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  1. I read somewhere that I'm supposed to go under the . I was just there & I got all the way down in the cistern too, but found the secret under the could be buried, but no luck there. Thought I'd report a little bug down in that when walking on the bottom of the pool, thinking I'd walk up the edge, but no. I go through the slope and into space. There's even stars there. Thought I was closer to finding that Can I get a spoil on where in the pumphouse area I go to get to the ?
  2. Thankyou for that. I feel like such an idiot. I didn't even see the oil lamp up there...hehe I gotta ask though. In the vent tunnel, across from the generator there's a room with a hovering solid black box that is not frobable. What is that there for? Out front of the manor there are 2 guards. 1 arrow proof face & the other not. The one without got shot in the face just now & he dies, but then the screen flashes black & the game crashes. Didn't even have time to save... Gonna reboot & try again, gotta clear the streets for Lilly & I . There's no roof walks with her on my back lol
  3. That happened to me to. Didn't find no either. The last stone when leaving the campsite. I jumped onto it and instead of being able to jump off, the rock passed through me (since it's moving) & finally I fell into space. Luckily I save all the time, so didn't lose too much, but then I backed up all the way before entering the twilight zone because I can't figure out how to get to the altar after the fire chamber ?? Do you remember? And how do I get back to the city?
  4. So, I backed up to an earlier save. Right before entering the other dimension in the bizarre library. I couldn't wait, I really Love this FM. It's so BIG I'll go back to that again later. Anyway, in Marlow's Manor, in the basement. I need help locating a key that goes to the door (above the room where the painter's wife is being held hostage), I'm guessing that's where the in the basement somewhere, but I can't find it. In the Machine Room, after turning off the turbine I noticed a frobable vent behind it. I can't get to it since the turbine is in the way, but how do I get into that wall from another way?
  5. Oh wait, the water isn't supposed to do that? Mine is the same, but I got passed it & passed the fire chamber, but what do I do in the altar room, to get across to the altar?
  6. Wow, I never finished this one last year. Couldn't find my way around this huge map. I like what you've done with the in-game map in the update. I remember the old one, couldn't see anything. Good Job!! I need a spoiler.
  7. Nah I'm good. I'll wait. I got 3 other TDM missions I seem to have missed. You should direct people to ttlg.de 's site. They have an extensive FM library as well. Google has a translator now. Good to know since the whole site is in German. The translator box pops up to the upper right when you enter the site. You gotta do this every page you visit, but so worth it. Tried registering there, but something is not letting me. Tried their e-mail, but it came back, so I don't know about that part.
  8. I don't know where to put technical stuff when it comes to the in-game downloader/installer, but since it has to do with the FM's, well you guys move it if need be I tried downloading the updated version of The Siege Shop, but I got a pop-up with something went wrong and I should contact the admin. Didn't catch the whole note cuz it disappeared really quick. It did not download either way. I got a question. When you download an updated FM, does it automatically replace the 1st version? You got to start again right or can you go where you left off? I found some double copies of games that have updates, but I just updated Snowed Inn & there's only one copy of that on the list.
  9. To stumble across this FM exactly 9 years 1 month after it was released. I don't get how I missed so many missions over the years. Just started the mission and I really don't want to read a bunch of spoilers to find the lock-picks. Got the house & basement keys. Anyone remember where they are? *So, I did start reading the posts. Ahh, there are no lock-picks & no Killing. That would explain why I didn't try it way back then. Didn't master the BJ in TDM for the longest, but now I'm gonna give it a shot. Why not.
  10. Oh ok, just say'n it was helpful though by getting the names there, I could find them on the mission list @thedarkmod
  11. Someone needs to fix the links on the wiki page or remove the whole page! https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Fan_Missions_for_The_Dark_Mod That S is a mess. Not many links go to the actual FM that one wants. It goes to an FM, but not the one you think you clicked on.
  12. All this free time really got me to explore all the missions I've somehow missed. Like the Accountant 1 & 2. Got through 1 without getting stuck, but not this one lol. I don't know how/where to proceed. I'm in the building (1st floor) where the broken elevator is. Went back up the vent to find the 'vent note' & back to the start, but I can't find anyway out of these 2 buildings connected to each other with the vent duct. Please help.
  13. So I ended up taking the elevator up without scroll . Got to the tomb. Found all the secrets & stuff in there. Desmond's hideout is topside right? Found my way out, but the forest is so thick. I don't remember which way lol Found a glitch here. When climbing up the rope arrow up to the tree branch I turned to fetch the arrow and land on the edge. Instead, I can get the arrow, but I'm still hanging on to an invisible rope. Can't climb up or down, but I can jump off.
  14. Yeah please confirm #2 I really hated that whole zombie tower thing. Trying to keep my fire arrows for the "tomb". The zombies really suck at walking into mines, actually, that would be a good place to start now then. Got the tablets. But wait, just remembered the elevator. I gotta do the zombie tower 1st then. Please confirm scroll #2...
  15. What am I missing? Found scroll 3 & 4. Where is 1 & 2? Is it one or both of them that won't complete an objective if I take the elevator up & blow up the tunnels? If not where is, what I'm missing? I'm guessing the one will be in the area? Haven't been there yet. I'm gonna give it a rest for tonite. Will play more tomorrow
  16. MM: I think it's scroll #2 (in a cavern while hunting runes) or #3. One of those. Thanks, now I can get back. Sitting on the one with the diamonds & mine
  17. You'll see the service key. It's next to a dead human. Don't think you can miss it
  18. Found the fuses. Now I'm finding Runes to be exact. I looked up at the zombie tower with the hovering rock & thought, Hope you saved your water arrows I am actually stuck up in the zombie tower where there are the 3 images of runes. Or what do I do here? It was scary as F to get up here!!
  19. Literally right next to it. where you found the other one... Tricky The key goes in the
  20. Can I get a hint (what area) on where Fuse 1 may be? Found 2 & 3 and started the 2 of 3 rings in the generator room. Nice to look at
  21. Yeah, I found those when back tracking
  22. Umm Fire arrows? Thought of those, so where do I find those? By the time I get an answer to that they'll probably all be dead anyhow (now that I know the secret to those lol) Gonna try to close & reopen everything again...
  23. Nice new mission :) Just having some issues with keys. Found 2 that are unfrobbable, so far: 1 in the Took forever to get that unlocked with the robot guard & once inside that key too is unfrobbable. Those keys are important right? Are those robot guards stoppable with something?
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