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  1. It's just a little unfortunate placement for it. If you don't find it right away, you may never go back. I visited the room as soon as the mission started, just didn't open my eyes. It's like your style at this point. Just revisited CoS 1, did not remember it having that stuff in there too. Totally get it.
  2. Pretty impressive, for a first mission nonetheless. I only wished there was even more to it, the mansion was just ripe for plenty of secrets and such. The city blocks also seemed like a lot of effort for not a lot of gameplay payoff, but the world-building is definitely better off for it. I did enjoy the developments that do occur. The little details were also fun, such as the various conversations, NPC encounters, and the custom voice acting. Very stable too, didn't see any technical issues. I'm not a fan of forced no-knockout, but I'm glad almost all the lights were candles to offset it. Not to mention all the light-switches. And as mentioned, the mansion is massive, so avoiding people wasn't particularly difficult. Or who am I kidding, there was a good old AI brawl before I was finished, thanks to there being like a hundred of them. Good stuff, hopefully we'll see more by you in the future.
  3. Somehow this took me three hours. Chased that fucking ring for probably half of it. Other than that, you know it's a Bienie mission when most of the content requires climbing through apartment windows. A lot to do and find again, just fun stuff. The side content was particularly amusing, namely the I had a few of what I might consider technical issues. Well not really issues, more like notes. Still, enjoyable as always. Good job again.
  4. I already beta tested this at the time, but it was fun to see the improvements. Certainly a lot of the jank is gone, so kudos for that. A fun mission, with some novel ideas. I don't seem to remember others that tease an objective, and then make you either hard commit or leave it. That said, I'm not sure if it's because I'm running a 2.10 beta build, due to testing the new frob outlines, but I had a serious bug. When the fence offers you the lockpick, the map and the gold pouch, I couldn't for the life of me frob anything but the lockpick. So I just left the rest, and went though the entire mission. Which worked up until after the final cutscene finishes, since I'm now stuck in limbo, as the "do business with the fence" objective never completed. I skimmed through the comments, and it doesn't seem like anyone else has had it happen to them, and it worked fine back in beta testing, so could be a 2.10 quirk. Or just a rare occurrence. A pretty ambitious mission in a lot of ways, definitely points for the effort and making due with what seems to be less than ideal equipment.
  5. Agreed. Both Volta-missions are some of the best TDM has. I'm not that big on tomb-raids or underground ruins, certainly not compared to mansions or cities, but Volta 2 was really fucking good. Absolutely, love these big sprawling missions, especially when they're this well designed.
  6. If anything, the tile sounds in Thief are absurd, it's like you're wearing high-heels. Always bothered me a little bit, even if it's exaggerated for clarity. Or what do I know, maybe everyone wears boots made out of literal wood, so it's as loud as humanely possible.
  7. Right. Well, turns out there are about a billion different handpans from other companies, and they are expensive as all hell. I'm just a fan of tuned percussion.
  8. That instrument sounds so fucking good. I almost wish this track didn't have vocals, the handpan alone is so cool. Klaus Schulze wasn't too bad either, the first track in particular was pretty good. May check some of his other discography out, not familiar. Thanks for sharing anyhow.
  9. Boy was I confused when I bought the SOEL 2 album back in the day, only to realize that version of this song only had Fabio on lead vocals. What a waste. Speaking of legends, I've been listening to Susumu Hirasawa lately. This was a pretty funny live show he concocted. I suppose it's like an evolution of a DJ gig, but just waving your hands at laser beams is very amusing to watch.
  10. Had to really pick my brain to figure out what would best fit under "re-adaptation". This is a classic. Basically a re-arrangement of several Mass Effect OST tracks, with original lyrics on-top. Such a great tribute to a great trilogy. This is one of these off-genre covers. I honestly don't believe you can fuck this track up. The melody is so good that you could make a redneck country jazz version and it would probably still be lit. In this case, Astrophysics trades the acoustic instruments and choirs of the original for some 80s synthwave goodness. It would not be that remarkable just off of that, but when the pace picks up at 1:00, it's party time.
  11. I see, that was the impression I was under. Or maybe I came to that conclusion by myself. In that case, sure, if the new one is how the game is meant to be played, then it by definition shouldn't be an "option".
  12. This is it exactly. If it's not in the menus, it might as well not even exist as an option. When I sit down to play a game, I don't start off by searching the internet for what obscure variables I may be able to hack into a different form. I look at the menus and see what the developers have deemed important enough to be customizable.
  13. Yeah? When I played, say, Dishonored and Prey, I sure appreciated having all the HUD customization options in the menus, as opposed to having to hunt down console commands in forums or wiki articles.
  14. Right, sorry. Perhaps this video might be useful. It's precisely about internal leaks, and the map is built using Springheel's modules.
  15. I believe this video by Springheel should answer all of these questions. I'd also recommend the whole series, very informative.
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