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  1. Solid mission, I liked the introduction (subtitles are always a good idea, but the voice here is quite clear to understand). The setting and atmosphere works the way it should, well made! I like the different reactions and dialogs and several other aspects. Thank you for this map!
  2. Sure! I am more used to linear maps, where the objectives are quite clear and fast to tackle. I dislike it when I have to spend more time searching for fulfilling objectives than exploring, fighting, looting, stealing or whatever else. Also the evidence objective seems to take another while in searching. Might be that the purpose of this map is diametrical to my personal preferences. Actually I am not yet even sure what this mission is about, as I have got some troubles understanding the introduction video. Maybe subtitles really would be a good idea?
  3. Like few people already said, at the moment Windows for gaming and GNU/Linux for all other issues seems the best way to go. Because of proprietary-caused cages a lot of stuff still will not work properly on GNU/Linux, so dual-boot might be the best option for someone who wants to play games or has to use certain applications from time to time. I personally would avoid upgrading to the Windows-10-bait or spending more money to the Microsoft company as necessary, glad Windows 7 will still be supported for the next five years.
  4. To be honest I am a bit disappointed by this mission, I dunno ... I do not really find the objectives very clear, the optional objective did not work for me and I just cannot get into a smooth play. For the video at the beginning subtitles would be good, because I think it is not that easy to understand. Good: Enemy customization, good atmosphere and overall setting. Still thank you for this map!
  5. What makes this maps so much better compared to the other ones? I personally think that one of the reasons is that playing your maps means that you explore so much new content: New, fitting music, an impressive environment (it just looks awesome), new aspects like the unique items, lots of stuff to explore and many, many secrets and unexpected events. Exploring your work is just more than pleasant! I really love the synergy, the story, the new things to explore and this results in "A House of Locked Secrets" being one of the best TDM-maps ever played for me! Final words: Keep up the great work, not just you Moonbo, but all the contributors and people who made it happen! Thank you a lot for this map!
  6. I personally like the idea of the checkpoint system for example, as it highly increases tense and difficulty and forces you to play more careful and deliberately - the possibility to save whenever you want might offer more convenience but removes a lot of difficulty and might lead to a more sloppy style of play. Currently there are the tools for creating stuff like this already included, but maps using this systems are kinda lacking.
  7. For my part I highly prefer interactive stuff and I am quite fast bored of watching stuff, therefore I haven't watched TV for a long time - I am not a fan of this passive consumption.
  8. Good, very solid map and excellent for practicing some close combat skills! I think this is a good beginner mission too, because it has a clear setting and fair preconditions! I usually prefer this setting over the undead one anyway! Here are some tips for achieving the objectives: So the map hit my taste and will be played again with different settings sooner or later for sure! Thank you for the map!
  9. Remarkable how you guys are ahead in time! I mean, if alt-tabbing is actually solved I could not really find mentionable flaws anymore. This fact is quite astonishing - well done! Overall TDM feels like the best free software game out there in terms of quality - even trumping most commercial oriented games these days. Okay, there could be more models for enemies like the undead (There are two widely used models which are present in nearly every undead campaign - there could definitely be more diversity!) and as always the more the better - but to sum up it is a quite remarkable game!
  10. Solid mission with a good length and setting - I like the way the tower is made up and the overall atmosphere! Usually I am not that fan of It does not offer many additional components and the mission uses most of the well-known content from other maps. It could make more use of different models, voice acting and other components for a more vivid, unique playing experience. Thank you for the map!
  11. "The Dark Mod" is a game which in my opinion offers already most of the requirements I would think about. The game mechanics works fluently, the graphics are quite fine and most time the requested atmosphere is achieved. From my point of view, alt-tabbing should be better supported (in a native way) and there should be more models for a bigger variety of enemies. Most times you will just see the same used over and over again because there seems to be a lack of alternatives. Another great implementation would be the possibility to replaces the usual saving method with checkpoints (in a optional way for increasing difficulty or at least harsher preconditions). Overall I am quite happy with what it offers, native alt-tabbing would be the first change on my priority list!
  12. Solid campaign, very well-designed environment and you can feel the work attached to it. Some elements might be a bit confusing through, but nevertheless well done! The ending is quite abrupt, as some people above already mentioned!
  13. Overall a very solid and smooth-to-play-mission. Definitely something I would recommend! I especially like the fact that the characters are personalized (own voices makes it all feel more vivid) and very creative elements are used. There are also some surprise-moments - well done! Maybe the mission is a bit short and ends sort of abrupt, so for me the ending appeared kinda quick. Thank you for creating!
  14. I first heard of TDM on the Wikipedia "List of open-source video games". I was bored and tried out some new games, TDM actually was quite convincing and is the first stealth-based game I have ever played.
  15. I also got troubles with this function and it still does not seem to work in even the newer TDM-Versions like 2.03. The only (actually only partly satisfying) method that natively works for me is using the Task Manager with "always on top" mode and right-clicking on TDM, then minimize. So far I found no better solution. (The thread might be already a bit dusty but the problem still seems to be reality.)
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