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  1. They will be, fixing that is a different problem.
  2. That "graphics card" is not meant for gaming. GPU Memory1GB DDR3 Memory Interface128-bit Memory Bandwidth29.0GB/s CUDA Cores192 EDIT: You can probably get the game running at 30 fps by extreme tweaking, OR, https://www.ebay.com/itm/GIGABYTE-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1060-Mini-ITX-3GB-GDDR5-PCI-Express-3-0-Video-Card/154048649813?epid=245224489&hash=item23de03da55:g:DqgAAOSw7DRfOb7p Was surprised just how much better it is: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-Quadro-K600-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1060-3GB/m8080vs3646 EDIT 2: Also, r
  3. The issue there might be when the campaign system goes to load the next map and the player doesn't have it, might crash, or just throw a warning. Releasing it as a full fledged campaign would have to be a separate download, and it could be named different like William Steele: Campaign or something like that. That was people would know that is the full campaign and now play the individual missions.
  4. Would you be opposed to someone else making it into a campaign?
  5. Ah, ok. Low-Violence is a relative term.
  6. Ok, I see those errors in my fresh 2.08 install, but I don't have black models though.
  7. Don't have any of those missing, it's your install, run the installer again, let it check.
  8. Well so it does, I swear I tried that on my desktop and it didn't do anything......Hmmm, well, we'll see if the commit gets rejected then.
  9. No. If you don't need it, don't use it.
  10. Yes but being able to Creep when crouched and walking when Always Run is enabled is something you would probably want to do. That doesn't work when Always Run is enabled. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5320 Fixed in Trunk.
  11. So by default, Creep doesn't work when always run is enabled, even if you slow down with the Walk modifier, then press creep, nothing happens. What I added, both those scenarios are fixed.
  12. Well duuuuhhhhh the reason there is none is because that adds the same amount of slowing down as just pressing and holding SHIFT to toggle walking mode. BTW, you can creep while running by holding down SHIFT key to enter walk mode, then CTRL (on my keybinds) to enter creep mode. Well that worked, I added the same modifier to running but decreases the run speed to only 22%, so you can go from full running to creeping and vise versa.
  13. Yeah the creep modifier is reduce by 44%, it's only applied to walking speed. I'm attempting to add code to apply a 44% decrease if creep modifier key is pressed while running, give me a sec to test.
  14. TDM has envshot already, which will create a 6 sided box images, front, back, left, right, top, bottom.
  15. No problem man, but we've visited this topic before, and the number of complaints is actually really low. Of the number of people who use the mod, it's a handful of people who chime in, maybe 5-6 at the most. The success of the mod in general indicates that the VAST majority of people do NOT have an issue with the blacjacking, especially since BJing is such a prominent feature of the game.
  16. I totally get where you're coming from man. But, it's been explained HOW to blackjack in THIS game, saying that it still doesn't work like the other games, or you can't play in a similar style is holding you back. Abandon what you know, learn what works and what doesn't. The distance that the black jack works is not some magical number that's always changing, it's hard coded based on what you're aiming at. Getting too close will fail, being too far will fail. Sorry I sound so blunt but it's been literally 14 years that I've been listening to and watching people fail at some aspect of
  17. That's not true at all, like swinging a baseball bat or an axe, getting too close to what you're swinging at becomes innefective. If you're too close to your target you don't get your full power swing, which would happen at almost full arm extension Remember, you're not giving these people a friendly pat on the back (of the head), you're bludgeoning them unconcious.
  18. Well, I don't think it will ever be as easy as in the Thief 1-2 series, as you could blackjack them anywhere when they weren't in alert state and knock them out, which was kinda dumb, but the limit of the tech at the time. I think most people have trouble is they aim too high and look at the top of the guards head when swinging the blackjack. This often hits the wrong spot, or the ceiling. I always just look at the middle of their back or just below the neck, and don't get too close. Getting too close is guaranteed failure.
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