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  1. i would love to hear some map builders talking.
  2. just downloaded it. i dont know why, but the game looks dirty now, nearly like the necro age for thief. i like it alot... especially with brightness on 1.5, gamma below 1, desaturation at ~0.5. it feels like a whole new game to me. thank you edit: these settings does not work on every map, since every other map got different lightning strength. however the new version is a blast.
  3. ok sounds cool if its possible. someone into this who can make it? i wonder how much code is needed for this.
  4. like changing the speed maybe every minute or two... or is the speed hardcoded?
  5. praise to the map builders out there. thank you
  6. the builder bless you

  7. the skull with the shroom growing out of its eyehole? dude i lmao really hard. fantastic.
  8. feels like Wm Steele Home Again which is cool. edit: i salute you grayman btw, for making awesome maps.
  9. looks like your overall volume is too loud. try lowering it to a range where your footsteps is barely hearable.
  10. Okay. Can you tell me how the Stealthscore system works exactly?
  11. The unofficial Patch on ModDb has an item in the inventory which shows the stats. https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/addons/the-dark-mod-unofficial-patch
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