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  1. I thought I had gone insane and made it up, but there was this at least. I guess when I saw the blue-tinted NPCs and the gold-tinted loot, I figured that was the direction this was going. But if not, then nevermind. And I agree, it would be pointless. If it'll be just between loot and other stuff, getting to color customize sounds good.
  2. I was wondering. If the new shader will be this rainbow color-coded thing, are there any plans for it to be customizable, beyond "on/off"? After seeing the few screenshots, I would be interested in trying out the new one for loot, but the blue-tint for NPCs is completely unnecessary, and I'd wager it would most likely be the same for other objects. By customizable, I was thinking something like: Use color coded frob shader for Everything [ ] Loot [ X ] NPCs [ ] Random Objects [ ] I suppose one could have more versions of the
  3. Just fyi, this particular user you're responding to doesn't seem to be much interested in what I would call constructive criticism, so I wouldn't sweat it. See below comment of his on another mission. Other than that, as I've mentioned elsewhere, I definitely have a lot of respect for any mapper that releases anything. I say that as an expert mapper that is halfway through the beginner tutorial.
  4. I sort of get that, especially since you probably usually only hear the first 20 seconds or so over and over, but personally I really enjoy the menu theme. Fits the mood and is quite appealing in its own right. Then again, I enjoy extreme repetition in music, if done right.
  5. Now I have to apologize to the mods, because it seems I'll keep going with this off-topic. You are clearly offended. That's fine, but if you really plan on making ground on a collaborative process like TDM, you should expect there to be those that won't just let people like you walk all over them. Every single argument you posted I've replied to, other than ones that relate to your anecdotal RL experiences. I've been very respectful while doing so. I've even given concessions (such as not deeming junk a necessity for immersive sims - as there are many immersive sims). If there are a
  6. Well off with you then, your Lordship. Don't let us peasants stand in your way. But honestly, seeing how much time you've spent on this topic alone, I doubt it's as much of a case of "I have nothing more to say", as it is "I am always right and everyone else should just accept it". That said, I have no particular beef with you other than that. If you help the mod to be better in the future, I can only benefit from it. The assets of yours I've already seen have been really nice. But you won't have things go your way all the time. Getting offended over nothing won't help your cause.
  7. Even if mappers of the future were to take this to heart, it doesn't change the 100+ missions that already exist. And since you're so high on mappers' intent being respected, surely you wouldn't go and change their mission design after the fact? Hence why this new shader is even being discussed. I'm willing to give up on the immersive-sims argument, because that term encompasses so many different types of games (tbh I don't even know what it means at this point). But as I've brought up, junk has a gameplay-element to it in TDM. In games like Dishonored and Prey, where you are a literal
  8. You have by far the most comments in this thread. If you're gonna feel so strongly about something, you should expect to be questioned by many people. Whether you want to partake or not, is up to you. I can understand being bothered by a doorbell or a ringing phone, not by a forum. And talk about wasting your time on this discussion, I'm sitting here arguing for a feature I don't even need. At least it was on company time.
  9. Right, expectations such as having customizable UI elements. Maybe an object highlight that can be aggressive or more muted? Talk about having your cake and eating it too,
  10. I mean, unless you plan on creating every mission and asset in the future, or recreating every previous one, whatever you're describing is kind of irrelevant.
  11. Correct, but as I've stated, I wouldn't be as happy with that, like you aren't with the new shader. Can't please everyone, no matter how good your intentions are. It doesn't, but it looks significantly more modern than its closest comparables, Thief 1&2.
