who wants to see a level where I have to sneak past a blind old hermit with hyper-sensitive hearing to grab an optional objective. Seriously, drop some hints that he may not be great at seeing by having some guards in the area joke about him, have some braille on some walls in his house, that sort of bit. You could even use an alternate set of animations to show he's counting his steps. Have him auto-detect you based on smell via proximity. An eccentric request, but one I'd love to see done right, as the closets I've seen to this is Hitman Absolution's level where they didn't actually state the suit-maker was blind, merely implying it. How nobody has done this before is beyond me.
  23. PM me messages and I'll record something for you to use, but be warned it might be a while. The microphone I would use is not in my possession, but someone else's.
  24. I think I should preface, I think the game isn't finished (several plot elements are wrapped up suddenly at the very end with little to no setup, and some aren't wrapped up at all, and half the camouflage patterns refer to sneaking environments that simply don't exist), but what is there is absolutely gold (if overly easy in my opinion, for what that's worth). I just feel I should emphasize that I think Ground Zeroes by contrast, while small, is an absolutely incredible experience that makes me wish Phantom Pain was more like it in terms of difficulty. Try Ground Zeroes. If you like it, and are okay with bigger scale and less per inch polish, go for Phantom Pain. Also, the difficulty he's on is default. Game breaking information (and mild unlockable spoilers) below. This is all the opinion of a very, very picky man, keep in mind. Unrelated edit: For something on a Playstation 2 this game aged really well.
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