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  1. Guess What? I found the screenshots folder & it works!! & look at That, they're actually labeled as the FM I was playing, instead of dump-something... Nice!!
  2. Yeah I see notta. Anyways, I do believe I've installed beta 2.11 correctly, now I just need your beta FM to see if it ALL works correctly. The PC in Sweden failed when I tried this a year ago with beta 2.10. This time all of this gets its' own drive (slow) - Fresh Install, instead. It's not on the SSD, but hey 1TB HDD should be fast enough anyway. It's the only thing there.
  3. Honestly, I don't know. I have taken screenshots with Written in Stone, but I don't know where they are. How do the images save, I mean, what are the files called? "dump-something" if I remember correctly. The game always wants to install to the game folder on C drive, so I'm wondering if they're there instead. D drive is what holds my games & other important stuff if Windows fails. I have no anti-virus stuff on any of my pc's. Hate the pop-up messages from Norton in the middle of the game & no way of turning it off without having to turn the whole thing off. They don't even have reset buttons anymore I noticed lol. I know what goes in & out hehe I check my email on my iphone first, so I don't get infected by mistake. So tell me, what is the original output "address" for the dump-pictures?
  4. Wow I thought there would be at least 3. That's sad... Anyways, with all this arctic air heading here for Christmas maybe I can get my own FM going. The one I've wanted to build for decades (meant for T2) is quite elaborate, but maybe I should just start with one that works (with flowing water, that's where it crashed for me, in TDM lol) With the new desktop it shouldn't be many issues anymore. Let me ask you this. Dark Radiant, what's the latest version these days? Do I need any more drivers or other stuff like graphics & such. I still got PhotoShop 6, so it's still cool to do new stuff too for wallpaper, paintings. Problem is, my old hdd. I don't want to open the new pc to install my old hdd as a slave just yet. There's other ways, these days. No CD/DVD on this one either. Using my old laptops external thing from Samsung to install older stuff like T2 & T3, but there seems to be an issue with Win 11. I'll figure it out eventually. Were you doing horror themed too? Not into those really. Mansion/Castle maps is the original of my idea. It's actually the lay out of Bamburger Castle in the UK. So, if there is no contest, yet, how far to plan for a new one? Valentine's?
  5. No Beta testing yet for the contest missions? Christmas is just around the corner
  6. If it was only that simple So, I'm running around in the library with the floating books. What am I looking for in there? Been up the tower, sitting on a desk on the first floor of the library watching the dead go by me. Are they killable? I can see them with the xray glasses too, funny...
  7. yeah I got those. That was stupid on my behalf... They were like right there... dummy
  8. I like this mission It's taken many tries, but with the new pc it plays smooth now. But now I'm stuck close to the end of phase 1 (I know there's more with this size) Can someone lead me to the library? It's not on the map...
  9. I've never over-clocked any of my pc's. I make sure I buy them I can run T2 & TDM. I'll install them both at the store just incase However this pc came with an nvidia sub-menu to actually over-clock for gaming, but I don't know how that works & I don't care. As long as it works
  10. Yeah, but I couldn't wait any longer. I just played and finished Iris & The Black Mage. Working on Lucy now. Still got Written In Stone to do too. None of these would work with an asus with windows 7. Now I can take all these old pc's and laptops and recycle them. The batteries suck and the desktops/towers are all outdated. I used to build my own for just gaming, but now tech is so far forward that even a Lenovo can do it & then there's the idea of building my own TDM FM one day, with 12 cores of processing power maybe now I can get the water in the moat to work. That's when I stopped last. The water kept crashing the old pc's Now I just have to relearn Dark Radiant again... When is the Christmas contest due? Maybe I can make a little snowy one... I love the snow in T2 & TDM & just incase, the water will be frozen lol
  11. the i5 processor is $899. The i7 is $999. I got the i7
  12. That's too bad, I killed him and tried to take his coins...lol
  13. Lenovo IdeaCentre 5 Gaming Desktop - 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700 - GeForce RTX 3060 - Windows 11, 16Gb ram, 512Gb SSD, 1 Tb HDD.
  14. Haven't tried that yet lol
  15. Acolytesix

    New PC :)

    Hi guys, just wanted to let everyone know I bought a brand new gaming pc, so now I can beta test without anymore problems I'm gonna go play long awaited Lucy now
  16. So did that key in the drawer ever get fixed?
  17. Ok, I found some issues, yet I will say I could actually play this little game on my mom's 6 year old laptop. Was a bit bumpy with the frame rate, but it worked. The bigger FMs just crash it.
  18. This is driving me nuts! Sorry about the delay. Trying to upgrade my xfinity to 900mbs, but it only gives me 118mbs, so most of everything won\t work. Just like my keyboard for some reason. Anyway, I\m in for testing. This speed issue should be resolved soon.
  19. Hi guys, I'm glad I didn't get a new PC yet. My old nVidia had 3.88Ghz or something I think. Don't remember. It was always the RAM that was important before. So an FM that craves 5 Ghz or more? What processor is that now? Had the i5 in my xfx machine. What's the best, but not most expensive machine to get for these newer FM's? I like building them myself, but I'm not spending 6K again. Not with todays technology! Any suggestions? Mom's HP laptop works with smaller games (20 or less Mbs) with TDM with the 2.10 & Win 10, but even the Acer Desktop with Win 11 is having slag issues with the latest version. If I'm gonna build my own FM (one day) I need to know this for the future
  20. Just wanted to let you know the in-downloader for the game does not show up on the list to download. I went to play the released version, but there's nothing there...
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