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  1. Seems to fix the suicides. Many thanks on behalf of William :-)
  2. Dear grayman, what's the actual status of the update? I downloaded WS3 yesterday and it reads 'Version 1, released 2014'. Unfortunately, I also encounter the suicide problem...can't play more than few dozen of seconds without AI suicide. The link to fixed map on dropbox doesn't work either. Please, help me I seriously need to find William parents' murderer !!! Many thanks in advance ;-)
  3. I was so disappointed when I learned (after finishing the excellent WS1) that this is a rooftop mission. I don't like these kind of missions. But WS2 changed my opinion. Excellent one. Loved the story and the beautiful mission's layout....and the very different game-play at the end...
  4. Gents, what are technical requirements for this? I'm running TDM on my old HP EliteBook 8730w, 4GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro FX 2700M. ArchLinux (x64) installed. Not a top-notch set-up, but far enough for C++ development and playing TDM :-) If this HW is enough for testing and you tell me what to test, I may help a bit. (an attempt to compile TDM from source is on my waiting list so I unfortunately need binaries)
  5. Excellent mission, finished few minutes ago, stats say slightly over 3hrs playtime, actually many more spent in trials and errors... This mission has an amazing layout, beautifully designed. Maybe 2/3 of the total playtime i felt lost. Literally. I was pretty upset, because I couldn't get where I needed to. But suddenly, the layout opened in front of my eyes and I realized the floors, the hallways, the old and the new part...and wow, I felt like if I lived there for my whole life... Now I enjoyed walking through the halls and floors and if I needed to get somewhere I immediately could tell two or three different routes how to get there. Beauty. From early beginning, there were lots of readings. Lots of them, everywhere. This mission has a strong story behind, hats off, sir.... Although more than 6yrs from its release, the mission deserves highest valuation and I'm really looking forward to all its successors...(downloading WS2 atm :-) )
  6. Today I finally finished THE mission. But what a mission... If I didn't follow the forum I never would believe that this is a work of a 'few community members'. Looks more like a product of a group of full-time professionals. It took me several months to finish (5hrs net playing time, TONS of saves, trial and error attempts and rude words...). But let's rate the mission. It literally feels like an independent game inside a game. I totally forgot that this is 'just' a mission for TDM, I was just playing PD3. The storyline behind in combination with objectives are awesome, seem so natural. The city is huge, architecture and layout is astonishing!! There are so many ways, secret passages, accessible roofs and water channels that I was absolutely lost more than half of the time spent there. Only recently, when I started to notice that 'hey, I know this place, I remember I was here few weeks ago!!!' - I actually learned that the parts of the city are connected in multiple ways and I slowly learned to move between them much quicker ! After playing the whole trilogy I just have to put my hat off. A huge acknowledgement to the authors. And now I'm going back to the city to explore it more deeply because I know that I missed a lot of secrets (have looted only around 1700!). And maybe browse this thread to read some spoilers...now I'm finally allowed to do so.
  7. Guys, today I wanted to continue my saved progress but I'm experiencing the same problem as Filizitas. All ropes (fixed ones and rope arrows) behave the same...once climbing, they start to shake, shiver and I fall down. When looking up, the rope still shivers like crazy. I definitely did NOT notice this issue in previous version (2.05). The issue makes it impossible to continue playing this awesome game....anyone to help, please? I'm running TDM (x64) on HP EliteBook 8730w OS: ArchLinux OpenGL vendor: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL renderer: Quadro FX 2700M/PCIe/SSE2OpenGL version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 340.107 Many thanks,Marcel
  8. Only few seconds ago I managed to finish this FM. I'll keep it very short - I expected a nice mission (like the beautiful Acc1 or St. Lucia), however I experienced several VERY different missions seamlessly bundled together with a truly captivating story. The unexpected changes and turns in the story-line kept me tensed up till the very end of the mission. When I start playing a mission (or any other game in general), I'm looking forward to finish it to prove myself how good I am. While playing this one I changed my objective....and started to enjoy the playing itself, the story and the atmosphere...and actually wasn't pleased at all when I succeeded and finished. I don't know how you are doing this, but you are doing it damn good... P.S. After finishing the mission and watching the end titles I could hear the sound denoting the end of mission, however I was left with a dark screen forever. I had to press ESC and force-quit the mission (from menu).
  9. Thanks, no problem...this is definitely not a show-stopper for my progress in the mission, so I can continue. Your words about Acc3 from the other thread are even more important (and interesting) than this minor issue :-)
  10. After playing the two pre-packed missions (A new job and The tears of St. Lucia) and the short Bakery job, this was actually my fourth mission I played in TDM. Simply WOW. The map design is really very nice (maybe just a bit too linear - it's impossible to get lost or have difficulties to find the right way - but still beautifully designed). Exteriors and interiors are simply marvelous....really a masterpiece. And when I saw the raindrops....oh my... The whole mission is relatively easy (from my n00b perspective), the only time I got stuck was - how to get to the main objective? But after some trying and thinking (well, LOT of trying and consecutive thinking) it was so easy. I had lot of fun, didn't use any spoilers...and appreciate the balanced puzzles (not baby-ish easy but not too hard to discourage). The BLAME: This mission has a very strong story behind which makes it VERY attractive. There are lot of surprises and logical consequences during the play. But - as many said before - after finishing the mission I still have (much) more questions than answers. I was dragged into the story and now I demand the answers!!! :-) Many thanks, Goldwell.
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