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  1. Wow, thanks. I remember 1-4. Then skipping 6, cuz of the theme, but how I missed 5 is beyond me. lol
  2. Hey, I found a TDM fm title "Phasebook", but I can't find a download link anywhere. Any ideas?
  3. Honestly I don't remember where I found that key. It's just labeled 'Mysterious Key'. I'll let you know IF I find the door it opens I remember doing the puzzle with the last time. It was the that was found completing that one right? Back to the library
  4. So I decided to give this another try. I got a lot further than last time while Beta testing. After the update to 2.09 everything got a lot brighter. It was so dark before I couldn't find anything. I found a Mysterious key. Where does that go? Also, got into the court side, but where is the key to the Quarters side? Gotta go back to the underwater station. The hammer crucifix for the . Forgot that, but I don't remember if it was frobable back there now that I think about it. The hall with all the paintings and stuff. How does that puzzle work? Found a readable about it, but don't get it. Got the puzzle with Wilbur's after a while.
  5. I found a to put on the tray. All I got were 2 extra spiders. Do I have to come with all the ? I see a dead guy laying up on a shelf. Is that the ? How do I get up there? I'm also stuck in the octogon room with the tree or vines or whatever that is . How do I climb it to the next level? Also, there's a cliff with a patroling apebeast with a torch. Shot it dead, but how do I get up over there?
  6. Quick question. Where in the creepy attic is the heart? I keep killing the shadows, but they keep coming back, as the note says...
  7. I must say, this is an awesome mission!! Back in 2013 I was not playing Zombie missions at all. Took years to get they're scary shit out of my head. Now I just target with water arrows to torches. Got all 4 holy water left, probably more around somewhere. So, I got as far as the colored torch fountains. Got the tome, thought that would say something. Is there a Any hints please. Gotten so far without help...
  8. Ok, so that was awesome. No help needed at all in the 3rd installment I don't know if the vote ticker still ticks, but I voted... I liked it. Was only missing 180 in loot.
  9. Oh, where do I download #3 - Art of Revenge ? Yeah, so I got another 3 pk4 zip file & took it out of there Loading now
  10. I wonder if I should do the same for now? Jump to 2. I mean I don't have a 3. Oh yeah, can download that later. Nope, a few more minutes later & I finished 1. I'm at my house in mission 2 right now. Dinner break Just a curious question. It's been 6 years and a pandemic. Anyone ever put the whole campaign together into one big playable file / game? While the whole wiki links are a mess, the list helped a lot with different time frames of my life. I could back track (12 years or so) to see which FM's I have missed over the years. Downloading them from that list is a no go. However, if you manually search for each and every one in the forums you will find the author & ask them for a new link to their FM. It's worked so far A lot of the author's links are also way out of date or on places that don't exist any more. Google drive seems to be getting more popular for downloading fm's it seems. More google accounts, since way back then
  11. So guys, I need a little help too. I managed piecing these 2 fm's together somehow. Really a stroke of luck. There's a 3rd one? In Angel's Tear (the 1st one). I got the The 3rd one I don't get. I followed the lord from his office, to the library & back again to his office (that was a ways). No mention or hint on where that may be Thought he'd lead the way to some place he'd check on. In his office he only goes up to the bust, turns around & continues on his walk, muttering things about me - the thief. If only I could knock him out... One more question. The tear. I've looked everywhere. Thought it would be in the in the observatory. If I had that it would be down there somewhere
  12. Glad you brought that up. I have never ghosted a mission (successfully), so I would appreciate a hint on the blackjack or pan or broomstick or whatever. Not really into the sword either, but no BJ I won't get far. Luckily, I just found the so I'm in the basement. 2 water arrows & torches everywhere. Where do I go to look for it? & never mind, the key & sum arrows really persuaded me to keep going but now the game crashed I was up on the second floor in a room with a maiden sleeping. Was sneaking up to her to knock her out & it just went straight to desktop. I'm gonna restart & try again.
  13. You got another link to this FM? thedarkmod.com 's links are all screwed up for now & the installer won't work either.
  14. I did that whole series. I was just wondering, since the text also says to play 'In The North' 1st. Before Braeden. May as well write the whole series 1st then. Logically it should fit between part 1 & 2, WS 1.5 I already started Braeden anyway...
  15. Where can I download the FM 'In The North' ? A link to the 1st post where it's mentioned should have a link, I think
  16. It says it's Not a Steele mission in the text, so no it won't be there. Any other ideas on where to download it?
  17. 'Braeden Church' is in the TDM downloader, but not mission 1 'In the North'. I don't remember any of them, so I thought I'd start with the 1st one.
  18. Didn't Komag have a tutorial to get you going on the right track or was that for Thief 2? I opened DR & the user guide, but I'm at a loss. I have totally forgotten how the whole thing works. I know someone had a tutorial for DR. I built a room and hallway, put some torches & furniture in, made Garrett's starting point. Stuff like that. Brushes & skyboxes. But when it came to flowing water that old system crashed over & over, so I gave up (10 years ago). Water was very important to that mission idea. This time not so much. Just one olympic size pool with a greek backdrop Filling it should be interesting this time around. If that works I'll also put in the horse fountain, if I can ask for help in creating it. It was bronze with 4 horses & stuff. There's a pic of it at the Newburgh library in New York. Well, back in 1987. It got 'lost', the fountain itself. My butt, it either got melted down or put up somewhere else. The thing was like 6 tons alI in all. Doubt it's online. Was gonna try to find the blueprints to the mansion in some historical place. It was built 1774. It's gone now. They tore it all down & built condos. Luckily I got photo-memory, so I remember the whole lay out as if I was there yesterday. Back in 1992 I built a 'smaller' scale bird house of the main house & the 4 wings. The birds liked it
  19. Just realized I got my old profile pic on ttlg.com :) 

  20. Can I go down to the crypt before setting the zombies off?
  21. So, I see I never finished this due to my car accident back in 2016. Went to Sweden right after and forgot about the mission until now. Restarted the whole FM, due to an update somewhere & after 5 years I had forgotten the whole layout. Still I get stuck in the big generator/boiler room. I took out everyone, even the captain, so I can explore without being disturbed. I'm in the basement with a bunch of generators/boilers, but where do I find the crypt? I did a save before jumping down to the study & getting the . I thought this was what started the zombies, so I backed up & thought I'd explore every aspect before letting them loose. So if I kill the , I avoid Zombies? I really hate Zombies! Any help would be greatly appreciated
  22. Thought I'd finish this & get started on "Plumb Point" this Memorial Weekend
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