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  1. Devianting from gameplay considerations, I also think guards would have a much more static predictable route than commoners or monsters. That could be also a way for the mapper to add both static and dynamic paths to a FM but keep consistency to the player in that some AI are predictable on their routes (guards) while others won't (undead, nobles, etc.).
  2. glad you find my categories helpful Dussander ... actually they worked quiet well for me stayed focus so far. My ground floor I'm brushing is about 16 areas/rooms (with 6 - 9 more to add for the lab & dungeon) and I found that is more than it might sound first (depending how much details you plan to put in). just say so that you're prepared for as you might well go into the 20's rooms as well regards your plan. I guess your lab will be locked not to enter before getting some key (or similiar) from the staff/class rooms. Not all players like such keyhunt. However I will have a locked off area as well in my map you can also only get after been in the secret labs of my "nursery" - so quiet vice versa than yours . Actually I think "key hunting" it's quiet a valid - even sometimes necessary and even fun - mechanism especially in small non-linear maps, provided it's well used and not frustrating as of not logical or a too well hidden location of the "key" that opens an locked-off area. You seam to plan not having any students around the time of taffing. And both Inventors and maybe even one of the nobles (for the fine arts) might work well as professors Keep us updated.
  3. Gentleman Inventor should do as lector/teacher/mentor (see below) ... as for students, hmmm.... why are the embedded screens so crappy? do the forum heavy compress them automatically here?
  4. FMA's may use the difficulty implemetations to make differences. This may cover challange rates and preferences which do correlate imo. For example like this: Easy: static behaviour (with random wait times) Medium: static with a few dynamic twists added (going to the kitchen / toilet, turning directions, a few random forks to path corners and anims) Hard: much dynamics included (lots of random fork to path and anim corners)
  5. Definetly! I love doing that as player and hurray every time a mapper thinks about including that. I try every ivy and drainpipe I see and can reach and I'm disappointed if ivy, chains and drainpipes are NOT climbable. In my opinion these should be climbable as standard. I do not try broken walls and banners normally for I had never had the situation them being climable. But I really would applaud it and find it much rewarding to find out if sometimes unexpected things are usable. For these more "exotic" vertical ways it would be good if FMA's embed a hint in the story for"some other way to go" in a readable, visually or in the briefing for non-usual ways of possible movement do exist. So I say it's good to have some climables you can rely on (ladders, ivy, pipes and chains). But not to make everything standard as finding out as player that there are ways to climb sometimes that are not "standard" do make you feel clever and accomplishing when seaching, trying and then finding the new way that is hinted in the story or visually that such unusual climable do exist. On a sidenote: One thing should be considered if making many objects climbable by default in a FM is that it may have a huge impact on gameplay - actually make it more easy for the player (more player routes, especially more safe zones) which could be intended from the FMA as other routes being set more risky by design (more lights, AI archers/spellcasters). ... This hasn't specifically to do with what kind of objects are made climable so may be some offtopic to the first post. Anyway I feel it is something that isn't much considered and thought of in gameplay design in many TDM FMs I played so far. For example I love the non-ladder climable ways to the church roof in Biker's St. Alberic. However these are all absolutly "safe" zones and while cool to discover don't feel much rewarding having accomplished climbing them. They woud have been if lightend well or made it high tension having some AI very near by. In Jesps' Flakebridge it felt very rewarding getting up to the beams via the ladder as you had to avoid the AI first and find and sneak to that ladder through the whole church to make your climb (if coming from the main entrance as I did). Even if you decide to use the rope arrow instead you had to find and sneak first to a good safe spot past the patrolling attentive AI. Great setting of AI, Climables and Beams imo. in that FM. The rope walk added to that for I was uncertain first if it's solid or not. Much rewarding it was!
  6. @ Dussander You might noticed that Melan adopted Atti's unfinished WIP that I he/she revealed is a large university/academic map. The following factions is what Atti has in mind study in Bridgeport Academy (that might be changed as Melan see fit though!). ---- In the deep of Bridgeport lies the Fangedbarrow Facility, an enclosed school of arts and science. Students work under 4 banners that is separated into two main 'factions': The Tists: Are into artistical type of studies Makers: theatre, painting,sculpting,music Believers: theology, magic, alchemy The Tects: Are into scientific type of studies Engineers: geology, architecture, mechanics, electricity Observers: astronomy/optics, chemistry/physics, math ... ---- It's up to you, but I think it would be great and really beneficial for TDM world lore if you and Melan might want to share ideas to build up a consistency regards setting a Bridegport academic background/factions.
