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  1. Oh goodness, yeah it does, but, blech! I mean the mission has some really good parts, but those repeating teleporting sections were hard to love
  2. Yes, he's almost two now, very cute and talkative. I almost ruled out "Garrett" as a name just because of the game, but I figured "don't worry about it" and just go with whatever name we liked best irregardless of any game characters. So in the end it's really just a coincidence (but a cool one I guess!)

  3. Hey Hit Deity, you're in for a treat! Some missions are better than others (of course). Return to the City is one of the best - you might "save it for later" or play it right out of the gate, depending on your sentiments. But definitely play through the training mission, it's well done and does a good job of helping you learn the new ropes (slight pun intended)
  4. could always go the magic route - small stone box with a gem encrusted interior that magically captures voice or something like that. But tech speaking, i don't even like the Victrola's, far too modern for my tastes, so I would definitely be against anything more modern or compact than that
  5. I thought Ranstall Keep was B&W for TDP, then redone for TMA in Sepia tones
  6. That chasm with the two castles looks like some old Team Fortress Classic maps I recall!
  7. In one of the "Ranger's Apprentice" series of books, the main character does the "bottle of wine" trick - he knocks out one of the enemy encampment guards, and later steals some of the wine from the camp supplies and goes back and splashes all over the front of the unconscious guard's tunic and leaves the half empty bottle in his hands, so that when the superiors find him there will be no suspicion of their enemy, only the guard himself!
  8. I'm more with pusianka on this one, I would like the feature, and I believe it would be utilized more than almost never
  9. Just played this map. Good: - dark forest first impressions - view of the pond - view of the initial cabin interior - red spider pet - "conversations" - view of swamp - view of castle hallways - view of castle library - interaction in prison - boss special effects - performance was fine for me Bad: - boring buildings - hard to climb out of pond (can climb on rocks) - nothing to find in pond - key-hunt - nonsense story and objectives - boring church - no loot/gear in broken attic area (can reach by hauling crates and jump-mantling) - boring empty building in forest - can't hear man in swamp - beside the one book, nothing else to find in library, no readables, no loot, no secrets, NOTHING - misaligned wood beam textures (esp in library when community mentioned the need to fix them months ago from screenshots) - duke-it-out boss battle with ridiculous overpowered boss - washed out light at the end A good noobie effort I think, I'll put it that way.
  10. ...torrent...and then you get a threat email from your ISP that the copyright owner has tracked you via the torrent trackers and could press legal action if the want and that it violates the ISP agreement and such and such. You may want to avoid all that.
  11. I think it's called "sparklies", I think I know what you mean. I don't know the cause, and it's a problem I despise. I don't know of a reliable way to avoid the problem. After noticing an area where these show up, just moving things a bit or rebuilding in some slightly different way can sometimes make it go away, so that's about all we can do (I think).
  12. Truly impressive, fun, awesome mission! I had finished it but missed a lot of loot and the optional objective, so I got a few hints here and got a lot more done. This is a great mission to show off what the Dark Mod can do! I probably spent about four hours enjoying my time, THANKS!
  13. In my experience, it is very common to pay with credit card, less common (relatively) to use PayPal
  14. I added a review to it, should help raise its rating a bit!
  15. Those bumps were only a cover for the little "blank" objects I stuck in those corners to trigger the sound syncing for the "CHINK CHINK" near the top and the long wind "SWOOSH"s near the bottom
  16. Wow, thanks for the kind words! I had a blast making it too! Here's a quick vid how to reach that platform:
  17. It looks extremely basic, just a few rounded corners here and there but mostly boring and blocky and super-simple, why "convert", just build something better from scratch in very little time
  18. I've just played the first two Rockbourg missions, and they have lots of real looking doors that end up being unfrobbable, and I found that I preferred that to the totally fake texture doors. So in this case I prefer handles. It will be up to the map author to avoid placing unfrobbable doors in hard to reach locations that players will struggle to reach only to be terribly disappointed. At least the author could include some little loot treasure on the sill or nearby so the player at least gets some reward for the venture.
  19. Yeah, I bought FRAPS probably seven years ago, I've gotten my money's worth probably 15 times over by now. They keep improving it too, STILL, and it records high-res stuff with not too much performance hit while playing, very nice. I don't know of anything else that even comes close. I know people can sometimes manage to get their hands on some illicit unlocked version, but this is one of those programs that is worth paying for to support them.
  20. That just made me LOL! I look forward to this small mission Melan!
  21. that list pic, of the interface, looks sci-fi like Star Trek!
  22. crouch in.... DARKMOOOOOOOOD! climb ropes in... DARKMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD!!!!! :D
  23. I can say that you get what you pay for in a mic, and there is a HUGE difference in quality as you pay more. Not sure what the exchange rate is, but cheap $10-$50 mics will not be good enough, you'll need to spend probably at least $100 (but maybe $100 mic would be good enough)
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