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  1. Did I mention how absolutely grateful I am that TDM didn't get (and can never be) assimilated by a huge company like Microsoft, as is what happened to Minecraft?

    1. thebigh


      Yes, I too like that The Dark Mod is not crappy, overpriced bug-ridden gruel.

    2. datiswous


      Somewhat unrealated, but I told some woman about trying modding in TDM and then she sad that sounded what her doughter was doing in Minecraft. Ugh, this is when you remember not to talk to people about this outside the intrest-range.

    3. OrbWeaver


      That's the major advantage of FOSS of course: all the money in the world cannot take over the project (since it can just be forked for continued community development). Although for some reason FOSS games seem to be extremely rare apart from arcade stuff like Frozen Bubble.

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