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  1. I have to say I enjoy this mission but I've run into a few glitches. One was a rope arrow that I put into cross beams that were above an obelisk vanished when I was climbing back down when I jumped off or got too low. Second and this is extremely frustrating is when I move anywhere, randomly I get stuck in a spot and can't move from it. This can happen anywhere and I'm constantly reloading. Any advice?
  2. Guess there is no answer to my glitch
  3. Sorry, unless I'm dense. I'm stuck on the bucket in the well. I walk through the rope. Can't climb it. Glitch? I've been having a hard time finding any keys whatsoever.
  4. I don't download the mission from sites, but directly in the game. I'm assuming I have the latest one. Forgot to mention Sir Talbot's Collateral is my loading screen. I guess it could have been an older version, but I always assume the one in the game is the most updated. PS: How can you end the mission manually? Never needed to do so before.
  5. I'm with Demagogue on this. I can't finish the mission. I've done I believe all optional objectives and got a bonus one to boot. When I got to the exit, the character said this was the way out, but it's not finishing when I get to the bars too. I found several bugs myself, usually with objects going into floors like a stool and getting too high. I was trying to reach several archers in areas, but had no luck. I didn't think the map was too big. Just needed a bit remembering moving around the town.
  6. Found this mission innovative, but short. If you combined some treasure seeking it would have been more exciting.
  7. Ah, you tease. BTW, I have both versions the first and the update. Do I need to play the first release? I did play the first version here. I don't want to lose something good by only playing the update. I wound up knocking all the people out and killing all the undead. Gave me free reign to look about without worry. Fits with your brute force. I see you say you fixed some bugs. I ran into only one true bug. It was in the room going down that had 3 sort of circles above the door. There are coffins leaning on angles and at the end the coffin is open and standing up. I mantled on top of that o
  8. I haven't finished the mission but I can at any time. I've found many ways to get through everything short of 2 areas:
  9. I have to say that I only started TDM at the beginning of the summer. It took me a while to get used to many of the aspects, especially the fighting, which I still find difficult. I always play the hardest level unless there are special circumstances where I find it too difficult to finish. In the 5-6 months of playing, I can say I'm an expert for the most part. I've finished the majority of the missions and am hoping new ones come out soon. I've been playing Thief for a good 20 years now, or whenever the 1st one came out. I've played almost every fan mission made for Thief 2, which is my favo
  10. I ask because I did ghost it and did not black jack anyone. It would be nice to see those checked off. Forget the loot though, going back I still am missing like 900.
  11. Is there a way to see your final objectives checked off after you complete the mission? I was like 1050 loot short. Great game though. Kept me on my toes.
  12. Decided to go back and start over. This time I knocked out no one. Finished it, though I didn't find it as entertaining as I knew 2/3 of the mission already. I'm glad when you release a prisoner, they don't get killed by anyone. I was afraid of that happening. Phil
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