  12. I agree, but Thief 1/2 have a much simpler graphical representation, so it really is easy to tell the loot apart from junk most all of the time. And as others have pointed out, I don't consider the act of frobbing an object to be one of the highlights of these games. And if I value it to that degree, I just turn the shader off as soon as possible; while playing Dishonored, I made the UI as minimalistic as possible, because it was more immersive that way. Just to make it clear, the only issue I consistently run into with the current shader are the paintings, where I just end up running up
  13. Kind of, but that's what the current frob shader already does. I get the feeling you would rather not have one at all, which is fair enough, but probably not going to happen. So the question remains, do we leave the current one that causes confusion, or enhance it and alleviate any immersion breaking qualities that may arise by making it optional. My choice would be the latter. As far as turning people brain-dead, I really don't see it. People still have to walk up to your objects to frob them; the only thing the new shader would do is help in fringe scenarios. Like paintings in ample lig
  14. At the end of the day, making music and/or making maps would be something for me to fill my free time with to express my creativity. None of it is easy, you're right about that, and you always take a risk when you release anything to the wild. Even in the music making business alone, I fairly often read (or think) stuff like "maybe this band should just focus on X, instead of trying to do X and Y". Hey now, it might do the opposite. "Man this mission is terrible, but the music sure is great". No doubt there are more efficient ways, but if you're really set on a particular crea
  15. From Springheel's Speed Build Challenge, final episode. Purely anecdotally, like 90% of the reason why I've toyed with creating a mission, is so that I could make my own background music for it. Just to stroke my own ego as a music hobbyist. Maybe the mission would be awful, but the idea of it all sounds pretty fun. Some musicians could specifically want to make video game music, and find that creating a TDM map is their best option. It's about having an idea or a passion, and finding a medium to express it in.
  16. Oh, well I may have made a mental error while writing my original post. Did not go back to check, so it's very possible my room assessment was wrong.
  17. What Zerg Rush said, House of Locked Secrets especially is an absolute banger of a mission. Glad to see you're still kicking. The screenshots remind me of Darkwood, hopefully this isn't as scary so I can even consider playing it.
  18. Sure, gameplay rules. I would argue the junk has some gameplay implications, as we all know how loud it is when misplaced. I can't say I've used it that often, but I think it's the kind of realism that is pretty fun when successful. Rewards thinking on your feet. As opposed to say, Thi4f, where the Distraction Objects (glass bottles) were the only throwable items. Not that I play these games for the literal garbage, but I always accepted them as one of these amusing things that exists. Thief 2 wasn't hampered by it at all in my opinion, and I don't find this new frob shader to be that big
  19. I'm not sure how extreme you're thinking with this statement, but isn't interactivity one of those fun flavors of immersive sims? You can pick food objects and eat them, you can pick up valuables and loot them, you can pick up junk and throw it around (sometimes useful, other times not). Sure you can optimize how you scatter all of it around, but in a believable environment, it tends to be all over the place. I'd rather have too many interactive objects, than too few.
  20. I mean, I like visual novels and walking simulators as much as the next guy, but I'd imagine generally people want to do "stuff" in games like this. Probably a lot of them enjoy manual jumping more than hyper-realistic object inspection. So you would just hope for a better future? But the issue already exists and there are a lot of missions.
  21. I think we're having two different conversations. My issue with loot paintings and the current highlighting is this: I agree that I can walk up to any painting and know that it's loot if it highlights. Except when I miss the highlight itself and walk away.
  22. Wouldn't this whole outlining business affect loot paintings too or am I wrong? That alone would be very helpful; if the environment is anything but pitch-black, which is hard to achieve as is since the lantern exists, the current highlighting is easy to miss when it comes to loot paintings. Especially when it's a mission with a hundred of them; if I'm just walking past a hallway, unless it's a conscious effort to click each one, I've been known to miss them along the way. I'm definitely not one to vouch for making things easier, but I never considered clicking every painting to be very r
  23. While I don't have a particular opinion on this topic at large, this is true. I think in Lord Edgar's Bathhouse, one piece of loot was a plain old green wine bottle. I recently replayed the mission, and it took me an ungodly amount of time to stumble upon it to meet the quota. And as mentioned, paintings are the worst when it comes to this, no real way of figuring out which ones are loot and which aren't. I especially like it when I forget to frob all of them from the get-go and later realize some of them are in fact loot, so now I have to hunt all of them down again.
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