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  1. I would gladly offer to help. I don't have much to show for my abilities yet, though I could get some screenshots of an fm I have yet to get beta tested and released. I will just have to find a reasonable free image hoster first and haven't bothered to do so yet...
  2. Who do I ask for access to the Beta Testing forum?
  3. So I can simply make an account on Dussander's forum and then make a post there that I am looking for testers?
  4. I'm considering the mission I am working on as done. This raises new questions. It's a small-scale mission and I've done plenty of testing on it myself, but I think it would be best someone else playtested it before I just go ahead and make a release thread. Who can I ask to do this for me?
  5. Got more questions! 1. I have an area where I am using two fog lights, using the "fogs/basicfog" texture. The fog lights are placed adjacent to one another and the area where their radii intersect displays rendering errors. I am forced to use two lights because of how I constructed the map geometry. Changing the geometry now would be more work than its worth, so my question focuses on just the fog lights: Is there a way to have two adjacent fog lights without rendering errors where their radii meet? Is there perhaps a better solution than two adjacent fog lights? 2. I just added in-game map entities, which appear in the player's inventory. Those map entities are working fine, but for some reason there appears to be an additional map entity in the inventory, as well. I made sure not to have a superfluous or forgotten "atdm:map_of" entity, so what could be causing this problem? I also noticed that there is a line in the console stating "guis/map_of.gui" couldn't be loaded and I am unsure where that is coming from, since I have not explicitly created any entities demanding that gui definition. 3. Using Obsttorte's solution to the problem I had with the signs works fine. There is a problem with defining the line 'textalign "gui::gui_parm2"', however. I get an error message stating that an integer value is expected instead. I have resorted to hard-coding the value in the definition for now, but would like to know what I am missing to make the spawnarg solution work.
  6. Ah thanks for clearing that up and sorry for perhaps overreacting on it.
  7. @Obsttorte, thank you for your detailed answer. With that said, your previous answer was not useful to me. I am a newbie, explain it to me in detail. Your comment "Some of them get their text via a guiParm on the entity. Check the entity spawnargs." is perhaps helpful to someone who is more familiar with level design for The Dark Mod but as a newbie I couldn't use that information. What is a guiParm on the entity? How do I check the spawnargs for it? I know this now, but just for the future, assume that I don't know the answers to such questions. Especially considering this is the newbie questions megathread. The additional detail in your answers may also help others with similar problems in the future. I do read the answers, but keep in mind not everyone has the experience you have. I'm not sure it was your intention, but your comment there read as very condescending to me in a situation that did not call for it.
  8. Well that is unfortunate, I was hoping an ideal solution existed already. Well, thanks for the clarification!
  9. Alright, so the idea to use a prefab sign got me the solution. Those sign readables do in fact ignore the xdata spawnarg and use a combination of a "gui" and "gui_parm1" spawnargs. So as an example you can make the sign readable display text, if you give it the following spawnarg-value pairs. "gui" "guis/readables/sign_text_decals/sign_text_carolingia.gui" "gui_parm1" "put text here" One downside of actually using the sign readable seems to be that the text is not centered on it. Are there any other spawnargs that can accomplish this?
  10. Could I get a run-down of what I have to do for the patch solution, in specific? It seems like a universally helpful technique, but I am struggling with this.
  11. Having a bit of trouble getting signs to work. In specific, the signs of the class "atdm:readable_immobile_sign_small01" just report errors loading their gui, even though from what I understand I set up the xdata correctly. I have other readables which work just fine, so the problem is specific to these sign readables. Any idea what gui definition the sign readables accept? Or any other idea where I might be going wrong?
  12. Quick response! Thanks guys! I like the skylights and jewelry room ideas. I thought about putting lots of storage junk there, of course, but it just felt too... unimaginative? But with a jewelry room that place will have a lot of purpose!
  13. Currently working on a rich merchant's manor. But I'm stumped on the attic. Got any ideas what kinds of purposeful rooms it could contain? It's very spacious.
  14. For "ordinary worldspawn" brush steps. So if my steps are func_static, then I would need monsterclip? Or am I misinterpreting this?
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