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  1. Swiggy


    If all else fails and nothing seems to be working, start with a fresh config by deleting (or renaming/moving) the "Darkmod.cfg" file.
  2. OK, for some reason I totally forgot to play this mission until now. Really enjoyed it, got two out of the three good deeds but I don't think I got any of the secrets and only about half of the loot, so I clearly need to keep my eyes open. I do have a confession to make, since no-one seems to have made mention of it yet. Bienie, I found your "extra" little secret. I have no idea what compelled me to test this out, but for anyone else I encourage you to, ummm... kill your in-game wife who's sleeping near the starting area. This will of course fail the mission due to the no-kill objective, but in-between the death and the fade-out, pick up the corpse and look at the name at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Multiplayer thief? That would be interesting. Is there any networking code still remaining in TDM that was brought over from the Doom 3/id Tech 4 code base? If not, I could probably do it. I have a superficial knowledge of C++, it's all sockets and shit right?
  4. I seem to recall the same keyboard issues when trying TDM in Linux a while ago. In particular it was that I couldn't navigate the console history of previously-typed commands using the up/down arrows, which was quite annoying. The solution I found was to use the keypad area of the keyboard and disable numlock so that the 8 and 2 keys worked as up and down arrows respectively.
  5. Rise of the Skywalker made my eyes hurt. It was a non-stop orgy of effects and action... and I can barely remember anything about the movie since it's not memorable in the slightest. Hell it lacks soul, but to be fair, JJ Abrams was put in the unenviable situation of deciding how to finish a trilogy in which its middle part aborted almost all forward momentum of the story.
  6. Swiggy

    1917 movie

    I'm in my mid thirties (actually late thirties, but I feel young goddamnit!) and I too think that I'm not the main audience for most video games anymore. It actually kinda sucks because you have this hobby that you've participated in for many years, but you wake up one day and find that you're not the target for devs/publishers anymore - your tastes are too different or too refined for the mainstream. Then you wonder: am I just being a curmudgeon who hasn't "moved with the times"? You're left with doubt... "everyone seems to be raving about this game, I tried it and think it's OK, but nothing amazing, yet everyone thinks it's the best game of the year, an instant classic!". Am I broken? Do I not see quality anymore? After a while you realize it's all pointless and you're wasting your time worrying what randoms on the Internet think of your gaming habits. So you start posting on forums ranting about such things.
  7. How dare you!!! Don't you know TDM is the only life you need?!?
  8. Absolutely, 100% agree with you there. I dislike Microsoft and their bone-headed decisions and policies regarding Windows 10 and the future of the OS. There's a reason I keep my Linux skills up to date as much as I can (which isn't hard to do since I use it every day at work in some capacity). All I'm saying is that I'd like to see more people in the wider Linux community understand and respect that for all its warts, sometimes Windows is the better option for certain people due to their hardware, their software requirements and overall situation and limited time to explore alternatives. It ain't the greatest OS around, but it is probably the best general purpose OS around, and that has side-benefits in terms of vendor and general support that cannot be matched by a niche alternative. Now if you can make Linux work for you on a daily basis, great. But I can't, there's just too much stuff Windows does better for me, and I can't willingly delude myself into thinking Linux is better if my own experiences tell me otherwise. The only thing I can say is that as Linux gets better, Windows seems to get worse. Maybe at some point the lines will cross and that'll be my threshold, for personal use anyway.
  9. You guys sure you know how to use the Internet? That exchange was far too civilized! Anyways, good mission overall. Short but quite detailed. Make another one!
  10. I'm sorry but computers are there to serve a purpose - to run the software people want/need to run. If another OS doesn't run the stuff people want/need to run, then what value does it have? I say this as Linux user myself - I'm tired, REALLY tired of people belittling and telling others "oh you don't need to run that!" as if it absolves Linux of its software ecosystem's shortcomings. It's a major issue in the FOSS community and I hate it. The same people try to convince artists using Photoshop that GIMP is just the same, and hand-wave any actual requirements said artists have that GIMP either doesn't support or takes far more effort to do than Photoshop. The fact people would rather just deal with the occasional nuances and failures of Windows 10 speaks more about the dire state of the Linux desktop than anything else really, and criticizing people for not finding Linux compelling does nothing for the cause. Having said all that, I didn't encounter this issue because I use a start menu replacement called StartIsBack++. Been using it for basically all my time with Windows 10 because truthfully, the Win 10 start menu is crap - it's ugly, missing in features and the search feature, as can be shown, is a major step back from say Windows 7. But StartIsBack++ taps into the Windows Indexing service and provides local search results identically to those from Windows 7. I think it's because the search capability remains the same in Windows 10, but the main Win 10 search bar adds Cortana/Bing and other crap that mutilates the results, and is also susceptible to the recent issues. StartIsBack++ doesn't do any of that crap, so I dodged it by accident. It's unconscionable that Microsoft doesn't think it reasonable to have a working, reliable Search feature anymore. But unfortunately they don't have enough solid competition and don't feel threatened by anyone else in the desktop sphere to care.
  11. Interesting. Maybe that contributed to the idea of wanting to double-click the saves, because it worked on a fresh launch of the game but wasn't working when wanting to reload during a playthrough, and I never realized the inconsistency until now. @DragoferThanks for that.
  12. Sometimes when I want to load a manual save (or load the second of the two quicksaves), I'll instinctively double-click on the savegame listing in the menu because of an expectation brought on from some other games in which double-clicking a save will automatically load it. If it's not too difficult to implement, maybe that can be a feature of the next release.
  13. Interestingly, this is something that's been missing in a LOT of games that employ stealth, in which your success in ghosting isn't communicated to the player until the end of a mission or a segment. For example in the latest Deus Ex games you'd only know you were totally unseen if you got a "Ghost" bonus popup after finishing a section and the first Dishonored game would only show if you were undetected at the end stats screen of a mission. If you happened to be seen at a distance by a guard but nothing came of it (no combat or further alerts), you'd have no clue until the end. The only game in recent memory which I've seen have a real-time stats screen of your progress has been Dishonored 2, which can show (among other things) your stealth success and kills/knockouts in your current mission, current play-through and total of all time played.
  14. I do agree that there's a lot of overreacting and misinformation about certain areas and aspects of environmentalism, but given the trends that are being shown through science and the various studies that have been shown regarding climate change, it's hard not to feel concerned for the future. The problem is that progress in changing habits has been extremely slow, which is why certain scare tactics are being used to scare the younger generation into thinking they have no future (or at least a worse one than the previous generation). We've built our whole society on the basis of cheap energy and kicking the can down the road. That can't keep going forever. It's less about caring for polar bears and rather serious issues such as the ability to have conditions to grow the food we need to sustain the growing population of earth, certain regions of the world becoming less inhabitable, among other things. The problem is people want to save the Earth without adjusting their quality of life. I don't see how that's possible without some radical improvements in technology.
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