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  1. I'd like to think any mechanic can last for more than two hours, but it's always a possibility. I have just under five hours on clock now, since I played through the challenge mode as well. Haven't checked the commentary, have to do that at some point.
  2. My only issue with Superliminal is how short it is. Really fun, though. I think I first heard about it like 10 years ago through a podcast that was discussing an early tech demo of it. Obv it didn't have a name at the time, and it took quite a while before it became an actual game.
  3. I don't necessarily disagree, you're probably digging your own grave when you announce a game so far away from release and the hypetrain builds up like this. It didn't help its cause that Witcher 3 was a runaway success and Cyberpunk was supposed to not only live up to it, but presumably surpass it. That said, Valve somehow released a new Half-Life game after all this time, and it appears to be very well received. Really wish I had VR gear so I could try it.
  4. Some outrage is warranted. In the case of Cyberpunk, it was insanely hyped, the devs were heavily crunched, but it was broken and essentially unfinished upon release. In this case, the outrage seemed more geared towards the management, rather than the devs. Some outrage is just stupid, like what you're describing with the hypothetical next gen release timeline. The developer has no power over that; they do have power over the state their game releases in. Cyberpunk was already delayed more than once from what I recall; may as well have kept at it for a while longer. I was one of the
  5. If it's at all confusing, when I wrote post-Morrowind Bethesda RPGs, I literally meant that. Not post-Morrowind Elder Scrolls. It lacks any and all impact for one thing. Slashing anything in Oblivion feels like swatting at them with a foam toy. I played Nier Automata a year ago, a game with combat that I generally described as "mash left click as fast as possible". Now that's oversimplified, as you can dodge like a madman, but even then, it just feels good when you hit things. Other than that, there's hardly any skill involved in Oblivion; you pretty much just hope they die befor
  6. Uhh, yes, thank you. That was my point exactly.
  7. Well, I did write post-Morrowind Bethesda RPGs. No question that Morrowind's combat is terrible, but at the same time, it isn't a very high bar to clear. I think Oblivion clears it only just, simply by removing the tabletop dice rolls. Otherwise it's still godawful. TDM, a game where the combat is more like an afterthought, has better combat than Oblivion, for example. That's fair, voiced dialogue brings a lot to the table, even if it restricts the writing. Even bad voice-acting can have a certain charm. If I'm reading this correctly, and you mean how Skyrim got high-pr
  8. How do you view the post-Morrowind world of Bethesda RPGs? The common opinion I see is that they're fun to explore, but pretty not good in terms of everything else (writing & combat specifically). I've only ever played Oblivion, couple of years ago, debatable if it was worth it. What I do like about it, is that it produced this brilliant retrospective. If you have five hours to spare, I highly recommend it.
  9. I thought this exact same thing the other day, so I concur. Although I wouldn't mind having any reminders come with a "Get this shit out of my face" tickbox. Depends on how they'd be implemented.
  10. The more I think about it, the less I see what you were even trying to argue for. thebigh is implying that shoving the tutorial down the player's throat is hand-holding. Whether that's true or not is a game-design decision. Mentioning how software is installed is completely irrelevant. If someone prefers the presentation of the old Thief and Deus Ex, it doesn't immediately mean they want to go back to the stone age of software. I don't know why you would even bring it up. Also, if it isn't incredibly obvious, I'm on your side in this argument. I don't see any issue with either enhancing t
  11. This is what I tend to hear as well, when it comes to the Witcher series. I don't have an interest in it myself, but my brother-in-law was (or maybe still is) playing the third one, and was telling me how it's apparently very difficult.
  12. The training mission exists, it's right there. Not only that, but the mission download page literally says that the player should start with it, as well as the other prepackaged ones. That said, I'm not opposed to making that notion more prominent in the game, since I realize some people may just use the in-game downloader at all times. I didn't until just recently, because when I started, it was practically unusable. Although even then, it comes with the download. Training mission = learn the game, this isn't rocket science. At some point this reaches a point of willful ignorance on the
  13. Yeah. When the player opens the mission selector, you could have a popup that says something like "Welcome to The Dark Mod. It is highly recommended you play through the training mission first, in order to familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics. The regular missions assume that you are familiar with them. [ ] Never show this message again." Or something. Don't remember the original Thief games, but wasn't the training mission for the OG Deus Ex completely skippable, and you had to specifically select it in the main menu?
  14. That's fair. Personally, I'm young enough that I didn't play the likes of Deus Ex, Thief and System Shock 2 when they were new; like I noted in my summary of Human Revolution, it's pretty much that game alone to thank that I started branching out and got into some of these other ones. HR was a completely new world for me. I'd be hard pressed to choose between the first Deus Ex and HR. Both are excellent. Mankind Divided was a disappointment, the story just didn't go anywhere and it's maybe too similar to HR in terms of everything else. Not to mention the idiotic micro-transactions.
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