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  1. Cool mission, took me roughly 75 minutes or so (1h 44m according to the timer, but I was fucking around afk for a bit). I was expecting something more run-of-the-mill, but it definitely had some unique touches to it. The watery area being one of them, reminded me of damn Amnesia a little bit. I also particularly enjoyed how most all of the lights in the hallways had a switch attached; it feels like it's maybe getting more common, but it always irks me a little to have these kinds of electric lights that cannot be interacted with. I understand the gameplay implications, but as in this mission, can just have the AI turn them back on. Since others have mentioned them, I found two of the five secrets. I can't really be bothered to look for them specifically, so it's just whatever I stumble across. In fact, I was pretty much done with all the objectives before I found the first one. All in all, a very enjoyable mission. Certainly looking forward to playing more from you.
  2. @Geep You are correct that it would likely be confusing for a player to suddenly be unable to do anything and then quickly have to figure out what's wrong. Suppose you could throw a big "Watch out moron, you're carrying too much stuff and drowning!" message on the screen, but I doubt many would be happy with that either. And it's not like I have the technical solutions at hand myself either, as I've only ever played TDM. I haven't personally given up on any mission (I've played all of them), there just hasn't been a compelling enough reason to do so in the TDM catalogue.
  3. The most fun thing about this mission was As for this mission failing objective, I agree with joebarnin in terms of its implementation. Have them weigh you down and if you act quickly you can save yourself. I did fall into the trap my first time getting to that part, but I realized immediately what I had done wrong. And since I tend to save like a crazy person, it was what, a 5 second revert? So while, as it currently is, it's more than likely (a little) frustrating, I don't think it's worth losing your mind over. Other than that, certainly for a first mission, it's a decent one. Short, and I really would've liked to have something there in regards to what I wrote in my spoiler, but at least it's a little different.
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