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  1. I'm starting to think we need another mapping contest.

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    2. nbohr1more


      It is rather short notice for a Halloween contest. It would need to be a very quick speed-build ( feasible with modular content I suppose ) but players have mostly had a negative reaction to speed build contests like this. If enough participants agree to have one, we can proceed anyway... just setting expectations that you might get a number of grumpy complaining players in the comments. A more realistic contest deadline would be a Christmas Contest. Since horror missions are more popular here ( myself included ) we could hold a Christmas Gothic Horror contest and forego any winter holiday theme requirements?

    3. Wellingtoncrab


      Honestly it was pretty crazy the quality of missions we got last time, but I would give participants a lot more time. Perhaps announce a contest before the end of the year with intent to build up missions for the theoretical 2.12 release in early 2024 - or sticking with the horror theme for fall of 2023.

      It’s kind of looking like there may not be a T1/T2 contest in that time block and large projects like The Black Parade seem to be tying up late this year/early next year so it might good as far as the overall “fms” release windows.

      This kind of establishes an on/off year rhythm for contests but who knows how long something like that would persist.

    4. thebigh


      There's nothing wrong with speedbuild contests, but if people want to have a longer contest that's OK too.

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