  7. Glad to hear ... looking forward to the polished version!
  8. I feel the same like Sotha. You might like to add the options "static + few dynamic" and "static + lot dynamic"
  9. Thanks for offering Biker. I archive all contributed maps and their regular updates on Fidcal's server for reasons in the first post. Melan has adoped Atti's map. Please PM him for any questions or offers to this map. I flagged you to adopt Johannes uncompleted work if you think you can lift working on that alongside continuing MD and Flanders aborted WIP's. If all that projects become to many to make complete please do consider contributing some of these unfinished work here for any mapper interested as well.
  10. sure! ... as long a work is "free for adoption" (still or again) the original author always can pick his work up again. I added that in the first post to clarification.
  11. How had the brushing weekend with the wife out of town been Brethren?
  12. I gave up on Mitering after a month experimenting. As Brethren predicted - it becomes to much pain if you often need to resizing brushes for probably little to none tris gain. Edit: found that for a few occations it still make sense though to ease texture usage.
  13. No - at least how the project is currently structured: Everyone making their map as everyone do like (theme, size, story) and cluing all together at the end with a campaign main story (and probably a few twists/changes here and there needed for that in each map). And that makes sense to me! That way it allows for people not only to drop out, but also to drop in anytime before the last phase had began: making a story and building the campaign from our individual missions. No one should be forced to spend his time with mapping - if someone spend his time otherwise no problem for me as long we aren't in the final phase or anyone slowed down by that. We therefore should definitely base the campaign that way that if people drop (and we know people do) it won't affect the others which are keen getting something cool being completed However I would like to see people at least communicate. What they are up with their maps, rough status, exciting findings or problems they ran into . Also if they drop out for whatever reasons. So it depend what aim are you like to get at. Regards to the forum posts so far Brethren and me did start with our maps. If I understand your post Ungoliant you are rolling ideas for your map and the campaign story? And Jaxa at least started his mapping thread. What is the status with you other guys? [Edit: deleted some campaign internal info]
  14. That's one reason why I'm quiet detailed with my progress in my mapping thread ;-) ... and it's good to see accomplishments and have some overview of rough progress estimate for oneself as well to keep motivated. Of course it may not need be that much detailed as I try it for my campaign map if you don't need some guideline of tasks and progress track to keep yourself focused. [Edit: deleted some campaign internal info]
  15. thanks grayman, so if reading it well these are the candidates so far: tdm_stone_brick.mtr tdm_metal_grate.mtr tdm_decals_vegetation.mtr tdm_stone_cobblestones.mtr tdm_roof.mtr tdm_nature_dirt.mtr Ammo retrieval is nice for vine arrows
  16. Thanks Springheel. While deciding please make sure all the materials they grow to will have an easy distinguishable common visual feature players can rely on to avoid try and error ( + waste of ammo) frustrations
  17. As the Topic Description says... Also, are vine arrows restricted to verticals (walls) or are they as well designed to be able to hang from any horizontals (like ceiling)? Tracker 2787and Wiki are still vague on what to expect from 1.07 on. All advance spec info will be of help consider them for WIP maps ... Thanks.
  18. You might like to add it here as well Ungoliant. Really some good stuff in this video.
  19. What happened to your Curtains video Biker? Edit: forget my comment, I did forget about that damn proxy filter while been at work
  20. It had become the second important method for me in DR after Clipper. If you get used to it these steps are a matter of seconds and give you the flexibility to scale individual verts and axes. However a "scale all axes" option in the Scale Tool would be a helpful addition. Just passing the knowledge .... honor to whom honor is due: All praise is to be credited to ungoliant I've learned this from! Didn't expected this not to be common knowledge. I wonder how you guys did create your maps without?
  21. You can scale and shape any brush in DR like this: o Select the brush o (best) choose minumum grid size, but maximum 1 unit o Put Vertices Mode for Edges ON o Select all Verts of the brush which should be scaled o Open Modify --> Scale, set X,Y,Z to the same numbers and scale each side the same amount (in case if you want a symetric scale) o Use snap to grip if needed to put the scaled bursh tight with other brushes is this what you're looking for?
  22. STiFU came up with this. I use it ever since. Very convenient!
  23. Fantastic! It would rock if you succeed grayman I'm very confident. Having the story idea and characters already set to build upon is a huge step done imo. - and really not the easiest one! You get all my fingers crossed! ... And don't forget to post updates whenever you feel and in need of new spirit, energy and motivation from us taffer fellows
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