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  1. I just saw this poll. I just turned 50 last year. I have been computing in various forms since the age of 5 when our school got an Apple ][. I see people posting images of their first computers... Well, here is my first personal computer: The Coleco Adam https://www.oldcomputers.net/adam.html It was recommended by a tech-savvy relative. When it came to programming, particularly BASIC, it was almost completely compatible with Applesoft Basic.
  2. Hey thanks for the advice. I will pay attention to non-world-spawny things and make sure they are func_static.
  3. Greetings TDMers. Question about brushes such as NODRAW, LADDER, and similar brushes. When should those be converted to func_static or left as worldspawn? Is there any harm in leaving small brushes like this as worldspawn?
  4. I think I have a way to do this without scripting. The idea of the Key entity and key targets seemed to pan out. What do you all think? ---------- 1) the inventory object to pick up in the map is an atdm:key_base with the model and inv_model overridden. So, this looks like a custom inventory item. 2) the target objects to use this are atdm:froblock entities with their used_by as the entity #1, trigger_targets enabled, sounds customized, etc. In my case, make a sound, emit a puff of smoke, then simply remove the target item, all things that can be done with relays and targets. So far, this seems to do what I intend. Does this seem sound? Now that I look back on this convo, I didn't explain what I intended well enough. I bet some experienced mapper could have suggested this. So, my apologies.
  5. Hey thanks. I could look at a mission and attempt to decipher. If I can't handle it that way, I may ask for a test map. I might even request an example be put in the training mission. Or I put it there myself after my own mastery. I *can* script as I am a programmer by trade and understand the fundamentals. I am just pleasantly inexperienced so far!
  6. Yeah, that is the intent. After stepping away, maybe this could be USE or FROB: 1) Select item in inventory, then highlight the target entity and FROB (right click). Or... 2) Select item in inventory, then highlight the target entity and and USE item (enter key). I would prefer not scripting at this time, if possible. I was looking for examples of this type of action in existing maps to see what techniques could be used or copied.
  7. Hello all. I have a hopefully easy question. I just can't seem to search it properly. I want the player to select an item in the inventory (not drop to hands) and then USE (frob and then use key) on an object in the map. But, the frob should only happen when that object is selected in the inventory and not just general frob. If I am confusing this with triggering, I apologize. Is there an example in an exiting map that I can study that does this type of thing? I don't recall from any maps about this. Or, what is the general way to do this? The intent is to have the player find this inventory item and then go to various objects in the map and USE this item on the map objects. Advice? Thanks Clint
  8. I am going to sort-of reveal that this is loosely like the nature of my upcoming mission. I noted it here when JackFarmer asked about things that are coming along in this post: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/profile/37993-jackfarmer/&status=3943&type=status It too is a builder church. The player is requested by a hopefully famous character in another mission to handle some business that is affecting the congregation. I am looking to invoke some info and history laid down in other missions as a hook story.
  9. Hello again, TDMers. I am at a point where I need to lay monsterclip below uneven terrain to ensure sensible AI pathfinding. Consider three methods that produce the same top surface profile, though I imagine more are possible: 1) Flat layers one on top of another but not overlapping. 2) Blocks that intersect through each other/overlap. 3) Big central block with non-overlapping "steps" around that block. Is there any best way to do this? Any worst way? No real difference? #1 and #2 use only two brushes while #3 uses more, so, I imagine fewer brushes is better. Advice? Clint
  10. Boom. This was the suggestion that fixed my problem. Adding 3 to the frobbox_size arg on each coin made them comfortably frobable in this situation. Now I can easily get the frob dot. Very much appreciated.
  11. Thanks all for the suggestions. I will give this a good poking at and see what I can see. I have attached a pic of the fountain showing the fountain (func static), the coins, and the water patches (I have them as func static as I am trying things out). And, newbie alert: I ran into the pathfinding problem with a VisPortal that had one "nestled" side as caulk. Tore my hair out figuring that one out. I tried Scripts \\ Test for invalid VisPortals did not catch that (should it?). I might do a more methodical test on that in the future. Thanks again.
  12. Hello again TDMers. I have a "fountain" (more like a big bird bath) that I want to have water in and some loot coins. How do I make it so that the coins are frobable through the water? I presently have a patch textured with water, however, it is not "frob-through." Advice? Clint
  13. I will do this. Just gotta dig up my tracker login info! I have this feeling that there was another bug or maybe forum conversation about missing entity spawnargs in general. I will try to make sure I am not creating a dupe entry before doing so. Appreciated. Clint
  14. Hello again TDMers. I am using Text entities to make notes on the map of things I need to do. However, I constantly need to manually add the TEXT property every time I add one. The Text is the basic reason I am adding these things. Is there a way to make the TEXT property show up by default when I create the Text entity? Maybe also the Force property (defaulted to 0) and playerOriented (defaulted to 0)? I use these three properties regularly, but they are not present by default. Appreciated. Clint
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